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  1. I attempted to copy a Windows 95 install from one disk to another using Vista. It balked at copying several different files. I then hooked the drives up to an XP box and it copied everything with no problems.

    In both cases the drives were connected to USB>IDE adapters.

    I wonder if this may be related to the problem where I can't get Vista to copy any files over ethernet to a shared drive on a Windows 95 system?

    (Copying a Win9x install is simple. fdisk/format/sys the new drive then copy *everything* except IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM to the new drive. YES you want to overwrite MSDOS.SYS and anything else.)

  2. "FolderSort version 1.1: runs under MS Windows 95, 98 and presumably NT."

    "presumably"??? Even if it does, I wouldn't want to use a file system utility for NT's version of NTFS on 2000, XP or Vista, even if I'm using it to sort a folder on a FAT32 volume.

  3. I have a GPS / mobile media player that uses SD cards. As I add and remove and add more audio and video files to an SD card, the player software on the GPS lists the files in whatever order they were put on the card.

    It has no options to change how it lists the file names.

    Is there a Windows program that can change the actual order that filenames are listed in a folder/directory?

    I remember a sort utility for DOS that could do that. I had to use it for some program that assembled files into a data file and it would grab the files sequentially in the actual, physical, order their names were in the directory. If they weren't sorted correctly, the data file wouldn't work.

    Instead of using the sort program, the files could be copied one at a time to the source directory, but with a few hundred files that would be extremely tedious.

    It's the same with putting files on this SD card. I can have them listed in order if I want to take the time every time to delete all the files from the card then copy all the files I want to keep and any new files.

    It'd be much easier if there's a way to sort AND APPLY that sort to the actual directory listing written on the card.

  4. This is really odd, when I launch Windows Explorer then maximize it, it goes to the full size but off to the lower right of the screen. It only affects Windows Explorer with the folder view pane.

    It does not do this for My Computer, Control Panel, IE5.5 or Media Player 7.1 or anything else I've installed on this old Armada 7380DMT laptop.

    I have DirectX 8.0a installed too.

    I may have to give up on Win95b and go with 98SE, but 95 seems to work very well with only 64meg- I know 98SE won't run near as well with 64meg. Been there, done that, saved my $ for 128meg!

    The only other thing as weird I've seen with Win95b was a TriGem Ark Logic 1000 videocard where the Win95 drivers from TriGem would restrict the mouse cursor to 1/2 of the screen. (I fixed that by hacking the TriGem drivers together with the Ark Logic reference drivers. I uploaded the hacked driver to driverguide in the 90's and I still get e-mails thanking me for it.)

  5. Finally got it to work. I manually assigned an IP to TCP/IP bound to the NIC on the 95 laptop because somehow it was getting assigned the *same IP* as the bridged connection on Vista, which I still have as automatically assigned.

    I also had to enter (IP of the wireless router) AND another DNS address AND a domain suffix. FINALLY it could get internet access.

    But NOW Vista refuses to copy any files to the shared drive on the 95 laptop, which is shared with FULL access and NO PASSWORD, claiming I "need permission". Vista also refuses to explore the shared 95 drive below the root level. 2000 and XP had no problem with this, even while they wouldn't allow access the other way.

    Since when does setting up a Win9x share with *no security at all* mean another PC "needs permission" to access it?

    Microsoft has royally screwed up networking in Vista. I've been working with PCs, DOS and Windows, for almost 27 years and I've never seen anything so effing stupid.

  6. Vista suddenly decided that it was not, no way, no how going to have ICS enabled on the WiFi connection. It'd just give me the useless message that "An error has occurred..." not even an error number.

    So I tried bridging it again with the laptop's ethernet, then I ran Winipcfg on the Win95 laptop, hit Renew and instantly got an IP!

    That worked for about 10 minutes before Vista cut off all connection to the Win95 laptop. I was able to get to windows update and start downloading what's still there for Win95.

