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  1. You must copy your ultra.sys to the ....\i386\ directory and add them to the oempnpdrivers path of your winnt.sif file. At the ide_raid directory put all the files, in i386 put just ultra.sys My BIOS settings for them is ATA , RAID , Disabled and first boot device must be scsi. if you have other disk(s) at the standard ide channels remove them.
  2. Yes i tried that, and they work just fine! My guess is that your system is confused with the existence of 2 differnent versions of drivers!!! try to remove all your raid/ata drivers and start again with the right ones, don't mix them.
  3. YES!!! Don't do anything before you take a full backup of your files, after you put them on raid (stripping) you must format your new drive and start form scratch!!!!!!!! In stripping the result of the 2 drives is the sum of those (60+40=100) In mirroring the result of 2 different size disks is the smaller one will be used for the resulting disk (60+40=40) and the source disk must be the smaller and the destination the bigger. So in mirroring for not to lose capacity you must use identical disks. For best performance in either cases you must use identical disks (brand+capacity) in your TXTSETUP.SIF use these commands : [sourceDisksFiles] fasttrak.sys = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_5275 = "fasttrak" [sCSI.Load] fasttrak = fasttrak.sys,4 [sCSI] fasttrak = "Promise FastTrak TX2000 Controller (PDC20276)" modify them of course for your case...
  4. It might be, if you use wrong drivers for example ultra.sys for RAID function and fasttrak.sys for ATA function. I have a promise in my pc, at my work i use all the time promise controllers and never had problems with them, in fact a had alot with highpoint!!!
  5. Check it again because this is not right for the ATA mode to be identified as RAID. It's not the modified BIOS, because i also use a modified one. The standard protocol ATA has nothing to do with the RAID don't confuse them. When disks are in ATA, they work alone as 1 drive 1 disk, but when you use RAID the 2 disks works as 1. for example, 2 80GB disks in stripe gives you --> 1 disk of 160GB inside your os you will see 1 disk not 2 with their capacity added. giving you a boost to the performance of about 40% In mirroring 2 80GB disks will result in 1 80GB disk, because the second one works as the mirror of the first (for data security) For example i use 2X80GB disks in stripping, to see the prformance improvement Sisoft Sandra gives me for the 1 80GB disk about 32000 score but when i switch to 2X80 stripe i get a 51500 score That says it all, hope i helped you...
  6. (continued from last post)Promise 1 + 0 Stripe/Raid SCSi disk drive The "1" shows the amount of disks present The "0" shows the mode of the RAID (stripping or mirroring) "0" is for stripping "1" is for mirroring (for the second number) so, 2+0 means 2 disks with stripping 2+1 means 2 disks with mirroring and 1+0 means only 1 disk alone.!
  7. I didnt touch contoller bios! I just rebooted and chacked my PC bios - nothing is wrong. On PC boot shows MB ultra 133 2.201.12 and finds my HD at UDMA6. XP commes up and showes in Device Manager "Promise Fasttrak full raid 133 ™ controller (pdc 20276)" Promise 1 + 0 Stripe/Raid SCSi disk drive so Im confused Djus :/ Well let's short things out, the ultra.sys is for the standard ide working version of your raid controller, and the fasttrak.sys is when you switch it to RAID function through the BIOS. If you notice there are 2 functions of your raid controller : ATA and RAID! Now that if you have raid with 1 disk, if there is only 1 disk on the controller then your raid controller will identified it as one disk and it will show as Promise 1 + 0 Stripe/Raid SCSi disk drive. If you have 2 disks with raid it would say Promise 2 + 0 Stripe/Raid SCSi disk drive. If you had them in mirroring function it would say Promise 2 + 1 Stripe/Raid SCSi disk drive Hope this helps to understand the function of RAID.
  8. ok about the .inf and the .sys but what about the fasttrak.cat file ??? there is no need to include it in TXTSETUP.SIF ?
