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  1. Thank you very much Jaklaz. I adapted my batch file accordingly thanks to your kind help. And it works like charm
  2. Dear Jaclaz, Thank you again. These subjects are a little complicated for me, so sometimes I prefer to use template solutions and for such cases I ask my questions here. this time I chanced my template as follows: set YMD=%date:~-4%.%date:~3,2%.%date:~0,2% SET Now=%Time: =0% set HM=%Now:~0,2%.%now:~3,2% SET BackUpTime=%HM% SET file=%YMD%-[%BackUpTime%]-FLAMENT.rar echo %file% --> 2016.09.21-[07.53]-FLAMENT.rar I think it is OK! but what I don't understand is why did you add followings after SET Now=%Time: =0% ? I wonder this because I couldn't see any %Hours% or %Minutes% variables in the afterwards usage. This is why I excluded. SET Hours=%Now:~0,2% SET Minutes=%Now:~3,2% Best Regards
  3. Hello Friends, I have following variable inside a batch file, but somehow there is an extra space in the output as seen in the attached file. (I also added sample batch file) I checked the possible spaces inside batch file but everything seems OK. how can I prevent this space to happen ? Edited 1: I've just realized that sometimes it doesn't make any space and works well. So I don't understand when it works and if it works, how it works Edited 2: This time I've realized that it is about time format. when the hour is before 10:00, the time format doesn't show zero like 09.15. Instead it shows only 9.15 and puts a space instead of zero and this space which is put instead of zero causes the problem. So how can I solve this interesting problem ? Best Regards Note : I know that I shouldn't use dots and parenthesis for naming files when using batch file but I think this space isn't caused by dots or parenthesis. set YMD=%date:~-4%.%date:~3,2%.%date:~0,2% SET Now=%TIME% set HM=%Now:~0,2%.%now:~3,2% SET "BackUpTime=%HM%" SET file=%YMD%-(%BackUpTime%)-FLAMENT.rar echo %file% 2016.09.20-( 9.30)-FLAMENT.rar space takes place between "(" and "9" extra space.cmd
  4. Dear Jaclaz, I thank you a million times for this. You helped me again as before. thanks to information you provide me, I will be able to improve my batch file much more efficiently. thank you again. Best Regards
  5. Hello friends, I have a basic level at batch files. In one of my bacth file I use below variable for naming my backup file whose name is "2016.08.16-(08.30)-FLAMENT.rar" set HM=%time:~0,2%.%time:~3,2% echo (%HM%) --produces--> (08.30) The problem is that I want to use the same time (08.30) for the other file which related to the previous one. But since the time changes throughout the process in the same batch file, %HM% produces (08.32), not (08.30) for the time changed. how can I use same time for all processes thoughout the batch file ? I mean, I want %HM% to produce same result once the batch file runs until it finishes although the time changes. How can I do this ? Best Regards
  6. hello friends; thank you both a lot. i made the correction suggested by yzöwl first. and this time it worked. then i did what bphlpt told me to try and it all worked together very well. i am so happy. thank you very much one more time. i attached the files as sample for people who might need them. best regards... yzowl.CMD DVD-BACKUP-01.03.2013-v2.cmd
  7. hello friends; @bphlpt, actually i changed the "path of par2j.exe" but somehow i couldn't manage. in the help file it was saying that just drag the folder onto the batch file. i tried but failed. however i will try your solution and inform you. @yzöwl, yes you are right. i am new to backup procesess. i think that corruption on CD is happening partially. in such case i may detect corrupted files by checking md5 hash files and rescue corrupted files with parity files. now i see that it is better keep the md5 files at both CD and another location & parity files in another location as well. i will backup especially my photographs which are very valueable for me. in this case what would you recommend to me ? (i will already have a copy of photograps in other external HDD. writing CD is part of photography backup. this is why writing CD is very important for me.) best regards...
