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  1. I just wanted to note this here for anyone looking to run older/newer games on xp - WineD3D "Stable" currently still supports XP, and acts as a wrapper around DirectX-based games/software. It converts directX calls to OpenGL calls, and renders most older games better when it comes to using HD monitors. http://fdossena.com/?p=wined3d/index.frag

    I've personally tested this with old beta builds of World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3, which in turn made it possible to use higher resolutions than the games were originally designed for. Interestingly, it also supports DX10 & 11 on XP.

  2. For all things DirectX 11+, you can try utilizing WineD3D, which translates DX11 calls to OpenGL. It works really well with older games, too. As I type this, the development version is currently based on the latest Wine-staging codebase, and the stable version, which supports XP, is, I believe, based on Wine 1.7 or 1.9. The site to get that from is: http://fdossena.com/?p=wined3d/index.frag

    As for how it does it, it appears to be a form of a proxy-dll modification, as there's no need to modify existing software to use it. Just drop in the proper files from the archive, and go. Personally, I use it to run old beta versions of games on Win10, that would otherwise have full-screen windowing problems, or graphical glitches on my HD screen. It works great, and has very little-to-no performance degradation. 

  3. On 1/28/2017 at 3:48 AM, tomasz86 said:

    My website has been offline for a few days because the domain was apparently suspended


    with no further explanation. :dubbio:

    My guess would be that someone did not like all the non-direct links to MS updated that I had to add in the last few months (since the original URLs were no longer working). I am still unsure what to do next as the original http://windows2000.tk domain is probably lost for ever.

    For the time being you can access my website under http://tomasz1986.github.io.

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering what had happened to the site!

  4. It sounds like an audio buffer is being released when another sound is queued up. I've heard this exact weirdness in a VM, so it's certainly something to do with basic sound functionality in a modern win2k install (I haven't tried with any newer kernels than probably v13 or so).

  5. I recall going with my mom to the local egghead software store, and picking up Windows 95 on floppy diskette sometime around April/May 1996. There was actually a choice between Windows 3.1 and 95, priced the same on the shelf. I was the one to make the decision for the family PC, at 10 years old. If it hadn't been for Windows 95, I never would have tried Linux, which I use alongside Windows to this day.


    Windows 95 was buggy, but it certainly made Windows more user friendly. That, and true 32-bit support in the OS, which ended up propelling consumer computers forward more than any other software at the time.


    I cannot believe it's been 20 years.

  6. Looks like a handful of updates are out today for POSReady 2009, including: KB3013126 (might be POS-specific), KB3012176 (VBScript), KB3008923 (IE6,7,8), KB3012172 (POS specific?), KB3013410 (POS specific?)


    At the very least, IE is getting the latest dose of patching, which might work fine on regular XP. I don't have a way to test this at the moment though.

  7. Well, doesn't look like the updates surfaced in that iso either. Kinda weird since they list them in the kb article. I wonder if they're only downloadable for special contracted-support situations, like governments or large corporations. Like what they did with NT4 'SP7'. Or perhaps it's only available through WSUS, and not any other way. I'm going to investigate that possibility and see what I come up with.

  8. They'll likely release another Security Updates ISO within a few days and the files in question will be included in that. Still kinda bizarre that they're releasing bits and pieces of updates for 2000.


    The ISO should be linked on this page when it's released - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/913086


    Not sure how it's not linked there yet, but majorgeeks seems to have the file - http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/microsoft_security_releases_iso_image.html

  9. Great to see you're back at updating the rollup again, and keeping the site up to date with updates.

    I was sad to not find a Win2k update in the latest security ISO release from Microsoft, as IE6 has been getting updates on the XP side the past couple months. It may be that Microsoft realized they were providing updates for an EOL platform, or perhaps the current run of hotfixes do not apply in any way to IE6 SP1.

