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  1. Multi Bootable DVD with Windows & DriverPacks

    Ok...my english its a little rusty. Maybe you don't understand. On one DVD, where I have many windows, want to put the BTS Driver Packs. I want like any of these Windows find these drivers for preinstalling. It is possible. Siginet Powerpacker atached these drivers but I don't know, if in my case where are a lot of windows which not have the same folder I386 will work. Any ideas. Someone made something like that ? Thanks.
  2. If someone know...how can I put all these driverpacks on a DVD wich contains much more than one windows. I want like when I run any Microsoft Windows 2k,xp or 2k3, the driverpack extract the useful drivers. It is possible ? ...thanx for any support.
  3. All Microsoft OS on 1 DVD

    OK....I have a question. If I have a multiboot DVD which contains win2k, xp 2k3, can I create than that folder $OEM$ ? It will be usable for all the windows ?
  4. Setup Slideshow

    @websee - You say "did u use nlite to remove any windows components? perhaps this could be the case". Do you know wich components from Windows are perhaps responsible for not working this slideshow ?
  5. How make one

    Check this : http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmet...rd/intronew.htm Maybe You can use search button before say something !
  6. Custom Screen Enabling

    You can delete without any problems the winntbbu.dll file and just replace the old winntbbu.dl_ with that new created by you. That it will be perfect !
  7. Best spyware blocker

    Try many, many , many AntiSpyware and finaly stoped to ScanSpyware. That erase some bugs accuracy than others, much better.
  8. Can be possible to run a batch file when you wish ? I mean to set your file .cmd or .bat to run at some hour when you desire . How can be possible ? Thanks !
  9. Text Setup Mode Color

    Hellllooooooo !!! Nothing yet ? ...well, maybe can't be possile ... Anyway, thank you for reading that...
  10. Can be replaced the color of the textsetup mode, that zone when the system copy the files from I386, before the billboard start ? I'm just curious if the blue color can be changed. Can't find anything which posibly be a sign in setupldr.bin . Any sugestions ? Thanks....
  11. Error Problem

    See this : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=42878
  12. Setup Slideshow

    Can be replaced this images with flash movies ? (like .swf for example)
  13. Your Dream PC

    The most powerfull ALIENWARE or G5 ! That's it !
  14. Cd copy protection

    Welcome on this forum ! It is recomended to use search down button ! ...for begining check this... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=31295&hl=
  15. integrate knoppix

    Still don't understand how to boot DSL using EasyBoot Menu...Can anyone tell me about an iso utility who extract boot .bin info to use that ?(..because don't work with .bif) ...and another thing: after I extract the DSL.iso, the files must set on the root of the cd or in the folder of EasyBoot files ? Thank You !