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  1. It took me awhile to get back here, but that was exactly what I wanted, thanks for the help.
  2. This is a stupid question because I should remember, but I do not. I had found a piece of software about 6 months ago that was meant for managing multiple windows install discs for a company. It is a commercial product and I think "Setup" was somewhere in the name. The software would handle slipstreaming and adding of post install applications. I cant remember the softwares name at all but I want to find it again, any chance one of you knows what software I am talking about? It handled automatically downloading the right updates and drivers and adding them to the installs. I can do all of this myself, but for the company I work at they are willing to buy this, so if I can get something that makes it all easier I will. Anyone know?
  3. Thanks for the update. It worked perfect on my PE disc. My next question is about updating your drivers. Say you release 3.0.4 with a few more controllers supported. Can I just apply the 3.0.4 to my already 3.0.3 PE directory? Will it understand and just work, or will it duplicate all the entries?
  4. I extracted the contents of my winpe disc to the hard drive in the c:\work directory. I then type in c:\work into raid slipstreamer and select manual and winpe. I then select windows xp.. I hit the proceed button and it just disappears off screen without doing anything.
  5. Does one exist, or a simple method to do so? I have about 8 that I have made over time and I want to merge them all together without redoing all the work in nLite.
  6. I load up nLite 1.2.1. I select my XP Pro+sp2 Retail directory. I select hotfixes and insert the ie7-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe. Then I hit next and hit yes to process them. It starts processing and then I get a big message box titled: "Install Windows Internet Explorer", it has a list titled "Avalable Switches" with all the switches from iesetup I beleive shown. I hit OK on this message box and I get a second message box, this one says "Error!" in the title and "IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu - Hotfix integration failed. Please Report if this is unexpected." as the text. So, whats happening here?
  7. Im not a big fan of bumping, but this is still a problem for me, maybe I have the wrong ie7 installer? maybe there is a better one?
  8. uid0, the script (floppy shared it with me) works on corp/vlk, oem, and retail for me. I've tested it on all three now on both home and pro.
  9. Can anyone share a key change script like promptkey.vbs with me? I want to add that to mine as well.
  10. I have run into a system where somehow the raid drivers for the system drive are no longer there. No idea how that happened to him, but it did. So now I can only boot into my PE disc when I load up the drivers during boot to see the drive. Trying to boot into his windows normally fails horribly. How do I, from a PE environment, insert the raid driver back into his windows? Is it possible to "insert" drivers in some fashion?
  11. I have this in my RunOnceEx.cmd REG ADD %KEY%\040 /VE /D "Installing Internet Explorer 7" /f REG ADD %KEY%\040 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\UN\IE7-Setup.exe /quiet /update-no /norestart" /f Its one of many things in there. Everything else works, and I can see the IE7 install start. I believe it isnt working now because it cant validate the install at that time. How do I get around this?
  12. I tried what visualwhat said to do and it didnt install it. I used nlite addon maker and made the ie7-setup.exe into a cab file (is ie7-setup.exe the right file to be doing this? do I need another ie7?) I added that ie7.cab into the updates section on nlite and prepared the directory, burned the iso and installed. It didnt install ie7, did I miss something? Does it have to be in unattended mode?
  13. I expected as much, this thread was really just wishful thinking. As for corp and vlk being the same, it would seem so. But since I had to different discs with slightly different total sizes I figured their must be a little difference. I wanted to be thorough. Let me ask some add-on questions to this one then. If I want to do this as two discs, one for home and one for pro, what is my plan of attack. I want to use nlite to shrink them all down, can I use the same nlite settings files for all the versions I listed? I also want to apply the driver packs to all of them (BTS using dp base or integrating with nlite), which way is best? I also plan on making them all unattended, does the same winnt.sif apply to all those versions, or do I need a different one for pro and for home? The final question is of course what to use for multiboot, will powerpack suffice? Do I need to do something more custom?
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I hadnt thought about going multiboot with it. I have done multiboot cds with powerpacker before so I dont have a problem doing that. I think you are correct about a Home and a Pro disc. One for each is a good idea. My main question here was more along the lines of this: With all the tools I find around here like powerpacker, ryamvn's integrator, the driver packs and dp base, has anyone actually made something already that works on applying an nlite setup, driverpacks, integration, and unattended across many different versions without having to re-do all the work for each one? (run on sentance, I know...)
  15. I want to build a disc for each version of windows XP that I can get my hands on. The idea here is to have some unattended settings that I can apply to multiple versions of xp. I will also be adding in the BTS driver packs and adding in some installs like firefox via runonceex.cmd and cmdlines.txt. I have iso's for these versions of windows: Pro SP2: OEM - Dell OEM - HP OEM - IBM OEM - Lenovo RETAIL CORP VLK Home SP2: OEM - Generic OEM - Dell OEM - HP OEM - IBM OEM - Lenovo RETAIL VLK So has anything like this been done before? Am I reinventing the wheel? Do I have to do each one individually? ps: the goal here is quick reinstalls on any version of windows that a customer owns, and then changing the key to their product key via rockxp or keyfinder so its legit. I am not attempting to pirate anything here, I have all of those versions listed above legally. I just want customer re-installs to go a lot faster.
  16. No problem. I wouldnt mind it if you added it to the first post so people see it to download from.
  17. I've added the powerpack to my mirror at http://downloads.itinerantgroup.com/
  18. I need to get a driver into windows when the device isnt in the computer. So I need to install/inject it without using the device manager. I was wondering if anyone knew of a tool for this or just how to do it. I have the manufacturers disk (floppy.) Its for a raid controller on windows 2000 server. Any ideas?
  19. I have a computer that is only used for testing things out in virtual machines. Ill play around with my copy of 98se install and the various service packs and option packs they have here to see what happens tonight.
  20. I think this is great. It would be nice to be able to use this type of a system to merge in the things we normally install like the service pack, options pack, ect....
  21. wizy


    I started a new one because mini98 and nano98 are different projects. If you dont want that, its cool with me, I can keep it all as one.
  22. wizy


    I did the Nano98 tutorial from http://www.etek.chalmers.se/~e8gus/nano98/ After the reboot once I finished it windows starts to load and I get the logo.sys coming up and animating, it then flashes a message across the screen real quick and shuts down. The message is: You can now safely turn off your computer. If you want to restart your computer, press CTRL+ALT+DEL. Anyone have any ideas here?

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