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  1. I have a program I want to package into an installer so that it can be easily uninstalled.

    It has two folders with files that have to go into specific paths under Program Files or in 64bit Windows into the 32bit Program Files plus one file that has to go into windows\system32

    The program will run on any Windows from 98 through 7, possibly even 95, so I want to be able to install/uninstall to them all.

    I also have a .reg file that puts everything else required into the Registry.

    I've looked at Nullsoft and isetup. Neither can simply take an existing .reg file and work with it. Phooey. Translating from the Microsoft .reg standard to proprietary scripting commands is too much work.

    What can do Put *this* folder and contents *there*, put *this other* folder and contents *there too*, put *this file* in %systemroot%\system32 then merge a 15 kilobyte program.reg and add whatever is required to cleanly uninstall using the default uninstall management of whichever version of Windows it's been installed on.

    No customization options are required. I could do this install with a batch file but removing the entries from the Registry would be a problem.

  2. I did the files and settings transfer wizard in Vista Ultimate when upgrading from an 80 gig to a 500 gig in my laptop. That brought most things over but not get everything.

    Now there's large amounts of the C: partition on the old drive which Windows won't let me access. How do I reset permissions on everything on the old drive to give Everyone full control? I don't care if that would make it unusable to boot from, I'm just going to erase it all after I get the files I need.

    Nothing is compressed or password protected or encrypted, so using such brute force methods won't cause problems.

    I've tried the Take Ownership registry hack. That'll work on one folder at a time, but some things I need to go digging around in have many subfolders several levels deep. Take Ownership also doesn't work on all folders. There's some it just won't do a thing to.

    Gaining access to everything but the recycle bin folders and System Volume Information is what I need to do.

    IIRC, I could set up a PC and install ye olde XP original release and wouldn't have this problem. But that's a bit of overkill just to go spelunking around in my old hard drive contents.

  3. The current WSUS Offline no longer has the option to get the updates for Office 2000. So I dug around and found which does Office 2000, but doesn't get updates for as many things as the current version.

    I've downloaded just Office 2000 stuff with the older version, the current version is churning away at grabbing *everything* for English versions of everything it downloads updates for.

    What I want to do is somehow integrate the O2K updates with the current WSUS Offline so when I have it make DVD images the installer will update Office 2000 same as it will everything else. Even better would be to fix the current version to download the O2K updates, or in this case copy the files to the right places so the current version will find them and add them to the disc images.

    Just because Microsoft is no longer updating Office 2000 is no reason for WSUS Offline to ignore it. People still use it, just like people still use Windows 2000.

  4. Finally figured it out. CRC error in the software hive. The file could not be overwritten or copied, but it could be deleted.

    Fortunately the system has a ton of Restore points so I was able to delete the corrupt file and manually replace it with the one from the latest restore point.

    Very fortunately this wasn't one of those times when Windows decides to protect a corrupted file like a mother grizzly bear guarding her cubs. Won't allow it to be deleted, renamed, moved or changed no matter what. Not even Unlocker could touch such bad files. Done there, been that, nuked and paved just to kill one corrupted file.

    Why oh why isn't Windows set up to delete and copy from backup as a fallback when an error prevents *over write*? Delete and copy is effectively the same thing.

    At least it's fixed and I can get on to checking for malware etc.

  5. I've 28 years experience working with PCs and other computers. Never have seen anything like this* where XP is having an identity crisis, claiming to be NT Workstation and not able to complete bootup.

    I bet you haven't either, and don't know a way to fix it short of wiping it and doing a clean install. The most likely "fix" for it will be recovering files then doing a clean install. That's my last resort. I much prefer to get Windows working then do cleanup and repair, update drivers, BIOS, Windows Updates etc. everything to the latest.

