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  1. I guess you generally misunderstood what I was trying to say: I was asking for a tool that checks YOUR legal key and tells you what version it's for and then automatically selects the right one in vLite to edit so you can't accidentially select the wrong one (e.g. later when unattended options are available in VLite). I have that beta key for Vista Ultimate but I don't need all that fancy stuff included in it so I tried to create a more simple version with my Ultimate Key, but like I said, it didn't work. In spite of this I guess there are already tons of keygens out there, so you wouldn't have to create one yourself
  2. Okay, sounds good. I never experienced that myself but good to know if that'd happen I've got another problem which might not be a problem at all, just something i happened to find out: @nuhi: When you start vLite and have selected the source for the vista files, vLite aks which version of Vista you'd want to create. That's a little dangerous, because every key only works with the corresponding version e.g. Ultimate Keys with Ultimate Ed and so on. I have 5744 beta as resource and a key for that one. I tried and selected HomeProfessional or whatever and when trying to install using the key from M$, setup tells me "Invalid Key" or something like that. I know it's not a bug, but do you think there is a possibility to enter the key in vlite first and it tells the user what edition it's made for so you can't accidentially select the wrong edition? Some kind of "key checker"? Maybe you know someone how can create such a plugin. That'd be great, but not top-of-the-list-necessary. by the way: that was the reason i did not install the vlite vista but a default one i'm now running with so many problems that i really consider not to use vista at all until i get to have new hardware and working vista drivers meaning i will hardly do any testing until then, sorry.
  3. German: Hast du geschaut ob das/der/die wimfltr installiert ist? Im Installationsordner von vLite ist der ordner vlite\wimfilter\x86 Da drin Rechtsklick auf die wimfltr.inf und Installieren auswählen. Ka ob das was hilft, aber versuchs mal. English: Did you install that wimfltr properly? There is a subfolder in the vLite directory called \wimfltr\x86 In there is a file called wimfltr.inf Right click and "install" maybe helps, but I'm not quite sure. Give it a try I'll try installing right now... hope that it works...
  4. Hi there nuhi. Been using nLite ever since it appeared on german sites (i made the irfanview addon and some other things for www.german-nlite.de some time ago but left that place recently for personal reasons, but never mind that). Some friend of mine who was also active in that board told me of your new vLite today (which I think is the best name because it's short and therefore easy to remember) and i gave it a try. I was able to cut down the Iso's size to aproximately 1.74 GB with RC 5744 which is nearly a third less in size, also the overall processing didn't take much time either. I haven't installed yet, but vLite itself worked fine and I remember some time in '04/'05 where nLite didn't, so here goes my question: 1. I'm sure when the time is right, you'll add multilanguage support vor vLite so I can choose vLite to have ger/eng lang. When will that be and will I be able like with nLite to edit the lang file myself? 2.Unattended options please. Thats the main reason many people (me too) use nLite. Do you know if there is some file like the winnt.sif that can be editet manually? Another thing: I guess it's the first time we actually meet though I'm using nLite for at least two years (and a little more) so let me tell you how much I admire your work. That is one nice piece of software, keep up the good work: You're the man. (Lemme know if u need help with ger.lang file, maybe I can help out a little )
  5. Modify the files names directly or the names in the ini/inf linking to there files? The names in the SFX that i downloaded from M$ Germany have the same filenames. So, if I got you right, I simply need to overwrite your original wmpf files with my original wmp files and keep your ini/inf files. I put my own .cat files in that svcpack folder, they have same name and size, but sure is sure. I'll try that, thanks again!
  6. Ok, i think thats the problem. I did not build any of these files, because I just don't know how to do that. Is there a possibility that I can modifiy your files so they fit for me? Or can I just exchange my german files with your english ones and keep your files? Sorry that I ask so many questions but I'm a newbie in this case.
  7. I've got bad news. It didn't work. I removed 6.4 and 9 and added the pack via hotfix integration. You knwo what: It's just missing. Nothing is being installed at all. No start menu entries, no program folders, nothing at all. Man, I just can't get it working and I'm already pretty p***ed off. I don't mean to annoy you, but would you tell me how you created your pack? I'm afraid I'm not able to make it on my own. This is how far I've come: I extract the wmp11 so I have everything in one folder. I delete everything (like in your pack) except for the three cabs you also have. I use nLite Addon Maker (the packs I made with the plugin creator don't work at all) and the following switches: /quiet /nobackup /noreboot In the addon maker I enter everything like Language Version and so on. The I finish the cab, add it in my win CD with nLite, no errors. Then install windows, no errors. First time, I got the error message I quotet above, when I remove 6.4 and 9 in nLite I get nothing at all. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? that would be soo great! EDIT: I just saw that your pack now looks a little different from what it looked like earlier, is that right? Allright, I'll have a close look at it, then I'll try to rebuild my pack based on your new one.
  8. Ok, that helps a lot. I already thought so, but I wasn't quite sure about it. I've rebuild a pack that is 1:1 yours in german, I'm now uploading and testing, it took me 10+ hours reading errormessages, bug huntig and a LOT of pills to keep cool to get this far. PS: Man, I really do appreciate your work so much, no one but us knows what we're putting into this. Keep it up!
  9. That's allright, no problem! Ok, since your pack is in english, I tried to create my own build with a german version. I extracted and cabbed and everything went just fine. (I did this before I read your answer here). Reboot, install Windows, ok, fine. Then, reboot and doubleclick the WMP icon it says wmplayer.exe has version number 11.xxxx where 9.xxxx was expected. Windows Mediaplayer is not installed properly and has to be reinstalled. But it won't work then either, you can't reinstall - error message. Ok, I'll have a close look at your pack and try to rebuild one with a german version. I just saw some regtweaks in one of the files. Is it necessary to use them?
  10. Hi there boogy, would you tell me the switches you used to create that pack? I just found the /Q switch, but after the installation, Windows restarts. The former REBOOT=SUPRESS and alike switches won't work anymore. Can you give me a hint?
  11. I'm right now also searching for some of these switches. As for WMP11, I can tell you 2 things: /Q makes it silent install, but immediately restarts after installation is finished. I could not find a switch to supress reboot so far, the former switches won't work. Besides, Boogy from RYan VMs place has a wmp11.cab ready to download. If someone knows the switches to supress reboot after install PLEEZE TELL ME!!!!
  12. Did you already try to install it on another machine to verify the ISO you downloaded is ok? Did you look if the CD is clean/try to burn it again at a lower speed to ensure good quality? Be sure to have a backup ov your hard disk, xp64 kicked out my XP without warning, but I'm sure it was my fault. Also, verify if the order of your bootdevices is correct. (CDROM, then HDD-0)
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