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  1. hi, im having difficulty with zone alarm, its my personal version (full), im trying to get it setup, even with the config file, heres what ive done. zap.exe /S /i /noreboot /lickey blah-blah C:\20.xml it seems to install fine and then gives my a prompt.... Could not find config file C:\DOUME~1\Administrator\Local i dont know what this means, nor do i know how to copy the config file there, can anyone help?
  2. Hi, does anyone know how to delete start menu shortcuts form the administartors profile, i can do it from the all users profile but not the adminstrtors. C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\Start Menu\Programs\WinRAR\Consloe RAR manual.lnk im under the impression that im the system adminstrator,as im the only person who uses the computer. still, i cannot remove this shortcut, nor move some of the others for some reason, ive tried the %% way, but to no avail. maybe i need to know the profile name, like maybe %STEVEPROFILE% or %ADMINISTRATORPROFILE% etc. what im trying to do is take all the shortcuts to the programs and put the directly in my start menu programs menu, without have to go to the programs start menu folder everytime. i know its a stupid little thng but it would mean alot to me, can anyone help?
  3. cool, but how on earth do i use it? my bat file for my settings, is... AntiSpy.exe +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +6 +7 etc.
  4. hi, when i come to install XP Antispy with a bat file, i get an OCX error popup, can anyone help? i have searched the forum, but nothing actually addresses this problem itself, the error mesage i get is... Error unregistering the OCX 16422. I have been to the Antispy website, but, i cant register as its in german, and when ive emailed the author, i get no reply, any ideas?
  5. i deleted them from the copied installtion, but i havent extracted them from a cd before, if i knew the location on the cd i could copy them over. any ideas?
  6. Hi, can anyone help, ive deleted the uk langauge files from my install cd and get get them back in. i did it with nlite, remove the files and now, when ive relised what ive done, i cant find them to put them back in, can anyone help?
  7. Check this out, Auto logon ; The line below turns off the user logon going into Windows (needed for ; factory configuration portion of Express setup). HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Network\Real Mode Net","autologon",1,00000000
  8. id love to know if the batch is correct aswell, ill try it maybe over next weekend and let you know Steve
  9. i could give you my batch if you like, it cuts out the key, the monitor but not the password screen, however, if you put nothing in there the first time, it never sks again, you want me to post it for you?
  10. Yeah, thats what i was after, although im prepared to put the work in, Im just not sure where i add the enrty to execute the first extra batch file,
  11. Can some one please post a simple guide, explaining exactly hoe you add extra programs to an unattended instal, i know theres information all over the place, but some of them dont even work! Theres a tutorial on how to do this, on this very site, the one with the copy.archiovs, but icant seem to get this to work, (maybe im typing my syntax wrong?) ok, heres my beef, Im doing the unattended install, as you know, but when im typing my syntax, it doesnt seem to be working. the operating system install silently but it doesnt delete the desktop shortcuts or add any installed programs. This is what i type e:\setup.exe /msbatch.inf /id /is /iw And then leave it Im not entirley sure what or where im supposed to type in the msbatch file, i just want it to open and run a .bat file during installation. From there i can do the arkward bit of typing all the switches, (see, i have searched) If anyone could provide a decent, follow-able guide, id be so grateful, Steve
  12. You could maybe make a batch file which executes it: If you make a .bat file and call it 1.bat and then inside it, type Setup.exe from here you could get you floppy to start the program, not the best idea, but maybe it will work, you also add other commands like Setup.exe /id /is /iw :this would skip the scandisk and make you install alot faster - Just a suggestion, hope this helps, Steve
  13. "Actualizacion"="C:\\windows\\upd98.BAT" Does this part pf the installation actually work, and if so, would you maybe give a little more information, I can seem to get it to activate the .bat file form within a .reg file, Please help
  14. i cant give you a rock solid answer, but since no one seems to have a better one, you could maybe try this one, the best thing to try is: extract all the disks to relevant folders and then depending on the file structure..... if the program looks to a different folder on the next disk, leave the folder intact, if the program looks for the next .cab file, place all the .cab files together in the same folder, that it looks for first (usually on the first disk) so if 1.cab is in d:\1\cabs then extract all the cabs to the same folder, that way the program will often look for thenext cab file and auto matically find it, and there for, wont prompt you for the next disk. This works for most games, but im unsure about Microsoft Encarter, and until someone else gives a better suggestion, i suppose all you can do is give it a try, (you could maybe simulate it from your hard disk!) Hope this helps, Steve
  15. You need to copy the 98 cd to you hard disk, copy them to a folder called windows 98 cd or something, then once thats done, make the files and copy them into windows 89 cd\win98 theres loads of .cab files in there and your new files will join them, then burn the cd off and use it as normal
  16. im not sure, but, The "cd sample folder is huge! it must have been used to fill up the disk space, you can delete this folder without problems, but im not sure about the others, still, taking out the cd sample folder reduces the size of the cd to 390mb (approx) Steve

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