    *I have seen something worse, where some nut installed some beta Netware 4.1x updates on a production Netware 4.0 server. The company fired that person and hired me to try to fix it. Not even Novell Certified Netware Engineers sent directly from Netware HQ had a clue. The company refused to take our (mine and the Novell guys') strong suggestion that the quickest and least expensive solution would be to backup the critical data, do a clean install of Netware 4.11 and a second license to upgrade the old server to 4.11. When Netware is so screwed up that it's not allowing the Administrator account to create or modify user accounts, it's FUBAR.

  6. I have a PC in the shop that will not boot using any option on the menu.

    If it could boot up, I wouldn't be posting the question here, eh? I'd like to be able to get into it to somehow set whatever is required to make it run SFC at boot, if it's making it far enough to do that before it resets itself.

    If that can't be done, then some way to see what System Restore points, if any, are available. It'd have to be a utility that ignores Windows' identifying its version incorrectly.

    Otherwise it's hooking the drive to another PC then nuke and pave time. :P

  7. I have a PC in the shop that will not boot using any option on the menu. It displays the XP booting screen for a while, then the monitor goes black and it resets itself.

    I've tried Hiren's and DaRT 5.0. Hiren's says it's not XP and DaRT claims the installed OS is Windows NT Workstation. None of the utilities on either for using system restore will work.

  8. I've a client with Windows 7 Home Premium. The default IE8 search provider is stuck on Google. Others can be added and deleted but the default cannot be changed from Google.

    Every time IE8 is launched it says a program has corrupted the search providers and it's changing the default to Google.

    I've spent hours searching for a fix but some people keep posting fixes for XP or higher versions of 7 that do not work with 7 Home Premium or lower due to the lack of Group Policy Editor and other things. One commonly posted XP registry fix for this invloves adding a key that already exists in 7.

    So, what've you for WINDOWS SEVEN HOME PREMIUM to fix this problem with IE8?

  9. No, they're not DOS games.

    It would be nice is Win 7 would pop up something that says why it won't allow those games to run, rather than doing nothing at all. With all the other changes made to make Win 7 newbie friendly (and all the things removed to make it annoying to people with 27+ years computer experience) this total nothing quietness doesn't fit that theme.

  10. A client wants several older games from GameHouse on her new Win7 64 bit Home Premium box. The games install with no complaints but they will not launch. Nothing at all happens. I've tried every option under compatibility, including running with administrator rights.

    What has to happen the first time is a dialog box opens to enter the registered user name and code. Apparently that wants to do something Win 7 won't allow to happen, and it's not giving out any clues about what the problem is.

    A couple of the games are Super Collapse II and Super MahJong Solitaire.

    Fortunately, I've had no problem with equally old games from PopCap on Win7. Put about a dozen of those on, no difference from installing on anything back to Win98. Hooray for forward compatibility.

  11. I booted the old system with Microsoft DaRT 5.0 and attached to the Win XP Home install (which DaRT claims is XP Pro, DaRT 5 was ERD Commander) and was able to access everything. I copied the files to be saved to a USB external drive then reset their permissions and removed any read only attribute.

    That worked, but it's not something a person should have to do just to convince Win 7 that files exist. How do we grab MS by the lapels and get them to fix this issue?

  12. The drive is directly connected to the Windows 7 PC, not by a network. I tried putting the old drive back in its original PC but it's having problems booting.

    I booted the old system with Microsoft DaRT 5.0 and attached to the Win XP Home install (which DaRT claims is XP Pro, DaRT 5 was ERD Commander) and was able to access everything. I copied the files to be saved to a USB external drive then reset their permissions and removed any read only attribute.

    Next step is to see if Win 7 will still insist some of the files are/aren't there or if it claims I need Administrator rights to copy them.

    I'm hoping Microsoft doesn't wait until Service Pack 1 to fix this.

  13. I'm trying to copy a bunch of files from a hard drive from an XP system to a new box with Windows 7 Home Premium. Well for unknown reasons Win 7 is claiming some of the files on the old drive don't exist at all even though it shows them and displays their size and properties etc.

