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  1. Most information I can read about usb drives and group policy are aimed at blocking the usb ports to disallow the use of these devices. My situation is a client has gone and bought 50 archos media players for their users. Now this group of 50 users only use a pod of 16 workstations, and are allowed basic user rights. As usual, policy does not allow the installation of this without admin rights. Also, windows sees each device as a new piece of hardware, ie: if i have plugged one unit into a workstation, remove it, then plug another unit into the same machine, it goes through the installation process all over again. All these units are identical. My problem is these units have all been distributed to the users, whose schedules rarely co-incide with mine. and without all the hardware units available, How can i install each one, or give rights for this group of users to install these units. We have specifically not given these users admin rights, and do not intend to. Any advice, ideas would be appreciated. Cheers Gordo
  2. Don't connect it to the internet and dont let your kids play games on it Cheers Gordo
  3. I Found this website while looking for a script to elevate the rights of a user to run a non ntfs designed program. What this scipt does is to automatically enter username / password for a runas command. You select an account with admin rights and about 90% of programs which were giving me hell now are a breeze. Some advice I can pass on for using this is that if the program uses mapped drives etc, make sure that the two accounts share the same mapping. http://vlaurie.com/computers2/Articles/xprunas.htm cheers gordo
  4. Something that caused me some trouble was ghosted images of machines. I found a sid change tool to give the pc a new sid, and then it appeared, although it was one of a number of pc's that were showing up as one pc in wsus. Have installed this on a few domains now, and find it a much better option than sus. Maybe you could uninstall it and then install a different sql server, then use that. At one domain I have this running in tandem with blackberry exchange, sharing it's sql 2000 db, no probs at all. Cheers Gordo
  5. Frontmotion looks nice and flashy, but as far as the customisation is concerned, will it really take off. Requiring flash mx to be able to do so will automatically put off a lot of people. Looking around there seems only to be a dozen or so mods for this made to date, all for a program available for over a year now??? Cheers Gordo
  6. NO response??? OH well, was looking around and found this web page http://www.sohtell.se/lim/ For any of you out there who were interested. Am I allowed to provide a link to this site? Cheers Gordo
  7. As a part of my testing, I only assign it to a computer, then in security remove from assigned users, and add the "test computer", then look for any unexpected behaviour logging on as a user, then as an administrator, before applying it across the board. Cheers Gordo
  8. Roguespear, finally i found an installer for ffdshow, and am able to deploy via group policy. Will save me hours. One issue i found with it is that after doing a managed install, if the first thing performed after this install is not to open a divx or mpeg4 file, and you open say ie, or outlook, a windows installer window opens and then the machine hangs. this will continue to occur until media player is opened, and the ffdshow installer finishes, then all seems to be ok. Do you have any ideas about how to overcome this. Once again great job and thanks. Cheers Gordo
  9. I got it working after removing .net 2 then changing to 1.1 with sp1, just seems strange that the newer version of .net wasn't recognised I'm not an expert, just an "advanced user", expecting things to work as updates are made available, guess that is a being bit over-expectant. My latest experience with a new ms product (ms mobile 5 with async 4) made me wonder why a product is even released when obvious issues are evident. I could be out of line but I have a suspiscion there are a few other annoyed people out there. Cheers Gordo
  10. Have just rebuilt a server, loading server 2003, installed .net 2.0 as saw it was available in updates, then went to install wsus, says it wants .net no earlier than 1 with sp1 ???? Havn't found any info relating to this by googling yet. Anybody got any idea's. Also found ryan's silent installer for .net 1 with integrated sp1 would not run, just closed after extracting cheers Gordo
  11. G'dy guys, hats off to all the people out there heaps smarter than me, dedicated to making everyones job easier, especially mine. Has anybody had experience changing these? Am looking to put corporate logo instead of windows logos for login screens. Cheers Gordo
  12. managed to join domain today, but the login does not give the option to choose between the domain or local computer, so am still logged in to local computer, but am able to view network. Noticed that group policy for wsus has applied itself for instance, but will not invoke gp for application install. Another intersting thing I noticed was that it will only search for bluetooth printers in the network search option. Dont know if this has been discussed yet, but was amused by this.
  13. Have tried Vet, but does not allow resident protection, saw on another post Norton anf Mcafee not working, is anybody aware of one that works?
  14. Just performed a fresh install, and when I attempted to join a domain today, got a message about domain controller not being in sync with time, didn't think too much about it, but will post more info when I next will have chance to retry connection.

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