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  1. XP SP3 without Key?

    I tried it with nlite and without nlite and it works well on vmware. Thank you guys!
  2. XP SP3 without Key?

    Which of the key files? Do I have to change the key later on? Do I have 30 days notifier for the key files?
  3. XP SP3 without Key?

    I don't get it, with SP3 you should be able to install XP without a license key. But whenever I slipstream SP3 to my XP CD, I have to input a key, it won't work without a key. So my question is, do I have to wait for the final or do a have to buy a XP CD with SP3? Did somebody slipstream SP3 RC2 and does the installation work without a license key?
  4. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Hi gdogg, thanx for your replay! I used nlite RC3 and your Last_Session.ini this is working and I manged to get a XP around 300 mb. But no smaller XP than 300 mb, so I really love to use/see your MircoWinX 3 project. So for your projekt and I hope you will get your board back soon.
  5. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    Do I have to keep something in mind if I want to run Quicken? Are there any dependences to some XP services?
  6. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Thank you very much for your replay, but I know his homepage and he did not release MircoWinX 3 for download yet. So my question is more if I could get a preview version
  7. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Hi, i like to get your MircoWinX 3.0 beta too, but unfortunately i don't find a link for download.
  8. windows media center pe

    Same here no Problems with MCE2005 and if you have some (for example DELL OEM), you only have to add missing files. I made a Bart PE with all drivers with UBCD4WIN and BTS driver pack. I had to use both because the mass storage Driver from the BTS pack were buggy. I hope it will be fixed some day!
  9. @Paradox Me Did it work? Well the PID number is only for the serial number, XP is going to accept, but it will not stop asking for a previous XP version.
  10. You are welcome! But I like to get a response, if it worked for you guys? @Paradox Me Did it worked, could you test it?
  11. Well I don’t know if it will also work for XP Home, but for my XP Prof Update I only have to change the ExtraData in the Setupp.ini and of course you can also change the Pid Number too... Interesting is that if you only change the Pid it still asks you for a CD. Hope it works for you, too
  12. Well I found a solution, because I had the same Problem. But I don't know if it will work for you and if I am allowed to post it because you have to change the setupp.ini file.
  13. ERR | nForce 3 RAID 0: BSOD

    Well the driver really suck. @Bâshrat the Sneaky Your drive pack is great for the txtmode, they always work in the txtmode but Windows don’t like the driver. So I couldn't get it running, I only got it working one time through F6. But know I wanted to use the newest shuttle driver and they even don’t work through F6, because I am getting a blue screen of death in the GUI installation mode (installing devices). So know I try the NVIDIA driver and so on @Fernando 1 I tried your method but I wasn't successful. I thing I have also a Problem with nlite. So I am going to integrate everything manually.
  14. ERR | nForce 3 RAID 0: BSOD

    Yes I did read all your postings now and this makes a lot of sense. Especially way XP is not excepting the driver with the BTS XP CD if I use the F6 method. Thank you very much I will try your solution!
  15. ERR | nForce 3 RAID 0: BSOD

    @Fernado 1 Thanks for the information but I didn't integrate the driver with Nlite. I just used Nlite to remove components und I used the BTS pack for the driver. But the problem seems to be the same @Bâshrat the Sneaky Me too!!! Just a big log file like Linux does it But if you find interesting software just tell me please!