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  1. Hey everyone, I'm kinda stuck with this... I have few FLAC audio files with TAGS and all I want to do is to decode them to WAV and automatically rename them to "Tracknumber. Artist - Trackname"... And I have to do this in command line. Something like: flac.exe -d --output-name="Tracknumber. Artist - Trackname.flac" If you know any 3rd party free command line utilities to help me out with this then feel free to post them Thanks in advance
  2. Integrate SP1 -> CabLib Extract ERROR?

    I have same problem... If it helps I have Vista Ultimate x64 as host operating system. On some german forum I read, that it might be problem iwth makecab.exe being not correctly installed into SYSWOW64 or something... Dunno... EDIT: OK, found out problem source... To Oisan: Just try service pack with NOT ALL languages (wave0 not wave1) For x64 I've tried wave0 and it doesn't worked, but now that I try wave1 everything looks fine. In your case it might be vise versa.
  3. anyone knows how to install premium security suite with setup.inf? what are options for gamemode and such? at the moment my setup.inf is: [DATA] DestinationPath=C:\Software\AntiVir Workstation ProgramGroup=0 DesktopIcon=1 ShellExtension=1 Guard=1 MailScanner=1 KeyFile=key\HBEDV_2008-07-15.KEY ShowReadMe=0 RestartWindows=0 ShowRestartMessage=0 ScanMode=0
  4. Theme during windows setup?

    I already did this manually via DefaultCustomTheme in winnt.sif I need this theme to be activated before gui installation
  5. Theme during windows setup?

    Ant this theme will be active during gui setup part?
  6. Theme during windows setup?

    Ok, I've tried to find information about how to change windows theme during GUI part of windows setup. As I see, it doesn't start Themes service and thus making it impossible to change default "No theme" or "Classic" during GUI part of setup. Any way to enable it and use custom theme (like Royale) during installation?
  7. Vista SP1 RC available

    Hey there MagicAndre1981, check this out: http://www.keepingitreal.nu/2007/08/window...633-review.html Dude over there says it is possible to extract it and shows pics of extracted setup. So maybe there IS a way?
  8. Vista SP1 RC available

    anyone knows how I could extract (unpack) service pack installer to get individual hotfixes? Maybe with some switches?
  9. How about 8 GB ?

    Vista x32 WITH sp1 rc can see 4.0 GB RAM (i think it utilizes PAE) . Dunno about >4gb, but before sp1 windows recognized only 3332 MB.
  10. "search box"?

    even with resource hacker or something?
  11. How to disable stupid files/folders protection?

    dunno how about you but for me unlocker doesn't work (vista ultimate x64) too bad because this is one of those "MUST-HAVE" utilities
  12. "search box"?

    Hello! I have windows vista operating system. Recently I've installed windowblinds to change themes (default black one is really ugly to my eyes). But all downloaded themes (that I like) conflict with that new "search box". How could I disable/hide/remove it from my start menu (I mean withour switching to classic start menu)? (maybe reg tweak or something) Thank you
  13. Automatically load a desktop theme ?

    Or you can use my method... I've attached script which will apply supatheme.theme file in your Resources/Themes/ So, all you have to do is to save your favorite theme as supatheme.theme and put it in %windir%/Resources/Themes/ and run start.exe. Cheers! start.rar
  14. Where windows saves taskbar position (for example if I set taskbar to left side of the screen) in registry? I've looked everywhere, but nothing seems to work Maybe someone knows how to automatically via registry set taskbar on the right? (I want taskbar to appear on left after windows installation) BTW, I compared two reg files and only thing that changed was these lines: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\RNG] "Seed"=hex:80,af,a4,b3,39,20,54,b4,7a,4e,fa,8d,52,93,77,ed,fe,36,b4,cd,1b,13,\ 3f,f0,ab,ad,13,ec,fa,e7,4e,10,4c,c8,99,84,35,b5,44,20,c0,af,d3,68,c8,f9,27,\ cd,77,10,c4,3c,72,1b,f8,bc,d0,5c,b0,ba,89,da,41,55,0f,58,c9,38,bd,3c,be,3a,\ d8,66,2e,96,35,6b,08,8a