  9. I've tried the recovery console but i didn't find something to help me, i'm not so deep in 2000 server command line options--rescue commands!!! The only thing that works without having to format and install again, is to run setup again and choose an update to the existing installation, after that i have my server running again with no settings lost. But i had another case where the update was not an option during setup....!!!! And i came to notice that this problem occurs when the partition you install 2000 server is FAT32, haven't any problems with NTFS, so far...
  10. I'm not sure that the graphic card is faulty, because my normal installed XP works just fine, my 2 other primary partitions with 2000 works also just fine. And i don't have any problems or locks when running games. I'll try to test my graphic card, but my guess is that the Catalyst drivers for my Radeon doesn't install correctly when integraded. I'll make a new unattended cd with no graphic card integraded and i'll tell you...
  11. Hello guys hope you can help with my little problem. I have a server 2000 installation with raid (mirroring) 2X40GB disks. My customer wanted bigger capacity, so i changed the disks with 2X80GB disks. i ghost the old 40gb disk to the new 80gb disk, rebuild the mirror. And so far so good, windows starts again, loads, comes to logon screen! i press CTRL+ALT+DEL and enter but windows got me back to the logon screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again CTRL+ALT+DEL and enter and AGAIN BACK TO THE LOGON SCREEN!!!!!!!!!! I can't go inside to windows anymore!!!!!!! I'm trying to boot in safe mode, the same there, can't go inside............. no matter what i do nothing........... AND i get a message from windows saying that there is no pagefile or it is corrupted, giving me instrunctions to go inside and set it.!!!!! But how to set it again, IF I CAN'T LOGON ANYMORE???????????????????????????? Any ideas how to overcome this strange bug!!!!!! (i guess it's a bug) Thanks!
  12. Well i put my Raid drivers after my mobo drivers and before my graphic card at the oempnpdrivers path in winnt.sif, but the same problem remains... My system reboots continuously after loading agp440.xxx driver i've got another pc with no Raid on it, and i have no such problem!!! Any idea???? My graphic card is a Gigabyte Radeon 9600 PRO! Can this be a Radeon conflict error, haven't tried not to integrade graphic card drivers yet, i'll try that tomorrow.........
  13. Well well, this is funny to say, because i noticed that my pc reboots immediately afetr it loads the agpXXX.XXX driver Seen that when tried to start in safe mode. And you are right i load my raid drivers at the end of my oempnpodriver path Many thanks, i'll burn another image right now to see what happens... i'll keep you informed of my tragedy going on a week so..... Thanks
  14. Well let's start from the beginning, I have a Gigabyte 8PE667U mobo with raid integreded the light promise raid 20276 chip. I use a modified BIOS for my pc from http://lumberjacker.kettenfett.com/ which offers me more options in BIOS menu and modifies my light RAID to a Full working TX2000 controller! So i'm trying to integrade my modified Raid drivers to work with XP setup without having to press F6 during textmode setup. They can be reached there : http://www.anycities.com/user/treiber/ I've managed to find allot of information but nothing seemed to work except that post i've had from Cheesehead yesterday. It Goes Like this : [sourceDisksFiles] fasttrak.sys = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 fasttrak.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_5275 = "fasttrak" [sCSI.Load] fasttrak = fasttrak.sys,4 [sCSI] fasttrak = "Promise FastTrak TX2000 Controller (PDC20276)" That code entered in TXTSETUP.SIF worked for me just fine during textmode setup, my controller identified just fine, setup continued and ended just fine. But then when setup finished and my Pc restarted, then only terror!!!!!!!!! My pc reboots all the time during loading......... Well guys what next??????????? Thanks
  15. url is bad and I already have driver for that include in my droivers cab unless you vender has changfed the id strings which is why generic lines alike abovbe dont always work. Those do work on my hardware however. MY email is bah at webmedic dot net. for those that need it. as for not needing lal that all that I need is the inf file for most drivers to add them. @djus sorry I jsut got back to were I can add them I take one day off a week and yesterday was it. thansk guys for your support, the thing is that the code that offered from cheesehead worked fine for me!!!!!!!!!!! The only problem is that when the setup finished and pc rebooted for the first time, then reboots automatically every time it starts to load!!!!!!!!!!!!! So there is a problem with the raid integraded or something else???????
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