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  1. In my XP SP3 build CD I copy my drivers to an install folder on the root of the C: drive. I then add the paths to the drivers to the OemPnPDriversPath entry in my winnt.sif. After the build completes there are about 5 unknown devices, but if I delete those devices manually and re-scan for hardware changes all the drivers are added automatically. So, Windows has the drivers and knows where they are. Any idea why this could be happening? Thanks for any help
  2. Fully Attended RIS Installation

    I think the reason that no one is replied is because basically that's what this WHOLE forum is about. Everyone is doing that. Have a read of the other posts - especially the stickies. Don't ask how to do a complete unattended installation, you've already got bits done, so if there are things that you can't do, then first search for those terms and THEN post a question about that specific problem only.
  3. setting driver locations

    Yup [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion] add the location to the DEVICEPATH key.
  4. unattend.txt

    Ooops, didn't realise that it was a win 2k3 server command only. If you pm me your email address I'll send you the dsquery file, but I'm not sure that it would work.
  5. unattend.txt

    If you type "dsquery computer" from the command line on your DC then you that will show you the form they should take.
  6. google toolbar switches change?

    Thanks for the hello9, I'll try that in the morning.
  7. google toolbar switches change?

    Yes, those switches don't work for me anymore either
  8. RIS with drivers on network share

    Thanks for the fast reply. I'll try that.
  9. I want to build many PCs of differing hardware with RIS and so wish to keep all the drivers (apart from the NICs of course) on a network share. I think I've almost done it, but just can't quite get the last bit to work. I've created a share which holds all the drivers I need. I then use a cmdlines.txt to alter the registry path for devices to point at that location as well as the default Windows\INF folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DevicePath \\servername\drivers$ On bootup I get quite a few unknown devices in device manager, however if I check the registry location, it is pointing in the right place, so I know that the cmdlines.txt ran ok. Also, if I now delete all the unknown devices and hit the "scan for hardware changes" button, then all the devices are found immediately Why do you think this is happening? Is the cmdlines.txt ran too late in the install? i.e. after all the drivers are already found. If so, is there a way to automatically tell XP to rescan for hardware changes? Thanks for your replies.
  10. [How To] Unattended RIS Installs V2

    Thanks for the replies guys. I have put cmdlines.txt under the $oem$ folder and it has started working with the registry file in a subfolder like this: | |-i386 | |-$oem$ | |-cmdlines.txt |-REGFILES | |-registry.reg My cmdlines.txt looked like this: [commands] "regedit REGFILES\registry.reg /s" but for some reason the "/S" doesn't work. The install pauses and asks me if I'm sure that I want to import the registry file (that should be taken care of by the /s switch). When I click 'yes' it then asks if I want to run the program "/S" - i.e. it's split the regedit and the switch into different commands. It is all in quotes as above. Any ideas why this is happening? Cheers again. Thanks again. [EDIT] Ooops, I notice that RogueSpear puts the /s before the file to be merged. I'll try that and report back [EDIT2] Yep, that works. Thanks a lot guys.
  11. [How To] Unattended RIS Installs V2

    Sorry for such a n00b question. I did search - honest. Where exactly do you place the cmdlines.txt? I have put it in a folder alongside $OEM$ i.e.: D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Images\WINDOWSXPSP2\ - $OEM$ - I386 - cmdlines.txt But that didn't work. Then I placed it inside the $oem$ folder but that doesn't appear to work either. It could be possible that my cmdlines.txt is being parsed, but just doesn't work. If so, does a log get created that I can check somewhere? Cheers!
  12. We want to increase the default maximum username length from 20 characters to about 28. Does anyone know how to do this?. We are using a completely Windows 2000 network with Active Directory and servers in Native Mode. I've had a look in adsiedit and the default domain policy but with no luck. Any help would be great, cheers.
  13. Autologon doesn't seem to work

    A couple of hundred should cover it. I think if you finalise a CD it just means you can't add files to it later (multisession). Finalising CDs also means you can use re-writables for music in your discman etc.
  14. Autologon doesn't seem to work

    I notice a few people on this thread mentioning all the CDs they've had to throw in the garbage due to rebuilds. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that you can use re-writables to create these CDs as long as you chose 'finalize' on the last screen. You can then erase the cd if you made a mistake and want to burn it again. I know that's how most people will be doing it, but just in case...
  15. $oem$ Folder permissions

    I made a new folder and xcopied the contents of my current xpcd folder to it. I made sure it didn't copy the folder permissions, but still the folder is read only. Completely perplexed.