    But it will not open them or copy them, claims they don't exist. They were NOT compressed or password protected on XP, they're just various downloads, documents and pictures and they're just in folders directly under C:\

    Looks like Microsoft has stirred Schroedinger's Cat into Windows 7. The files are there but simultaneously not there, according to Win 7.

  14. Let's have a knock-down, drag out battle royale of every program and method that can be found to restore the good old Classic start menu to Windows 7. Assign points for how close it is to the real deal, stability, automatically adding newly installed programs etc. If it causes error messages, crashes, any sort of thing that shouts out it's not like the original, then knock off points. Of course free methods should get an automatic point bonus because we're just trying to get back what Microsoft should've left in.

    If you think the scrolling menu is the bees knees, Microsoft's gift to all mankind, goody for you! Go forth and use it in happiness and love - just don't tell those who don't like it they should embrace the new because *you* think it's better.

    Looks like there's far more people out there who hate the new start menu in 7 than who despise the unchangeable and nearly invisible "highlight" color in Vista's and 7's Windows Explorer. (I'm still looking for a way to change that color.)

    These are people who, if they used Win Me, the first thing they did was disable single-click and the scrolling/personalized Start menu and the first thing they do in Vista is to enable the Classic start menu, if not going all the way with disabling Aero.

    As for myself, on Vista I use the Classic start menu but leave the rest alone. Microsoft managed, somehow, to make the rest of the Classic UI *wrong* in some fashion in Vista that bugs me to no end.

    If you think the scrolling Start menu is super duper, have you ever seen Vista or 7 with 100+ different programs installed? That's one loooooooooong scrolling menu. When I work on someone else's PC with Vista, I'll temporarily switch it to the Classic menu so I can get things done. Most of them want to know how I did that because they HATE the scrolling menu, so for them I show them.

    But for 7 MS expects everyone to be good little robots and do it their one and only, focus group approved way. (Such group carefully 'weeded' of anyone who'd tell them to go push a rope!)

    P.S. If anyone just posts New Start Menu GOOD, Classic Start Menu BAD proselytizing posts in this thread, could the moderators just delete them? As I said before, anyone who likes the New Way is welcome to it. You don't need to waste your effort trying to force those who don't to follow your path.

  15. I poked around some more and found this works. Select the range on Sheet 2 to be linked. Select the range on Sheet 1 to link to. Click Paste Special on the Edit menu then click the Paste Link button. Repeat for the other five columns.

    Now any changes made in column A on Sheet 2 get automatically transferred to Sheet 1. Still not as simple for the user as a contained on one sheet list that can be edited in-place with alphabetizing happening right there. That I'm still interested in doing if possible.

  16. I want to make a worksheet in Excel 2003 that's 12 columns by 35 rows. Six columns of numbers separated by six columns of text.

    What I have right now is the above laid out on sheet one and on sheet two I have all the text entries in column A. I sort that column then copy and paste 1-35, 36-70 etc. work and tedium. Bleah. The last version of Excel I used much was 97 (I even took a course on it, 13 years ago). I figured by 2003 Excel ought to be able to alphabetize a discontinuous selection, but it still can't. If I select the whole list and have it sort starting with column A it scrambles the numbers (no leading zeros, and I don't want those). If I have it start with column B it won't do anything.

    What I want to be able to do is enter text in the text cells and be able to alphabetize it without doing anything to the number columns. Shuffling through 13 year old memories of Excel 97, I thought about linking cells between sheets. Should be able to link 1-35 of column A on Sheet 2 to 1-35 of column B on Sheet 1, 36-70 of A on 2 to 1-35 of B on 1 - and so on. With that I should be able to input text in A on 2 and have it automatically change the text on Sheet 1. No math formulas required, just make what text is entered in a cell on Sheet 2 pop into its linked cell on Sheet 1.

    Is there a quick way to do that without having to do 210 individual cell links?