  10. Looks like the March 2013 security updates iso includes an updated KB2809289 for Windows 2000 and IE6SP1. Here's just the folder from the DVD, to save everyone from having to get the whole 3GB file... https://www.box.com/...j7b369i3xoskqgg

    It appears that this update replaces the previously released KB2792100 - the new patch appears to have all the fixes from the previous hotfix in addition to an updated mshtml.dll, and new timestamps on all the rest of the files. I'm going to try integrating this with a standard hfslip build without the previous hotfix.

  11. Looks like the March 2013 security updates iso includes an updated KB2809289 for Windows 2000 and IE6SP1. Here's just the folder from the DVD, to save everyone from having to get the whole 3GB file... https://www.box.com/...j7b369i3xoskqgg

    It appears that this update replaces the previously released KB2792100 - the new patch appears to have all the fixes from the previous hotfix in addition to an updated mshtml.dll, and new timestamps on all the rest of the files.

  12. The issue is that on XP+ there are folders with ntuser.dat registry hives dedicated to these hidden users - on 2000, that's not the case. 2000 doesn't have these users nor their corresponding ntuser.dat hives. As such, some form of registry redirection will need to take place to handle applications that try to write to the 'hidden' service hives. I have no idea how BWC will get this working on 2000. As far as I know, those users/hives aren't used by anything but Windows core services - adding the users themselves to the registry is only one part of the equation.

  13. In the end I'm using SRWare Iron now instead of Google Chrome :lol: The reason is trivial - I had issues with the built-in Flash Player (video was OK but audio was kind of choppy). Those problems are non-existant in Iron which uses the normal external Flash Player.

    you do know you can set that up in about:plugins, right? it's easy enough to change that one setting so your choice of flash player is used.

  14. If you can post it somewhere I can do a quick run through in Ida tomorrow and see what it spits out.

    It's in this update:


    That extracts out to a directory containing the following:

    Volume in drive G is DATA
    Volume Serial Number is 7A4C-636C

    Directory of G:\exfat

    10/16/2012 06:58 PM <DIR> .
    10/16/2012 06:58 PM <DIR> ..
    10/16/2012 06:58 PM 0 dirlist.txt
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> SP2GDR
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> SP2QFE
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> SP3GDR
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> SP3QFE
    11/30/2007 07:18 AM 17,272 spmsg.dll
    11/30/2007 07:18 AM 231,288 spuninst.exe
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> update
    3 File(s) 248,560 bytes

    Directory of G:\exfat\SP2GDR

    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> .
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> ..
    09/29/2008 05:58 AM 133,632 exfat.sys
    09/30/2008 02:44 AM 18,944 fmifs.dll
    09/29/2008 05:59 AM 30,720 format.com
    09/29/2008 05:58 AM 9,216 fs_rec.sys
    09/30/2008 02:44 AM 77,824 ifsutil.dll
    09/30/2008 02:44 AM 8,455,168 shell32.dll
    09/30/2008 02:44 AM 57,344 uexfat.dll
    09/30/2008 02:44 AM 278,528 ulib.dll
    8 File(s) 9,061,376 bytes

    Directory of G:\exfat\SP2QFE

    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> .
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> ..
    09/29/2008 05:53 AM 133,632 exfat.sys
    09/30/2008 02:05 AM 18,944 fmifs.dll
    09/29/2008 05:54 AM 30,720 format.com
    09/29/2008 05:53 AM 9,216 fs_rec.sys
    09/30/2008 02:05 AM 77,824 ifsutil.dll
    09/30/2008 11:35 AM 8,461,312 shell32.dll
    09/30/2008 02:05 AM 57,344 uexfat.dll
    09/30/2008 02:05 AM 278,528 ulib.dll
    09/29/2008 05:46 AM 351,744 xpsp3res.dll
    9 File(s) 9,419,264 bytes

