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  1. it's a security restriction. It can be disabled with a reg tweak, but the tweak must be applied to the working system prior to failure.
  2. all home version require activation. Pro corp/VLK do not require it. If you don't have a network connection to get it to activate over the internet, you can use the phone-in option, takes all of 5 mins to a toll-free number. Since you say your copy is legit, you have nothing to worry about.
  3. It's not a slipstream problem .. You cannot do a repair install of XP pro over XP home, it's only available if they are the same version (you also lose repair options if you use an unattended script)
  4. the dell xp cd will work and will activate, however, he will need to use the product key from the dell sticker, not the one that goes in during install ( assuming it does ) in the activation window he'll have to choose phone in, and then change product key to the valid key .. then he should be able to activate it. (Dell keys are only good for installs) I do this with mainboard changes on dells when I don't have an identical replacement board ps. this won't correct the "not connected" problem .. that's different :/
  5. I used the iexpress program to create a promptless install for .NET Framework, Journal Viewer, and Media Connect update ... as described here: http://pubs.logicalexpressions.com/Pub0009...icle.asp?ID=365
  6. For a blank drive, I have seen chkdsk from a recovery console fix it I've pretty much settled on using File Scavanger for all non-hardware based recoveries. It's not free, but well worth the asking price. It will do a drive letter or defunct vlume search .. also supports defunct raid recoveries, which I've made use of successfully -- make usre you have sufficient harddrive space on another drive to save your recovered data. whatever option you choose to get your info back .. the previous warnings should be adhered to .. write nothing to the drive until you've exhausted all recovery efforts.
  7. I used this one, seems ok so far I know nothing, guarantee nothing .. if you want to be safe, don't use it. http://www.andreabeggi.net/?p=59

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