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  1. Hi Ctrl-X, Thanks for the advise. I'll look for other relevant advise.
  2. Hi all, I bought a $10 USB bluetooth dongle from a vendor. I like its size being slim and compact. Thinking to get it works with my Nokia phone. I tried it on my PC; 1st, It only detected as other device; as ISSCBTA 2nd, it runs on bluesoleil only, which a lousy application. Does not reconize by XP. 3rd, Need manual config bth.inf to force XP to reconize. (I still not able to config it correctly; erorr code 43 prompted. May be I still miss out something... Any of your guys got this dongle and works on your XP?
  3. Hi Ctrl-X, Thought msjava is part of the windows component; JVM(java virtual machine)? Will dig more info...Thx
  4. Hi all, Recently I got a error message said msjava.exe is missing. It might due to anti-virus and anti-spywares clean-up I did recently. I discovered some ad-wares & spywares in the sys, so I do hse cleaning.. Hopefully you can see the attached error message. I have do some intensive search but very disappointed that less than handfull explaination for how to recover, restore, repair and reinstall. I need gurus advise how to restore the msjava.exe to my win2k. Thanks.
  5. Hi os2fan2, Thank you for you input. I did try on my another PC runs on win98 and still the same; the particular file couldn't copy. It prompted it couldn't read the file. I'll try to install the iosbuster, and ASPI too. See if these will solve my problem. Thx. Regards, Simon
  6. Hi all, Recently I tried to backup a old game but was encountered a problem; "cannot copy data:invalid ms-dos function". My PC has 2 CD-R0M; one is a Lite-on DVD burner and a normal CD-ROM dr. I run Win2K as OS. Is there solution to solve this problem? Appreciated your advise.
  7. May be it was corrupted because in my other pc also didn't show any icons. I downloaded frm 'majorgreek' one of the servers. Less chance my pc is infected by virus cause I got few protected layers. B) Thx for the advise though. Will download again.
  8. Hi Gape, Something funny, appeared to be a wrong ver. on sesp202en.. Please see the attached image. Is it caused by a corrupted file? Please advise.
  9. Hi, I tried to install network cards on my XP PC but was crashed when I tried to connect 2 networks. I use 1st network(on board) to do my job and planed to install 2nd network card due to different servers. When both of them connected together, the system looks hang but it's not. It just response very slow. Once I disconnect one of them and it allows me to acess. If I unplug one of them and restarted again. When I try to connect the unplug one back to the network point. The PC will prompted a "blue screen" and I couldn't do anything at all except cold boot! I looked at my bios IRQ and it se
  10. Hi, I got this strange problem; blue screen..alright I know 20rc3 is designed to fix this but let me explained more; It sounded starnge because last nite I want to install a software application. When I right clicked and went into a window, normally the "have disk" and a blank column. So I clicked the "have disk", a few sec of clicking sound will heard from floppy dr. If the dr can't find any floppy it'll prompted to browse. So I can look for other drivers for the installation. This for normal operation. My problem is when clicked "have disk", after the floppy drive read and it went into a bl
  11. Hi Gape, I uninstalled the Nvidia and cleaned up whatever Nvidia left as suggested. Reinstalled my graphic card driver again when windows prompted. But unfortunate, the problem still persist. It failed to load when 1st time I power up the PC, strange.. I assumed you mention the AGP driver is for mthbrd. I updated the VIA latest mthbrd driver already but the laoding of Nvidia still failed. Just want to know when I reinstalled the nvidia driver, do I need to reinstall the 20rc3 again? Thx.
  12. Hi Gape, The problem still persist; most of the time 98SE doesn't load the graphic driver. It shows 16 color. After I repeated the power up and tried to log(bootlog.txt) it as many as possible. After I compared the log w/normal boot and the log w/abnormal boot. I found the 98SE failed to load the graphic driver when I power up the PC. After I rebooted the PC and it loaded the graphic driver, and it'll success load every 2nd time on reboot. Any idea why it only load the graphic driver at 2nd time but not the first time? It seems everytime I power up, it 'forget' to load the graphic driver..
  13. Thx for the advise, Gape. I'll try to update my mthbrd driver.(VIA chips) But my creative sound card 'Live!' no more updated driver. So I assume I need to uninstall 20rc3 first, then I install my mthbed driver. Later to install the 20rc3 is a final step.
  14. I got the bootlog, thx Gape. Here is the contain; --deleted by Gape, because it's too long--
  15. Oops..sorry Gape. I guess I was too hurry. I couldn't find the bootlog in my drive c and windows. I took a snapshot on my drive c. Hope it helps.
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