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  1. hiya, i got myself an intel atom setup in a desktop case, and an oem of widnows xp professional to go with it i've installed xp smoothly, it will boot to logon without a KVM plugged in, but i can't seem to get it to allow a rdp connection in, unless i log in locally and logout. I'm guessing it's something to do with how the services or security run. Regardless is there a way of disabling it so i can turn it on and off at will? ah i made terminal services automatic from manual just to check it werent that, and wow it worked ill try delete my post
  2. i had one laying about, i think it was £2 from china, it's just a straight 2.5" 44pin ide to cf, and who doesnt have spare cf cards about gathering dust
  3. i considered it, but the the cd drive is dead on this machine i swear it doesnt even spin, and im not sure how to check as last time i tried to dismantle that far some of the plastic cracked on the case as it's so old if i can find windows 95 floppies i'll probably do that lol or msdos/freedos any makers of pccard i should go for to have max compatability for network port?
  4. IF ! Check their forum before install, if you do. "Windows 9x is not officially supported by VirtualBox team, which means, that it lacks Guest VM Additions, and it runs slowly, because VirtualBox is not optimized to run Win 9x" yeh i tried on a pentium 4 at work = horrible runs well on my overclocked i3 though i actually have a windows 98se pc i got from ebay for £10, with a voodoo 3 500mhz p3, an old sb128 and 256mb ram which runs beauitufully, but this mini project is for playing games whilst watching tv with family i'm very much tempted to go down the dos 6.22 and 3.11 route, maybe 95? st
  5. It's all about age like you say. Most early 486 (40MHz and before) were limited to HDDs of 528MB. Finding a bios update for those dinosaurs might prove tricky. "Drive overlay" programs were a solution. you never guess thats the size of the hard drive it seems to have at the moment..... i found a bio update made by toshiba which was made in 97/98 to flash to bios to version 5 which it has on it now i have a 2.5" ide cf card reader and 2 gig card, you think i should try it on it with a basic dos install on it? i can't atm as my sister is taking up house space i use for my computer fiddling i h
  6. thank you i'm gonna try use a larger hard drive, about 1-8 gb and hope it likes it, so i won't have a cd, but i'll have a large storage space i'm also going to try find one of thexircom parallel to ethernet adaptors to transfer files over
  7. hello all i felt like getting myself an old laptop to play my favourite dos/95/98 games, landed up being given a 486 toshiba with 32mb ram and 500mb HD, and an external floppy (which it can boot from) plus a pc card zip100 drive. the CD drive seems to be a dud it has a 98 install on it, filled with junk i was wondering what would be my best way of approaching this? im thinking either dos 6.22 + windows 3.11, or a fresh minimal 98se install and use the dos on that afaik my only options are to copy the windows 98se cab files over to hard drive and install from them after booting from 98 bootdis
  8. ahhh yeh the related product ids are different on disks, i'll see what i can find on ebay, someone might be getting rid off their useless recovery cd
  9. nice one, i'll give it a whirl and see what happens
  10. I picked up an old desktop my workplace was throwing out, and it happened to have an illegal XP VLK sp3 on it.... anyway, this machine actually has an oem sticker on the side with a COA for xp pro, and no hardware inside has been changed so it should suit the oem license still, is there a way to change the product key to the one on the side of the desktop? i suspect the install will have to be changed to an oem version? delete this post if you want, but i am trying to be on the straight and narrow
  11. i'm kind of havign the same dilemma so far i'm thinking 1. 98se 2. drivers for lan, sound and video 3. ie 6sp1 4. auto patcher 5. unofficial service pack would this be a wise way of doing it? or do i have to add the MD usb drivers in there somewhere?
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