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  1. Thanks for the advice, more like beginner/newbie level
  2. Recommend some books about networking so I can learn more : )
  3. Could you link the sites that you know of that has some of these, plans for it most preferably. I've found some but you can't find every site on google so give me a hand if you know any : )
  4. Edit the right click menu? Is this even possible?
  5. Sry for putting it in the wrong place!
  6. Tried looking around for an answer, but couldn't find it or do an good search. But is this possible? Changing the language of nvidias thingy? http://img319.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mp38no.jpg
  7. Not really, couldn't find the registry key
  8. Anyone know what could cause this one do trouble with me? http://img358.imageshack.us/img358/3777/test7qq.jpg
  9. Ah, finally understood how you meant, thanks for the help, well someone can delete this thread now! : )
  10. To understand me, what youve told me is to copy those files that its using, in driver details, well doing that also gets the software with it, because when I gotta install it the files search for that one aswell and install it, cmixer.exe
  11. Muse 5.1 DVD driver, theres an software coming with this installation, you got any ideas how to remove that so when I install I only get the driver and not the extra package?
  12. Should I use windows own program for this or are there better freeware programs to do this task?
  13. Is it possible to make search has no previous search data? In the Start menu how do I remove Log Off?
  14. Everything is checked, tho when i used my Radeon 9800 Pro everything worked fine, so im blaming the card i have now, thats also why im trying to find a modded driver for it
  15. Already updated with that driver, and my mobo has it chipset updated aswell but when i check in dxdiag it says it still isnt supported by WHQL
  16. Ive got SP1 and the newest DirectX but still, the newest Nvidia driver isnt WHQL supported, so how do i find an old one that is?
  17. Well I do have an problem with my graphics card, when i try to shut down some programs or games it gives me a blue screen saying its problem with the driver, are there any drivers tuned for Windows Server 2003 and this GFX card?
  18. MSN 6.2 keeps trying to update itself to 7, can i stop this?

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