    'Course it would be simplest if I could just control+click the six text columns and bang the A>Z button and have it sort across the gaps, but Excel 2003 isn't that fancy. Seems to be such an obvious and useful feature, but apparently not to Microsoft.

    The most elegant solution would be a one sheet list with self contained "magic" so that text could be entered into the highest numbered empty cell and all the columns auto-alphabetize when Enter is hit.

  17. I did more searching and found an MS KB article on it, says the problem happens when MP11 is not full screen but doesn't when it's full screen - and puts the blame on improperly formatted DVD menus.

    Well that's utter bolloks! The DVDs don't work in full screen or not and they work perfectly fine on any other software or player. Thank you Microsoft for not giving a **** about fixing your buggy software.

  18. I'm having a problem with Media Player 11 where it's impossible to play some DVDs. It won't work the menus correctly, the active spots won't highlight when the mouse cursor is moved over them and on DVDs that use an indicator graphic to show which is the currently selected button, it won't show that.

    The latest ones I've tried that it can't play are the special edition Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the Firefly TV series. It's also doing this on most DVD's I've authored with several different programs, but every one MP11 has problems with work perfectly on DVD players and other DVD playing software.

    The fix for *me* is easy, use something other than MP11, but when I send a DVD off to someone and all that person has on their PC is MP11 that won't play it, that's not a good thing at all.

    Time for Media Player 12, eh? (I doubt MS will release the next major version for XP.)

  19. I just did a clean install of XP Pro SP3 on a new PC with an AMD LE-1260 CPU and 2 gigs RAM. There cannot be any viruses or malware on it, I've installed nothing but Windows, IE8, Media Player 11, Adobe Reader 9, WinZip 8.1, the latest Firefox (non-beta!), Google Chrome, all current updates from Microsoft Update, Avast 4 and Spybot S&D.

    All fresh downloads, not from anything that's been in contact with any other computer.

    So now I want to run an old EGA solitaire card game that's never ever had any problem running on any PC all the way back to an IBM model 5150 PC, or on any version of Windows from 3.1 through Vista Ultimate. (I have an Acer Aspire 5315 laptop with Vista on which this old game works perfectly.)

    When I run it I get "The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction". Searching the web shows that's an issue with the 16bit MS DOS Subsystem.

    I'm wondering if Avast might have something to do with this http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;Q314452


    has C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswMonVd.dll in it. The COMMAND.COM in the System32 folder is the correct one.

    A post on another forum claimed adding the full path to COMMAND.COM in config.nt fixed this error. shell=c:\windows\system32\command.com /e:2048 /p

    Didn't work on this computer.

  20. Picked up a Maxtor QuickView DiamondMax Plus 8 40 gig for $5 from a thrift store. (The place has several of these.) All the computer guy there could tell me about it was it was pulled from a DVR.

    Right now I have it connected to a board with nothing but the drive, a floppy drive and a video card. BIOS setup sees it with full capacity. I tried booting with a 98SE floppy and FDISK can tell there's a hard drive but gives me "Error Reading Fixed Disk".

    I hooked it up as primary slave on an XP system and Disk Management can't do a thing with it, shows it's empty but won't allow partitions to be created. HDD Unlock Wizard's demo claims the drive is not locked. Something must be locked or password protected on it.

    What utility will unlock this drive so it can be used normally? Preferably something I can run off a boot floppy or is in a bootable CD image.

  21. "Foolproof" instructions for this driver? ;) I'm fixing up an olde Compaq Armada 7380DMT* (I don't have a USB card for it) and writing what I hope are user-proof instructions for various things. Here's what I did for this USB driver.

    Feel free to copy, modify, add to, remove from, fold, spindle, mutilate, translate into Farsi...

    *This laptop dates from 1999, quite possibly the last laptop series ever *without* built in USB. Strange of Compaq to not have USB on these when others had it at least as early as 1997.

