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  1. hi, i would like some to create the following project: i build lots of computers to the end user, and i would like them to have a recovery partition (like HP on their notebooks) i know this is possible and probably asked many times before, but i would like to know the essyest way to do it. with or without the use of commercial software(im willing to buy it) i also would like some option during the boot of the machine so i could press f11 for example and start the recovery process. no need for many options. tks in advance
  2. hi, i have ipaq rx3715, but the problem is that when i leave it off for 2/3 days it looses ALL information. shouldnt the battery last more time in stanby mode? is it a battery problem or from the ipaq itself? tks
  3. i mean with all users blocked
  4. it depends if the bios detects the usb pen as a usb fdd (a:) or usb hdd (c:)
  5. hi, how can i remove windows vista logon password? tks in advance
  6. how did you manage to do that??? wont it needs a boot loader to start the setup?
  7. i have the same problem...ive tried with fat32 and i still cant boot
  8. hi, i need to know where can i set up the aministrator password in winxp without the use of winnt.sif (some other file maybe) becouse i have a compaq notebook and every time i restore the system to factory settings it creats a admin password. and it ins´t on the winnt.sif file
  9. you can install mui package from microsoft
  10. Mike69


    can i install pocket pc games with the .cab extension??
  11. almost 27 here... damm im old!!
  12. hi i have this in my winnt.sif [Data] AutoPartition=1 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" it does a quick format on the first partition about the second question i dont think thats possible
  13. i didnt find anything on this forum... but tks for your help
  14. when i edit and save the files it loses caracters like Ç á é í ... why does this happens
  15. how can edit the text setup will complete in aproximately xx minutes . i have resedit and i already edited the rest of the text, but i cant find the text shown above
  16. Mike69


    yes i have the english version
  17. im sorry to post this but where is the guide??
  18. where can i find easyboot guide???
  19. tks man tou are a life saver!!! it worked like a charm i didnt the any ideia of what was going on!! inst a bit strange wpi locating the cdrom drive with an icon??
  20. no i didnt tks for the tip i´ll try it but wpi.ico isnt just an icon??
  21. for example i have this command in wpi %cdrom%\software\office2003\setup.exe but when wpi starts and i select to install this app it says it cant find the location in c:\software\office2003\setup.exe help please

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