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  1. GDism ELDI Java and .NET

    pass for mediafire is: @ByELDI
  2. MSFN is very slow

    All good for me on firefox 8 and windows 7 32 bit. Not noticed any issues. Hope it resolves for you.
  3. giving fresh life to a 20 year old laptop

    I'd go with 98SE. Maximises flexibility to run 98 and below games. As long as the 486 is a DX 66mhz then your other mentioned specs exceed the minimum: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/182751
  4. Help me build a $500 gaming PC

    Native resolution is 1280x800. Ut2004 at native is still smooth but fps shows only 30-35 with average of 31 on that setting.
  5. Help me build a $500 gaming PC

    Out of curiosity I just installed the ut2004 demo on my Toshiba Equium laptop (3gb memory, Intel GMAx3100 on board video, windows 7 32bit sp1, Intel dual core processor) and it runs uber smooth 800x600 32bit) and reminds me of my quake 3 days. Hope this helps.
  6. Hang during boot

    If the PSU is not the problem, to eliminate the possibility of hardware issues I'd do a fresh install with that spare drive you mention, time consuming as it is, it would certainly narrow things down. all the best.
  7. Hang during boot

    The main reasons for this Windows XP or Win 2000 boot hang or alleged mup.sys issue are: * Hard disk failure or corruption * A corrupted registry or registry hive * New hardware has been installed but not did not completely "Register or re-Register" correctly * New hardware has been installed but it is faulty or failing * The new hardware's driver or windows itself has been compromised (Disk data corruption or by a virus) or (rare) needs to be updated * The power supply is marginal in output or failing (Common per user feedback) * BIOS\ESCD\Motherboard chipset driver conflict with a component, its driver, or its registry data * Existing hardware including the motherboard may have failed in a specific way but not catastrophically.
  8. XP Sp3 First Time

  9. XP Sp3 First Time

    this thread might help you as well
  10. XP Sp3 First Time

    try this thread
  11. Unobtrusive AV that can be exited completely?

    The free version of avast! is worth a look. I tried AVG and hated it. Avast! can be exited, run in silent gaming mode and has a small footprint with low system resources. It only thinks it is a firewall etc if you upgrade to the pro version. Hope this helps.
  12. When Longhorn comes you take it or

    running 4074winhec for some months now,like it better than earlier distros, tho Longhorn LITE 4056 was a good effort. triple booting with xpfppsp2 and w2k3 standard server, luv the new ie layout on 4074. hate its strange search behaviour and lack of nforce2 onboard lan driver support......vice city runs just as well on all three OS so cant complain....been addicted to pre release OS since NT5 Beta2 fell into my lap out of a skip......!!!!!!