  8. Hello dear friends; You helped me a lot in the past about batch files and now i need your help one more time. I am creating a batch file for my photograp back ups which will make md5 hash files firstly, then create parity files and latest write to DVD. I managed to do for md5 and dvd writing but as for parity files i have difficulty. I am using multipar for this which supports commnad line. But in the batch files it only accepts the files at the root of the folder and ignore the files at the subfolders. They gave a sample batch for this but i cant add this into my batch files. please help me to add multipar batch file which accepts the files at the subfolders as well to my backup batch file. best regards... My batch files is; ======================backup====================================== :create hash file within each folder "%ProgramFiles%\FastSum\fsum.exe" c:\denemesum /R /T:F /I:DT :create hash file at the root "%ProgramFiles%\FastSum\fsum.exe" c:\denemesum /R /T:R /I:DT /O : create parity files ???????????????????? :create iso file "%ProgramFiles%\ImgBurn\Imgburn.exe" /mode build /buildmode imagefile /src "C:\denemesum\" /dest "%homepath%\Desktop\PhotoBackUp.iso" /FILESYSTEM "ISO9660 + Joliet" /VOLUMELABEL "BACKUP%DATE%" /rootfolder yes /start /close /LOG ".\PhotoBackup_[DATE]-[TIME].log" ================================================================== multipar batch file which creates individual PAR2 set in each sub-folder under a selected folder; ========================multipar================================== @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL REM check input path IF "%~1"=="" GOTO End IF NOT EXIST "%~1" ( ECHO The path does not exist. GOTO End ) IF NOT "%~z1"=="0" GOTO End REM set options for PAR2 client SET par2_path="path of par2j.exe" REM recursive search of sub folders PUSHD %1 FOR /D /R %%G IN (*.*) DO CALL :ProcEach "%%G" POPD GOTO End REM run PAR2 client :ProcEach ECHO create for %1 %par2_path% c /fo /sm2048 /rr20 /rd1 /rf3 "%~1\%~n1.par2" * GOTO :EOF :End ENDLOCAL ================================================================== backup.cmd.txt multipar.cmd.txt
  9. dear Jaclaz; thank you very much for your help dear Yzöwl; i did as you say and it worked out. thanks a lot. and dear submix8c; i use both win xp and win 7. i also use the latest version of winrar. however there is no such a thing in the help file. so i think best way is set the path=%temp%. once again, thank you very much friends.
  10. hello friends; i am preparing winrar sfx file as portable application through batch file. and i enter the options of the sfx file by comment.txt but when i enter "TempMode" into the comment.txt by batch file, somehow it doesn't extract the files into the temp file. Instead it extracts the files into the current folder. I don't understand why. below is my batch.cmd and comment.txt content; how can i make the sfx file to extract the content into the temp folder ? =========batch file========= echo TempMode >> .\comment.txt ============================ =====comment.txt=========== ;Created By Alberto setup=FSCapture.exe TempMode Silent=2 Overwrite=1 =========================== As an alternative to this problem i decided to use "path=%temp%" instead of "TempMode". but this time batch file converts "path=%temp%" to "path=C:\Users\alberto\AppData\Local\Temp" in the comment.txt =========batch file========= echo path=%temp% >> .\comment.txt ============================ =======comment.txt========= ;Created By Alberto setup=FSCapture.exe path=C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Local\Temp Silent=2 Overwrite=1 =========================== how can i make the batch file to write "path=%temp%" in to the comment.txt ? That is to say, how can i solve TempMode issue at sfx file or path=%temp% issue at batch file ? please help me about them. best regards....
  11. hello friends ; thank you very much for your replies. @ nomadturk i wanted to try your codes however it seemed to me a little complicated. yet thank you very much for your reply. @KingAFW your solution worked for me and it's easy. thank you very much. Here are the lines i used; attrib +s "D:\userxpsettings\Desktop\New Folder\*.* " /S /D attrib -s "D:\userxpsettings\Desktop\New Folder\*.* " /S 1st line attributes all the FILES and FOLDERS +S and the 2nd line removes S attribute from FILES and the result is only the folders are +S attributed.
  12. hello dear friends i need a simple batch command that makes the attributes of the folders inside a folder as system but i cant do it since the folder dont have an extension. it must be something like "attrib +s *.folder" i know its funny but this is all i can suggest can you help me please ?
  13. hello phaolo ; i'm not sure how its done exactly but why dont you add "shutdown -t 5" command in the runonceex where you want it to reboot or in the software's *.bat file that includes setup parameters ? i think you can manage this issue this way.
  14. hello friend; i'm sending you my runonceexes. inside there are 5 runonceex. they call each other by turn. ingestigate it. i hope you get what you need. start it from cmdline.txt. command.rar
  15. hello friends; i like favicons close to my favorites and i want to assign icons unattendedly. manually i can do it (properties of url/change icon/browse to favicons folder...) can you help me if there's any way to do it ? thanks in advance

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