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  1. ur first time

    my earliest true pc based memory was playing Magic Pockets (if any remembers this, RESPECT!) but before that, I used to love my COMMODORE 64 with the tape drive, and the sound it used to made when it loaded! I had games like SWIV, Silkworm, and loads of others... Anyone here ever own a Sinclair QL??
  2. Favourites

    Evanescence - the entire Fallen album Linkin Park - In the End Aretha Franklin R.E.S.P.E.C.T (don't ask...) The Calling - Adrienne Vanessa Carlton - Paint It Black William Orbit - Barbers Adagio for Strings Rob D - Clubb'd to Death And so much more it would take too long to type....
  3. fav trax

    My absolute fave at the moment is Evanescence (their Fallen album is fantastic). Other favourites include: Linkin Park Nickelback Staind System of a Down Avril Lavigne Metallica Stone Roses QOTSA Stone Sour But I also like almost any other kind of music... You name it, I've probably listened to it/bought it!
  4. overclocking dell pc?

    Cripsy's right, everything can be overclocked one way or another. I've got a Dell Optiplex GX150 (P3 1Ghz) which after much tinkering in the BIOS I managed to crank it up to 1.3Ghz before it decided to not want to boot one day, set it back to 1.2 and it's happy. A good idea for clocking a Dell machine is to keep an eye out for BIOS updates as the early releases will often have all the options for CPU speed unlocked, whereas a few days down the road, they'll change the file to lock out the mulitpliers from prying eyes. On every recent Dell I've seen (quite a few, as my company uses them a lot) there's no jumpers on the motherboard you can change to overclock, so you have to rely on softclocking in the BIOS, but it will work. Also, if you are going to clock it, I would STRONGLY advice changing th heatsink, and as the stock HSF from Dell is pretty poor when you up the multipliers/bus speed/voltage. You have been officially warned!