    1. Obtain a Cardbus USB card with Windows 98 Second Edition drivers.

    2. Follow its instructions for installing its drivers.

    3. DO NOT install any drivers for your USB Mass Storage devices.

    3. Run nusb33e.exe to install universal USB Mass Storage drivers.

    All USB Mass Storage devices such as external hard drives, thumb/pen drives, floppy drives, audio/video players, digital cameras and cell phones with drive/disk/mass storage mode should work, as long as the filesystem is FAT16 or FAT32.

    In other words, if you can plug it into WinMe, 2000, XP or Vista and use it like a disk drive *without* having to install a driver, it *should* work in 98SE with this driver.

    If not, go here. http://www.msfn.org/board/maximus-decim-na...ers-t43605.html

    This driver DOES NOT SUPPORT non-storage devices such as scanners, printers, tablets, cameras/phones that *don't* have a drive/disk/mass storage mode, or any other device that doesn't act like a disk drive.

    If it is a storage device and requires a driver for WinMe, 2000, XP or Vista, it won't work with this driver in 98SE. (Note that some storage devices may have drivers/utilities for features other than basic storage support that does not require a driver to be installed.)

    This USB driver is only for the ENGLISH version of 98SE. See the above forum link for versions for other languages. If there's not one for your 98SE's language, ask nicely and someone there may be able to fix you up.

    Why this driver instead of installing individual drivers for every camera, drive and phone? Multiple USB Mass Storage drivers use up room on your hard drive, use more RAM, add more bloat to the Registry and can cause conflicts with each other.

    Additional note for media with a formatted capacity of less than 32 megabytes (includes media with exactly 32 meg unformatted capacity). Windows 2000 and XP will format such media as FAT12. Windows Me and 98SE with this driver will format such media as FAT16. It's best to never format 32meg or smaller media with 2000 or XP, especially when it's the non-removable memory in a device.

  22. Is there a program that can copy the Win98SE DOS system files to a hard drive from XP? Would be nice and easy to be able to hook up a drive as slave, format it FAT32 then SYS it with the 98SE files, then copy the 98 install files, drivers etc. to the drive.

    All it'd really need to do is ensure IO.SYS is in the right place since with 9x MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM don't have to be located in specific sectors.

    Then I could just plug it into its final resting PC place and install - just like I used to do in ye olden dayes when my main OS was 98SE. I don't work on old Windows versions enough to justify having a box running it full time or even dual booting it.

  23. TSST TS-L632D DVD/RW/RAM drive with latest firmware.

    It's from a Dell laptop, I flashed it with the Toshiba firmware to enable all the media types the drive supports. Dell had Dual Layer DVD-R and DVD-RAM disabled, but Double Layer DVD+R was enabled. Exactly the same drive, just for some reason Dell decided to cripple it a bit.

    Worked fine for quite a while with autoplay turned off, then one day it started acting up and only quit when I re-enabled autoplay. Probably some "critical update" caused it.

  24. I have Vista 32bit with SP2 integrated in an .iso

    Can I do everything with that using vLite that I did starting from an Anytime Upgrade DVD? (I used vLite to integrate SP1 then removed a bunch of stuff.) If there's anything at all that vLite will bugger up using the SP2 integrated .iso, I'd like to know *before* I spend a ton of time making a trimmed down disc.

    I remove the sidebar, flip 3d, UAC, tons of drivers for hardware my laptop doesn't have and never will, all the useless frippery goes out. Amazing how *small* an 80 gig drive seems these days. My sister has an identical laptop, she likes the sidebar and some of the other bloat, so I've made more bloaty custom install DVDs for her.

    What'd really be nice is some SP2 installer helper that either lies to the SP2 installer about the presence of missing stuff and shunts such updates off to /null, or temporarily installs stuff the SP2 installer really must have (from an un-modified SP1 updated disc or .iso), then rips them back out once SP2 is installed.

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