    Now Winipcfg can't get an IP from the Vista laptop.

    Where's the "SharethisconnectiongawdammituntilIsayotherwise!" checkbox? ;)

  7. I have a laptop running Vista Ultimate SP1 with a WiFi connection to a DSL router. I cannot change anything on the router.

    I've had a desktop running XP Pro SP3 hooked up to the laptop's ethernet and it was a simple matter of bridging the laptop's wireless and ethernet, the XP desktop's built in ethernet automatically adapted to using a standard cable as a crossover. Got all Windows updates and more downloaded, no problems.

    I figured it'd be as simple with this old Compaq Armada 7380DMT laptop with a 3Com CardBus 56K/10/100 combo card and a 10/100 switch added in the middle. No way! The laptop has NO USB, the only ways to get stuff onto it is via floppy disk or CD-R, the drive can't read CD-RW- and ethernet if I can make Vista stop snubbing the olde thing.

    Vista is apparently not automatically assigning IP's to Windows 95. I've searched for hours and found lots of other people attempting to use a Vista box to share a connection to Windows 9x or even Me.

    I un-bridged the laptop's connections then turned on Sharing on the WiFi. I've tried manually assigning IP's etc for the ethernet on both laptops. So far nothing I've tried has made the two communicate.

    Never had such problems getting 2000 or XP to share a connection to 9x clients, and get one-way file sharing where I could 'push' stuff to 9x from 2000 or XP. A simple matter of sharing the host's internet connection, leaving the ethernet on automatic all around and sharing a drive on the 9x/Me client. SIMPLE! Vista, NOT simple.

  8. My Compaq Armada 7380DMT can create a set of restore floppies, great, but I don't happen to have that many floppies on hand and 'sides that, floppies have that disturbing tendency to make their data go *poof* even under ideal storage conditions.

    What I'd like is a virtual floppy drive that the disk creation program can write to, then save disk images which I can burn to a CD-R. It'll have to support Microsoft's DMF format because the OSR2 CAB files are that big. (1.6M vs 2.0M for original Win95 CD version.)

    I fished this lappy out of a trash can, bought a 20x MultiBay CD-ROM and a power supply for about $5 each off eBay (paid more than 2x that each for shipping) and just fired it up today. There was a floppy drive in the MultiBay, so I *can* make real disks, but they're just so inconvenient. Battery won't charge but they're plentiful on eBay.

    It has no USB, but does have CardBus and a 1024x768 TFT LCD- even cooler it's *white*. Nobody makes a *white* PC lappy these days! The keyboard and surround of my Vista laptop are sorta greyish-white but the rest of it's all black.

    The ultimate use for this old Compaq is to be an OBD II automotive diagnostics system.

  9. I have an old Compaq Armada 7380DMT which still has the OEM installed Win95 OSR2. Is there a way to extract the FAT32 converter from a 98SE CD-ROM and run it on Win95 OSR2?

    I don't currently have a PC with 98SE installed. I *could* temporarily install Partition Magic 8, but where's the fun in that? ;)

    Got two desktops with XP Pro, one laptop with XP Home, one laptop with Vista Ultimate, one laptop with Win95B and one CRT iMac DV with OS X 10.4.11.

  10. Today, out of the blue, Vista Ultimate decided that every DVD or CD I put in my laptop's drive was "blank" and had to be formatted.

    After searching the web and finding nothing that applied to this problem, I popped in a CD-RW and erased it then burned a big file to it then verified with Nero 7.

    That seems to have smacked Vista upside the head and now it will see the contents of optical discs.

    So try erasing/burning/verifying a CD-RW or DVD-RW the next time Vista turns its nose up at your discs and NONE of the following applies.

    1. Disc not finalized.

    You've verified the disc IS finalized.

    2. Disc is multisession.

    You've verified the disc is NOT multisession.

    3. Drive firmware update needed.

    You've already updated to the latest or there is no newer firmware.

