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  1. @5128 Apon opening your .png files in fireworks it says im missing two fonts and two filters could you please post these? very exelnte work btw
  2. Hey sis Bout time you got here B)
  3. ok ive got bartpe to boot from my lexar 4gb usb drive but there is no option not too boot from it (press any key to boot from cd....) does any one have a fix for this?
  4. ok but how can i do that while windows is installing? and do it unattended?
  5. why not use a variable to set cdrom example for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\win51 set CDROM=%%i: since win51 should be in the root of you cd it will set cdrom to the right drive letter then you could run the program by using %cdrom%\path\program.exe
  6. no on my secondary hdd it will create the %userprofile%\myname.computername instead of using %userprofile%\myname i dont want it to create %userprofile%\myname.computername
  7. I've got unattended install to work for everything i've wanted execpt one thing. Using nlite i change the default location of the user profile to my sencondary hdd. Now every time I install windows it creates a new folder for my user profile. Is there a simple way to get it to stop doing this? Example %userprofile%\All Users %userprofile%\All Users.windows %userprofile%\My Name %userprofile%\My Name.ComputerName The way i want it to be %userprofile%\All Users %userprofile%\My Name So that everytime I install windows i will use my old docs and favs
  8. Well as it should be school first everything else second Thanks for the great program and looking forward to Xplode5 as I Will most likely be re-doing my xp dvd again by then
  9. Wraith you rock Thank You for all your help
  10. Is there a date for Xplode5? And will the xml tags be the same?
  11. so it should look like this? <item display="DVD Tools" image="#XPLODE#\images\nvidia.gif"> <execute display="Divx v5.1" desc="Installs Divx" token="*****> <program>%cdrom%\Setup\preinstall\DIVX51BUNDLE.EXE</program> <arguments>-s</arguments> </execute>
  12. ok i've got the tokens to install the user account but all the programs install under the admin account where do i but the tokens in so that they will install under my account? so you need to specify each time you want to use a token. --> <tokens> <token username="******" password="*****" /> </tokens> <!-- <item display="DVD Tools" image="#XPLODE#\images\nvidia.gif"> <execute display="Divx v5.1" desc="Installs Divx" configs="CDRIVE000,CDRIVE001,CDRIVE002"> <program>%cdrom%\Setup\preinstall\DIVX51BUNDLE.EXE</program> <arguments>-s</arguments> </execute>
  13. Thanks Wraith guess ill just write a few more xml pages
  14. can you use the config tag with the gfxinstall and if so how from selectinstall example: <!-- the different config types available --> <config>Testing</config> <config>---</config> <config>#COMPUTERNAME#</config><!-- With #COMPUTERNAME# listed first, it makes sure the current computer's config is automatically loaded --> <config>---</config> <config>HAILSTORM</config> <config>AFTERSHOCK</config> <config>MYSTIQUE</config> <config>FAILSAFE</config> <config>---</config> And how do you get it to work with gfxinstall <items> <item display="DVD Tools" image="#XPLODE#\images\nvidia.gif"> <execute display="Divx v5.1" desc="Installs Divx" configs="computer0,computer1,computer2"> <program>%cdrom%\Setup\preinstall\DIVX51BUNDLE.EXE</program> <arguments>-s</arguments> </execute>
  15. Just a quick ? is there a way to make the background, header, and footer transparent. and if so how? Edit: using original install

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