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  1. hey guys, sorry i'm sure you can appreciate how frustrated i was and u get desperate et al... anyway i'm pursuing a solution via whats described here http://reboot.pro/13171/
  2. Is anyone able to post up a boot image that makes a 20mb boot floppy? It needs to be able to be booted by dos and run a dos program. I'll be using windows 98 boot files (io.sys etc). I've tried to accomplish this myself but the information I'm finding on the net, tbh is just not helpful or a bit beyond me All I want to do is have a image file i can add/remove stuff from that will boot and is not constrained by the 1.44/2.88mb size limit. I've tried that 32mb superfloppy image that was in a thread here but can't get it to boot successfully in vmware.
  3. Can someone simplify the steps in making a superfloppy (ie larger than 1.44mb/2.88mb) boot image? I've tried using the boot image files off the bcdw site but they don't boot (test with a msdos vm in vmware with the floppy using the image file and booting off the floppy). I've also gone thru this thread and tried that 32mb boot floppy image and it doesn't work. Looks like its missing a bootsector? Tho is prolly something I'm doing wrong.. I opened it up in WinImage and dumped my dos program and files into it and resaved it.. tried to boot it in vmware and had no success I've been trawling the net and threads and everything out there is a bit beyond me. Or maybe I'm just losing my patience !! ugh. All I want to do is boot up off a raw image file with a appropiate bootsector, that allows it to boot dos and then run a dos program contained within the image file. The total payload is about 12 mb. The best I've been able to do is make a bootable iso using eltorito but the boot image used uses fdd emulation, so it doesn't really work. And it seems an impossibility to try and find simple steps in making a "no emulation" boot image for use on a iso file to boot it. I've tried grub4dos but haven't gotten far with that either... sorry if this is a bit offtopic but i'm getting desperate now!!
  4. Hi I am unable to use the Dell ATI drivers for my dell C610 laptop as I suspect its due to windows using its own driver for which it calls the display adapter "Radeon Mobility". In the INF files for the dell driver, it references the device as Mobility Radeon". Now if I right click over the device in device manager and choose update driver and point it to the dell driver, it does not install the dell driver. Yet if I run either the setup of the driver or manually choose a driver from the inf file it works. I'm trying to integrate this driver for my windows install so I need it to be able to work automatically. So to do that I think I need to modify the inf. I tried renaming Radeon Mobility" at the start of the file but, that didn't seem to do the trick. What sort of changes do I need to make in the INF so it works when updating the the microsoft supplied "Radeon Mobility" driver? Thanks
  5. I got the same problem whenever I try to image a computer that doesn't have a SATA drive. When the system tries to boot into the gui portion of setup after textmode setup, it fails with the bsod. This is fixed by removing (or commetting) the lines referencing the sata/raid drivers for the intel controllers. I've added that line for the PCI controller, hope it works. edit: ok that seems to work.
  6. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows how to get RIS to work with SATA HDD and drivers? I've extracted the OEM (Dell) supplied drivers to my RIS share and referenced the path to the drivers in my ristndrd.sif file. Unfortunately when the textmode setup runs and goes to scan for HDD it states it can't find any. So I'm guessing that its not using the SATA (ICH9) drivers I've included. Do I need to be adding the included txtsetup.oem to the end of my txtsetup.sif on the RIS server? The laptop is a Dell E6500. RIS is running off a Win2k3 server imaging a laptop for WinXP Pro SP2. RIS works if I set the laptop's SATA controller to ATA mode, but if its set to AHCI the setup fails to see the HDD. Thanks
  7. Recently, staff at my work have noticed that some of their appointments in Outlook have their times changed. They are either 1 hr earlier or late or even the date has changed to the next day - the time is right but its set to finish on the next day. So it results in a 2 day appointment. For example, one appointment should be: Start - 20/10/08 11am Finish - 20/10/08 12pm but is now: Start - 20/10/08 11am Finish 21/10/08 12pm This is happening across more than one mailbox so I've ruled out that appointments have just been updated and staff haven't been told. We had the problem with appointments in a public folder being out by an hour. We fixed this by running the Outlook Timezone mover tool. As I suspect this is to do with the DST update for 2008. Running the tool does not fix the problem on the personal mailboxes. Has anyone else come across some of the problems I've mentioned? What did you do to fix it? Thanks
  8. mmc loads with no snap-ins loaded ok, as soon as I try and add task scheduler it crashes. I don't get as far as to select local computer. The only changes I've made are what I have said previously. No changes to c COM+ or DCOM. FYI - I installed a 30day eval copy of Vista 64bit Ultimate in a VM on my copy of Vista64 Home Premium and the eval copy running Ultimate runs Task Scheduler and Event Viewer without issue. Time for a reinstall I think.
  9. Could CCleaner have done some damage when it did a clean and/or registry clean? What about FreeAVG? I noticed AVG caused spybot to slow right down and not be able to immunize the system when its residentshield it active. That said, the problem still occurs with the resident shield enabled. I really have not installed much. FreeAVG Firefox v3 Sun Java Adobe Acrobat Reader Flash player Ffdshow VLC Quicktime Utorrent Spybot Windows Live Messenger Gmail Notifier UltimateDefrag VirtualBox WinRAR Xchat2 I uninstalled UltimateDefrag, CCleaner, FreeAVG, Spybot. Problem still occurs.
  10. Original media, not modified. I thought it was .NET too so I install 3.5 and problem still occurs. I did set some services to manual (not disabled, just automatic to manual), only ones that this http://www.tweakguides.com/TGTC.html guide said were corporate or not required. I'll start all services and see how I go, as I can't recall which specifc services I disabled Do you know which services I should look at starting if they aren't already started? Update: well I started all services, problem persists. What I do notice is that I don't seeem to have an Event log service listed which is odd. Or is this not listed in vista under services?
  11. 3 of 3 thanks for any help you can provide. Logfile.part03.rar
  12. here is the log file, its big so its multiple files. 1 of 3 Logfile.part01.rar
  13. I can't do event viewer as that crashes too!! Log file attached of what process mon sees when the task scheduler snap in is run.
  14. There have been no tasks created (by me at least) since I haven't been able to get into it at all. I'll take a look at event viewer and also post up a process mon dump soon. Thanks
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