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  1. Why would you want to do this, its more than just the files on the HD, the bios has a part to play as well. I can think of no legal reason for you to want to do this.
  2. I believe so, XP will revert to using NETBIOS in the event of having DNS issues, I dont think Vista does this.
  3. it sounds like you have a misconfigured DNS/DHCP server in your 2003 domain. XP authenticates using a different method to Vista, and Vista needs a correctly configured DNS/DHCP to work.
  4. Some laptops have a physical switch to disable the wireless, have you knocked the switch by mistake?. Some laptops have a keyboard shortcut to turn the wireless off and on, usually FN and another key?. could you have pressed them by mistake?.
  5. I just did a google search and from what I can see the samsung drive is not a lightscribe drive. Have a look at this review http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Samsung-SH...w/Features.html part way down there is a screen dump from nero infotool, and the lightscribe feature is not shown as supported.
  6. Thought I would bring this old thread back. There is now a fix, and it actually works. KB943899. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943899 At last, my drives actually stay powered and are not constantly stopping/starting.
  7. if you are using vista ultimate, then the language packs are available as downloads in windows update.
  8. its funny that you are having that problem, I have seen this twice in the last couple of day affecting outlook 2007. The problem has something to do with temporary internet files, if you look at the settings in IE, the path to the folder is blank and the size is 0MB (general tab, browsing history,settings). The only way I got it working again, was to do a system restore to a point where I knew it worked, create a folder somewhere called "temporary internet files" say, on D: and then using regedit locate the location key manually and change the path to d:\temporary internet files.
  9. Thanks for that link, the IP stack repair tool did the job and all working again.
  10. One computer at work is causing me grief, getting straight to the point. The computer concerned had a trojan installed because the AV software had got out of date, so I updated everything and did a full system scan. After that was finished and the computer rebooted it has lost its network connection. Before the reboot, everything worked including the internet etc. After the reboot the lan connection has a little yellow ! on it, and its running in limited connectivity mode. No matter what I try, I cant get the lan to come back up again, so it looks like the trojan had somehow patched into the IP stack. Now the trojan is gone, IP is broke. I have tried reloading XP SP2, but it made no difference, neither did ipconfig release and renew. On monday I am going to try a repair installation of XP, but until then maybe some other ideas will remove the need to do that.
  11. Replying to my own post, I still have the problem, as do many but at least with hitachi drives there seems to be a workaround of sorts. I loaded the acoustic management software cd and enabled the power management settings, and set it to "Low power idle". What this seems o do, is when vista tells the drive to spin down, it doesnt, instead it switches to what seems to be a lower RPM so now when the drive wakes up I dont have to wait so long for the system to respond. Just need MS to fix vista now.
  12. At least it seems that I am not alone.
  13. This is a strange one, I have vista installed with all the updates installed, including todays updates. Brief hardware list. The PC has 3 hard drives installed, say C:, D: and E: The O/S is installed on C:, the paging file is on E:, D: and E: have my data shared between them. The drives are all Hitachi Deskstars. The motherboard is based on the intel 965 chipset and the SATA controllers show in device manager as ICH8 based. I have 2GB ram and an intel quad core Q6600 CPU. There is also an Nvidia Geforce 8 series PCIex graphics card. And the problem, I cant work around. I am having problems with power management. The Bios is set so that the powerdown is disabled, and in Vista power management I am running the High performance profile, with the hard drive setting configured to powerdown afer 20 mins. The problem is they dont stay powered up that long. The drives all run fine as long as data is being accessed, but as soon as I say stop playing an MP3 file the drive spins down about 15 seconds after the data flow stops. This applies to D: and E:, C: seems unaffected. I have downloaded the acoustic management software from Hitachis website and run that, and everything is disabled with regard to power management on the drive itself. I didnt think it would be that beause the same drives under XP had no problems. I also tried the inf update from intels website, but the problem remains. Are there any more upto date drivers for the ICH8 controller, other than the microsoft ones that ship with Vista. The inf update changed something as the drivers are now shown as intel, but the files themselves are still all MS provided. So to sum up, my vista experience is a bit slow and clunky at the moment because I keep having to wait for the drives to spin up.
  14. Toshiba laptop, custom built home machine.

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