    Directory of G:\exfat\SP3GDR

    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> .
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> ..
    09/29/2008 06:21 AM 133,632 exfat.sys
    09/30/2008 02:19 AM 18,944 fmifs.dll
    09/29/2008 06:22 AM 30,720 format.com
    09/29/2008 06:20 AM 9,216 fs_rec.sys
    09/30/2008 02:19 AM 77,824 ifsutil.dll
    09/30/2008 02:19 AM 8,461,824 shell32.dll
    09/30/2008 02:19 AM 57,344 uexfat.dll
    09/30/2008 02:19 AM 278,528 ulib.dll
    8 File(s) 9,068,032 bytes

    Directory of G:\exfat\SP3QFE

    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> .
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> ..
    09/29/2008 06:51 AM 133,632 exfat.sys
    09/30/2008 01:56 AM 18,944 fmifs.dll
    09/29/2008 06:52 AM 30,720 format.com
    09/29/2008 06:50 AM 9,216 fs_rec.sys
    09/30/2008 01:56 AM 77,824 ifsutil.dll
    09/30/2008 01:56 AM 8,462,336 shell32.dll
    09/30/2008 01:56 AM 57,344 uexfat.dll
    09/30/2008 01:56 AM 278,528 ulib.dll
    8 File(s) 9,068,544 bytes

    Directory of G:\exfat\update

    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> .
    10/16/2012 06:55 PM <DIR> ..
    09/30/2008 02:32 AM 926 branches.inf
    11/30/2007 10:17 AM 804 eula.txt
    09/30/2008 06:29 AM 22,668 KB955704.CAT
    11/30/2007 07:18 AM 26,488 spcustom.dll
    11/30/2007 07:18 AM 755,576 update.exe
    09/30/2008 04:49 PM 3,028 update.ver
    09/30/2008 02:32 AM 678 updatebr.inf
    09/30/2008 06:36 AM 24,318 update_SP2GDR.inf
    09/30/2008 06:32 AM 25,523 update_SP2QFE.inf
    09/30/2008 06:38 AM 27,395 update_SP3GDR.inf
    09/30/2008 06:29 AM 27,395 update_SP3QFE.inf
    07/09/2008 03:38 AM 382,840 updspapi.dll
    12 File(s) 1,297,639 bytes

    Total Files Listed:
    48 File(s) 38,163,415 bytes
    17 Dir(s) 402,366,476,288 bytes free

    So it looks like it's a _lot_ more than just the exfat.sys driver file :(

    Maybe in code, it's just a function or two ?

  15. I'm only guessing here, so don't crucify me - is it right to assume that if shell32.dll doesn't _know_ about other filesystem's, it will show the drives that have those filesystems as being unformatted? If that were the case, then addon programs like ext2fs driver and MacDrive would not be able to function. What I'm getting at here, is that perhaps we need some sort of filter driver to place in between the exfat driver and the OS. Not knowing the internals of how the exfat driver work,s I can only guess how it interfaces within XP, let alone 2000. I'm all for trying everything to get exFat working on win2k, since I'm starting to use and see exfat used more and more, and, hell, exFat is a great filesystem for larger volumes where NTFS isn't needed.

  16. I have a couple questions -

    Are the functions that are being implemented just stub functions that return a 0, or are they fully functional functions? (try saying that 5 times fast!)

    If they're just stubs, I'd guess that you're utilizing all of the publically available documentation for these functions on their respective platforms, such as MSDN and ReactOS's source code?

    Would you consider continuing this project for Windows XP in the coming years? I still see a _LOT_ of XP machines in use (computer tech in a small computer store), and a _LOT_ of people trying to use newer apps (Office 2013, for instance, requires Vista+) and having to either downgrade or upgrade just to write documents (ugh!).

    And then there's this gray area question - would you consider a project that tries to replace the NT5.0 kernel with NT5.2's Windows Research Kernel? The source code is available through universities, along with the full NT Design Documentation, allowing one to literally build their very own custom kernel for Windows. I don't know if such a project would be considered legal or what, since the code is intended for research and teaching purposes only, I can't say what the status would be :(

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