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  1. BIG list :D

    Q: no option to remove compmgmt.msc (i really dont need this)

    A: this is very sensitive component! DO NOT remove it, because it can cause alot problems! for example , yesterday I found, that broken compmgmt.msc crashed .NET framework software with serious error code.

    Q: no option to remove dvdplay.exe (im not sure if this got added into my cd or what... )

    A: try to remove this file in remove box. but be carefull if You use Windows Media Player to open DVD Video Disc.

    Q: i removed all languages, and still alot of code page files/keys are kept, and there are *.nls, kanji_1.uce, korean.uce etc. files

    A: I'll try to find solution for this

    Q: what is wpa.dbl file?

    A: Windows Product Activation Database file. It stores information about Your computer activation status and hardware changes at each logon.

    Q: what are .mui files? i see a folder scripting but i disabled/removed all scripting.

    A: I'm not 100% sure, but I think these files is for Multilingual User Interface. If You use only Windows English Interface, it's useless

    Q: do we really need the system folder with only a winspool.drv? (is this from 16 bit support, then its not removed?)

    A: if You use printer, better leave this file as is. Every printer - even oldest and even supermodern notyetreleased printer can ask this file to work correctly.

    Q: no option to remove Themes service.

    A: There is option to remove it. But removal of THEMES SERVICE REALLY SLOWS EVERY PC!!!!! If You simply disable this service, it's OK!

    Q: no option to disable visual styles applied on the gui

    A: I saw somewhere in this forum XP visual style transformation to WIN2000 style.

    Q: no option to remove the lastgood state bit thingy..

    A: this is very very useful thingy, if Your XP does not start after broken or incompatible driver installed!

    Hope it will help You! :):hello:

  2. Okay....I think I finally got this down....please ignore all my previous ranting :P

    Services not to remove for wireless cards:

    Extensible Authentication Protocol Service

    Network Access Protection Agent

    I am pretty sure of this now.....I just wasted my whole night re-installing :P

    I can confirm this too!

    Notebook: ACER Extensa 5220/5620

  3. Lord of The IronSoft Mr. Nuhagic did IT! AGAIN!

    Vista (means chicken in Latvian) ISO 321MB, Windows folder 670MB sounds incredible....almost impossible :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

    Who's The MAN? party0024.gif

    Sign here ..........

  4. Thanks Nuhi! :thumbup

    I feel like mythbuster, who crashed famous overclocking gurus myth : "For benchmarks, Untouched XP installation is NOT slower then NLited installation " :D:D:D

    That could not be done without YOU!!!

    Keep it rolling!

  5. Here I go :rolleyes:

    1. Download drivers for CHIPSET , GRAPHIC , SATA disk controller , LAN and WIRELESS LAN

    2. Open nLite. (god bless Nuhi) :thumbup

    3. Point to untouched XP installation on CD or HDD

    4. go to Task selection section and select Drivers

    5. in Drivers section click insert - multiple driver folder

    6. for Intel inf select subfolder ...../all

    7. for SATA drivers select textmode driver and Intel® 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller

    8. for LAN drivers select subfolder yk51x86_v10.22.1.3

    9. integrate Graphics and wireless drivers to keep your installed system clean of useless crap from Intel ;)

  6. I integraded the Toshiba raid driver and wrote in code and so on.

    More details please ;)

    What is exact model number of Your notebook?

    Also please attach your last session.ini

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