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  1. My bad. I was in a major panic that I wasn't thinking. I'll try that and see what happens.
  2. My hard drive went south yesterday. I now have a 6.4 GB drive as a temporary drive. However, my secondary drive will not be recognized by Windows even though it was initially created in Windows 2000. Every time I try to access this drive, I get a message that the drive is not accessible - The parameter is incorrect. I have too much irreplaceable information on this drive that formatting it would not be advantageous for me. What can I do to get this drive back to normal so that I can back my info up? By the way, this is a dynamic volume.
  3. For Sale

    If I only had the cheese for that, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat.
  4. free firewalls?

    I just downloaded Kerio and intend to configure it for my cable modem.
  5. Excel vs Access

    Judging by what you are describing, that sounds like the most logical and sound route. You can import Excel data into an Access DB with absolutely no problem at all. The only requirement is that the Excel sheet's columns must match the field names of the database you are entering data into.
  6. Outlook Question

    How do you embed a scanned handwritten signature in an Email so no one can copy it or do anything with it?
  7. Windows 2000 SP4

    Installed SP4 on both my home and work PCs. Both systems are humming along fine.
  8. I will try that. But if that's not the case, what else could it be?
  9. Digital Camera

    I am looking at the Canon PowerShot G5. Considering I am from the "old school", I wanted something that can give me decent resolution and give me some of the controls that I have on my SLR. But if you really want to go SLR, check out the Canon EOS 10D.
  10. I am a newbie to this board but I like what I see so far. Keep up the good work.
  11. First, the specs on the PC I am running PII 350 MHz 384 MB RAM 32MB PNY Verto Video Card DirectX 9.0a Win2000 SP3 I have noticed a degradation in audio playback performance when using the visualizations in MP 9 (unless I use bars as a visualization). For example, when I play an MP3 using drinkdeep as a visualization, the song becomes choppy until I switch the visualization to bars or none. What seems to be the issue?