    4. The disc is blank.

    You've quintuple checked and the disc is NOT blank.

    5. The drive is bad.

    You've connected the drive to another PC where it works perfectly.

    Hopefully this will help some people, and since I got it to work, I don't have to write a post listing all the above- then have to watch as a bunch of people completely fail to read and comprehend it and tell me to do everything I just said I've already tried. (There must be some usenet/forum/IRC law that ensures there's almost always some nut who does that.)

  11. Is there some other way to get Microsoft Update to work with WinMe? Going to update.microsoft.com just gets kicked to windowsupdate.microsoft.com

    I want to get Office XP updates and AutoPatcher with just the Office XP downloads won't run on WinMe. It just pops up a 100% unhelpful box that says Missing files with an OK button.

    Hmmm, I'll see if c't offline updater will work. I've used it for Office 2000 since AutoPatcher doesn't do it.

  12. Installed Adaptec ASPI with force aspi, was able to copy a CD. I had Nero shut it down when done.

    I'll see if it's still working after booting again.

    I know this box WAS working, because I'd worked on it back in 2006, installed AVG and Spybot and had to put in a new modem when the original died. The prior owner gave it to me to fix up and find somebody who needed a computer. Unfortunately she'd moved and lost the HP OEM restore discs.

    It has the WinMe COA on the side, so I figured may as well put WinMe on it. It's a 1Ghz PIII so it's actually decently speedy, when it's working.

  13. Aaaaaand now it's not working again. I burned a CD, then I installed Word and Excel from Office XP and now Nero 6 (last version that works on WinMe) is refusing to see the drive is ready.

    Nero info tool says ASPI is correctly installed. I've checked and the files are still where I put them. Nothing's changed between getting the burner to work and it quitting again, except for Office. There's no bleeping way Office XP should be mucking up a CD burner.

    Since there's no ASPI files in the wrong places, I could try installing Adaptec ASPI. I wonder if there's a newer version of Nero's ASPi

    I may have to just give up on WinMe and put XP on this box. Getting fed up with thinking I just about have this system working, then it locks up or won't boot normally or *something* randomly goes wonky. In all the years I've worked on PCs, this is only the second WinMe box I've had to do major work on. Now I know *why* so many people shudder at the mention of it. :wacko:

    I had to nuke and pave it a second time because ExpressBurn not only installed Ask Toolbar without asking, it also slipped in some malware and a trojan- right under the nose of Avast. When I killed the malware, WinMe wouldn't boot at all. May the authors of ExpressBurn contract an incurable disease! Or at least get a computer virus that wipes all their hard drives and infects their BIOS.

  14. The ASPI 4.6 option in the Unofficial WinMe service pack 1 2.02 beta 9 screws it up by putting the ASPI files in C:\Windows instead of where they're supposed to be in Windows\system (winaspi.dll and wnaspi32.dll) and Windows\system\iosubsys (apix.vxd)

    WinMe doesn't have aspienum.vxd, the file extractor in msconfig doesn't find it.

    Since they're in the wrong places, the kill aspi batch file with force aspi can't remove them, but it does remove all the original WinMe aspi files.

    And since those other aspi files are in the wrong place, installing any other aspi still won't fix it.

    After getting this straightened out with WinMe's original ASPI files, the Phillips CDD4801 drive works.

  15. I got it working. Found out what went wrong.

    The ASPI 4.6 option in the Unofficial WinMe service pack 1 2.02 beta 9 screws it up by putting the ASPI files in C:\Windows instead of where they're supposed to be in Windows\system (winaspi.dll and wnaspi32.dll) and Windows\system\iosubsys (apix.vxd)

    WinMe doesn't have aspienum.vxd, the file extractor in msconfig doesn't find it.

    Since they're in the wrong places, the kill aspi batch file with force aspi can't remove them, but it does remove all the original WinMe aspi files.

