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  1. lol dude, the rtm is out there microsoft has not confirmed the build string for the rtm there is no rtm http://haswindows7rtmed.com/
  2. looks like an awesome preset I'm going to try the elite preset with build 7600 in vmware today thanks a bunch
  3. Well lets see what happened when I paid for software. Lets take when I bought windows xp home, I reinstalled it a lot (b/c i like to test alot of software) until I found disk imaging and every time i had to reactivate windows. The problem is it only lets you do it so many times per time period, otherwise you must call them up and have them read this 100 char thing over the phone no thank you. thats when i got a corporate pro copy from a friend and i even got to bring the org disc home with all the holograms and what not. now think about this, i originally paid for my copy of windows but Micro$ofts greediness caused me to use a "pirate copy" even though I paid 100 dollars to that D*mn company i still was treated like a convict. Most other companies deserve money for their software and I feel bad that I’m in no position to pay them. As for music and movies I have no sympathy for the riaa and the mpaa. use legal music download services? right like I want to pay a dollar per drm compressed song. O and I suppose I would want to pay 8 dollars to see a movie or pay 15-20 dollars to get the dvd. the one thing I remember that p**ses me off the most is I bought halflife 2. it is still a great game but steam blows, I also know a friend who’s legal hl2 copy doesn’t even activate b/c of problems with steam. lastly I would like to close with a link to a very interesting article written by a software developer on piracy. Its quite alot to think about at once Article on Piracy -software is like sex, its better when its free-
  4. if you want active protection then get Ad-aware se pro 1.05, if you dont want to pay for it, its all over the place. Combine this with spybot 1.4 rc2 and no spyware can hide.
  5. no one mentioned ab commander ive been using it for awhile its only a 30day trial but i re-image alot anyway

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