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  1. Very very nice !!! thank you .... so this pack has ie6sp1 and ALL the security updates the MS offerd ? i am lookin to redo a old laptop (pII) and this would be great for an all in one install ? maybe i misuderstood what you listed was in this pack Great job !!!
  2. what if i copied the windows 98 files onto the hard drive ( just the win98 dir on the cd) does this still work ?
  3. I was wandering how i make an unattened windows 98se install cd with IE6 sp1 in it and various other proggrams .... i am new at this so be gentle with me (and PLEASE PLEASE use laymans terms if you can for me LOL) i wanna put other programs on the cd such as winzip,winrar, burning apps Thanks
  4. Does anyone know where else i can download .net Framework V1.1.4322 besides from the microsoft website? for windows ME ? I wanna burn the files to disk for a friend ThaNKS
  5. Thanks Gape for the release !!..... i was just thinking about doin a fresh install actually pretty soon this SP is totally AWSOME Thanks
  6. ummm where can i find 98lite ? how much is it ?
  7. one question thou ...... how do i increase my icon cache ? and to what do i increase it to ? (my system is a PII, 266 IBM laptop, 98mb ram,4gb hdd)
  8. Thanks Shamgar i kinda got that impression also but wasnt sure of the OVERALL concensus was ...... i guess that the 80mb IE6 SP1 that i found here in one of the posts is EVERY UPDATE as of now then i dont think it matters about later updates because as i said i use Firefox
  9. ALright somewhere in this post i got lost ....... If i download the 'Full' IE6SP1 ( the 80mb download) is that all the updates and fixes in one ? because usually you have to sign on to the net and do a windows update get IE6SP! , reboot then go back and get the updates (not quite sure how many there is ) ........ does this already have them all ? i am tring to follow the installation for the unoffical service pack and so on bascially i just wanna do it right ....... P.S. i use firefox 99.9% of the time but i still wanna be up to date .... is the 80mb IE6SP1 enough ? bascially i dont wanna have to install IE6SP1 thru the internet i just want to burn the file to disk and install it from there and i wanna know that i have the updates
  10. I too had MANY missing files from the service pack ..... also looking in the C:\windows\system\precopy Anyone come up with a conclusion to this
  11. what version of windows ME do i need ? to do the win98se->windowsME "upgrade" that you mentioned before Theres windows Me and windows Me PRO i believe
  12. I use window washer regularly to clean all my cache,internet traces,recent application lists etc.... thanks for all your input everyone i think i get it now . First run my window washer progie, stop all my running tasks reboot and then only defrag without any running processes (i.e. no use of the computer at all during a defrag) is there anything wrong with using diskkeeper to defrag the hd in windows 98se? or is norton speeddisk specifically designed for windows 98se ?
  13. well i looked around for the .dll files but no luck in finding them everything i found was the version that i have now
  14. i might be looking into this toooo much but i am wandering if you HAVE to or SHOULD close ALL running processes when you defragment windows 98se ? right now i'm curently using diskkeeper 9 to defrag my harddrive (works well BTW) but i heard somewhere that you have to close all running apps down to defrag correctly (even the apps that boot with win98) is there a "proper" way to defrag or doesnt it matter ? Thanks
  15. Yes just got it thanks .... I downloaded IE6 SP1 aready , is that what you mean ? i do see thou that once you've got IE6 sp1 installed that there are some other security updates, do i also need those too or jjust ONLY IE6 SP1 ? (99% of the time i am using firefox) Please explain alittle more here , whats 98SE2ME.exe do ? Isnt this bascially just upgrading to Windows ME ? I also download the generic USB drivers from Gape's post ...found herein this post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=41684 ......... do i need them ? Thanks azagahl !!!
  16. i have a D-Link DBT120 BT adaptor that works well , i initially did have problems installing their software on my computer , it constantly kept asking for a key or something ..... i called their tech support and they had to give me a differant version of their software (requiring me to manuallly input a code), but since then everything works well no prblems at all . I wish i would have bought a BT adaptor that has a greater distance but ohwell, i now have Wifi so i dont use the BT anymore anyways
  17. Hey guys i JUST found your forum and so far LOVE it here !!! I'm planning on reloading Windows 98se on my computer and just have a few questions about doing it.... My computer is a IBM Thinkpad Laptop 600, 266mhz processor, 96mb ram, 4gb hdd. The version of windows i have is Windows 98se (build 4.10.2222 A ) I got the 'unofficial' service pack ( from here (Thanks BTW) and also found IE6 sp1 (12.4mb download i believe) and office '97 pro ........ Is this everything i need to do a fresh install ? i knoticed on MS website that they have more security updates , do i need EVERYONE ofthem ? Is there an 'order' i need to install everthing in ? i'm a newbie at all this so if someone would direct me on how to go about doing this please help me and if someone could let me know if i have everything i need ........ do i need the .net framework? whats exactly does that do ? also do i need the directx 9.0c download ? what does THAT do also ? I currently use Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1 instead of IE buti want the upgrades just to be safe ya know what i mean Thanks i hope i didnt miss anything , if i did let me know what else i need

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