    And since those other aspi files are in the wrong place, installing any other aspi still won't fix it.

    So now the Phillips CDD4801 (with 2,5 firmware) is happily burning a CD-R with Nero 6, without aspienum.vxd.

    And now I shall post a note about this at the end of the loooooooooooooong thread for the Me service pack.

  16. I installed Opera 9.64 on WinMe and WindizUpdate. It doesn't work, after clicking the I agree button I get "The WinddizUpdate Plug-in plug-in failed. A restart of Opera is recommended."

    Are there other WinMe compatible browsers this will work in? It shows some security updates that Windows Update doesn't.

  17. I'm fixing up a HP Pavilion 7940, which originally had WinMe on it, so I'm doing a clean install of WinMe.

    I've tried InfraRecorder (which won't even launch), DeepBurner (sees the burner but insists it's always 'busy'), ExpressBurn (stealth installs Ask toolbar and can't see the burner).

    I've tried force ASPI to get Adaptec ASPI 4.71 installed. Didn't help. Used the batch file from that to remove Adaptec and installed VOB ASPI Layer. Still doesn't work.

    What I think *might* help is the final version of the Intel chipset drivers that actually installs drivers instead of claiming that WinMe already supports the chipset. The current download from Intel is NOT the one.

    The DVD-ROM drive and 8x CD-RW are the original HP OEM branded ones in this Pavilion model. I'm going to give it to a family, both parents are diabetic and they don't have any extra $ to buy a computer for their kids. Getting the CD burner working is the final thing to do before it's ready.

  18. I found a screen saver called AVI Screen Saver. It's a few years old but works with 95 through XP, haven't tried it on Vista yet. It can play AVI's MPG and other video and audio formats in random order or the user specified order. It can bounce them around the screen, resize them and several other tricks.

    Best of all it's FREEWARE.

    I took my images and made short video clips, each with the same start sequence. All I have to do is put them all in a folder, drag them into the screen saver playlist, check the Random box and I'm all set. :) With this I've also done some animations by creating the frames in Photoshop then bringing them into Premiere, from which I made all the AVI's 10 frames per second. I makes the non-motion videos small file sizes and it's fast enough speed for simple animations.

  19. I'm looking for software to make a 2D screen saver for Windows.

    Things it must be able to do.

    1. Display a series of images.

    2. Play a WAV file at the same time each image is displayed.

    3. Display each image for the length of time the WAV files play. (Ie, not a fixed display interval.)

    Things that would be nice if it can do.

    1. Display the images in random order, while playing the WAV files in the same order as the images.

    2. Display a short and fast series of images, with a WAV file, before displaying each image/WAV file pair.

    I already have the images, in BMP format, and WAV files. I've given each pair the same name, saver00.bmp saver00.wav, in numerical order. A few numbers are missing in the series, intended to give the impression of randomness- to get the viewer to wait for the missing numbers to appear.

    The effect is intended to be of a backlit sign showing random stuff with audio appropriate to each display. I want to have the fast image series between each display to have it look like the sign is turning off and on with a flicker and fluorescent lights turning on. It's going to be an "attract mode" thing for a PC that will only be used to play one game.

  20. Just got a freebie box with a HP Colorado T4000s SCSI Travan 4 drive and an adaptec 2940/2940U PCI SCSI controller.

    What are some XP NTFS compatible backup programs that will work with this drive? Were there ever any extended length tapes for these drives?

    I once setup a Win95 box with a QIC drive (a Colorado floppy interface one) and double length tapes, which required special backup software that could use them (software came with the tapes), but it could backup the full Windows install to one tape.

  21. This update just popped up today on my laptop with Vista Ultimate SP1, customized with nLite.

    I've installed it four times and each time after Windows Update says it's successfully installed it immediately says it's a "new update" to be installed.

    Looks like Microsoft needs to issue KB954431 Stops Windows Update from constantly insisting KB954430 needs to be installed. :P

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