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  1. Here is my laptop with my litestep theme.

    Its a heavily modified theme, but I have no idea what the original one was called, it was about 4 years ago now :P




    Ask me if you want the theme, its currently modded so it fits 1280x768 :)

  2. If you don't know where that is... Then how are you capable of editing it...


    If you installed windows in a directory called windows on the C drive its:



    but if you want to change your operating system name, that would be very hard, as you would need to edit alot of strings in alot of files.

    You might want to look into the vista looking computer properties panel.

  3. It is a good trick... But pressing the delete key on your keyboard is quicker... Both in outlook and windows :)

    The DEL key is a great one finger :)

    Basically CTRL+D is connecting to the shortcut in the context menu, so basicall ctrl is calling the context menu silently and pressing D is the shortcut for it... The same thing goes for Copying/Pasting/Cutting.

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