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  1. SUCCESS!!! finally... just deleted the floppy drive stuff ..mentioned above,and all the x64 wala stuff from the oem file... thanx 2 all who helped.... thanx angel
  2. ram tested, perfect. now the only thing that is left is 2 delete the additional floppy drivers from txt.oem adn c... i modified it a bit more, removed all the instances of x64 bit stuff from txt.oem.. now lets c..wot haps.... will post updates.. thanx angel
  3. 1. will test ram,,,,2 confirm that its not corrupted, my controller is set 2 RAID and not AHCI as i want 2 raid the hdds,,,, my cpu isnt overclocked..... and yes my psu is capable 2 handle the hdds.... as win7 is working perfectly in raid mode... but winxp is hanging.... rest will try some bios settings..... adn others,,and post the results.... thanx angel
  4. my bios is set 2 raid mode..... my hdd is new,, so unallocated...... just created 1 partition so that windows will get installed.... adn as for the dvd, i have verified..it....no errors... well as for individual installation..ill check it out... i installed windows 7 on the same setup, and it installed properly.... but win xp creates problem... thanx angel
  5. did the integration... and tried 2 install.... but same problem.... the hdd gets detected,, successfully, i create partition, format,it,,,adn then the installation starts... after file copy, it says starting windows, then the pc restarts,, and i get the loading screen... after the bar runs for around 2 times, same BSOD. needed help.. thanx angel LAST SESSION.INI
  6. pals.... i have asus m4a78lt-m le mobo....... and have lan in my office with 10 pcs connected 2 my pc. my pc acts as a file server....with win7... i have 1 gbps lan on board, and have also installed another lan card with realtek gbps lan. i bridged both the connections and then manually specify the network ip in the bridged connection. now the problem is when i connect both the lan cards 2 the switch, only 1 works at a time.... and the other shows networ cable unpluged. thou the cable is pluged in....so m not getting the speed of both the connection.... i read that bridging connections gives me speed of both the cards... but in my case 1 card works while other stays dc... help needed 2 get the max output.... with working bridge.... wot m i doin wrong?? help needed. thanx angel
  7. k..will give this drivers a try...in the morning..but i dont think so it will work... as they have the same driver version that i have tried.... i spelled wrong, (3.1.1740.127) correct 1 is, (3.1.1540.127) and the 1 which u sent me has the same verion no. but still will give it a try..... thanx angel
  8. oh... i think every1 is confused..... PROC:- X2 555 BE MOBO:- M4A78LT-M LE BIOS:- LATEST UPDATED (I THINK, 0507) RAID Drivers integrated in dvd:- asus site..latest 4 my mobo (3.1.1740.127) MOUSE:-USB KB:-PS2 RAM;-2GB DDR3 HDD:-SEAGATE 500GB X 4 (RAID 10) IF ANY MORE INFO...NEEDED THEN JUST ASK??? THANX ANGEL
  9. pals...as i also said that ....i have also tried just integrating the mobo drivers..not multiple but the pc crashes at the same place...where it used to when i used the multiple drivers inst disk. so multiple drivers is not the problem...as the inst isnt working with single drivers disk...also. thanx angel
  10. hey buddy..if u check out the file closely... there r 3 mobo drivers integrated.... the 1st 1 is for m4a78LT-m LE 2nd 1 is for M3N78-EM adn teh third 1 is for M2N-MX SE i have also tested with just integrating the m4a drivers only,,but same result. after the windows xp loading screen appears,, BSOD. i tested the drivers that have been posted in #2 in this thread, but my mobo doesnt detect it... and keeps askin for drivers..... i installed on another comp with the m3n78-em mobo...with the same dvd and it got installed perfectly.......2moro i m goin 2 install on m2n-mx se....and c the results... just the problem is with ati drivers..i think... help needed urgent.... thanx 4 helpin.... angel
  11. here u go pals.... its the first driver thats is attached.... ahcix86.inf thanx angel Last Session.ini
  12. the bsod error that i get is... 0x0000007b (0xf78a2524, oxc0000034, 0x00000000 0x00000000) thanx angel
  13. specs: amd p2 x2 555BE asus m4a78LT-M LE seagate 4x500gb sata hdd i needed 2 make a raid 10 setup from the following specs. i integrated teh raid drivers from the supplied dvd into the xp sp3 setup file using nlite in the bios, selected raid for the 1st 4 sata ports, adn ide for the remaining 2 sata ports. in raid options, selected raid 10, selected the 4 hdds, and copleted the raid setup. then started the installation, the disk got detected,, loaded the raid drivers, formated the hdd. and the setup started, after loading the files, the system restarted, and the windows starting screen with bar running showed up., ad then BSOD. wots wrong... tried 2 install 5 times,,,same problem.... help needed urgent.. thanx angel
  14. pals... recently after installing vista i installed 2 games in my vista sp1 installation.... 1. burnout paradice 2. mirrors edge... but when i try 2 uninstal the game, the game auto starts then i have 2 exit it adn then the uninstall continues... y so.... y cant it uninstall without starting the game.... hep needed pals... angel
  15. pals... i recently installed vista sp1... but m not able 2 patch my vista with glassgazz 1.1 it doesnt run, as soon as i run it,,, close program message appears... so i have 2 do it manually,,,by replacing the files but couldnt find the files..... whre can i find the patch availabel 2 patch the 3 files..... help eeded... thanx angel
  16. pals..... my xml file... the prob is, when ever i try 2 install vista .. many times i get error message after sysprep.exe execution before login into audit user... error:- Interactive logon process initialization has failed and some times it installs successfully.... y so..... wots the probs... earlier i didnt used 2 get such errors.... help needed.. angel
  17. i m driven crazy cause of the reg files... if i use reg file during audit user,,then only local machine gets integrated... adn if i use it during oobe login then only current user gets integrated....... so dont ustand how 2 use the reg file so thta dont have 2 do it 2 times.. 2 make it work full.... and also some of my reg settings r related 2 softs that silently install......so reg settings have 2 install after soft install.... help needed angel
  18. dont want 2 use sysperp method..i used it previously...but it has many probs.... so need 2 install things in the first logon stage.. thanx angel
  19. k, will try 2 do that...but other prob is that.. the reg file doesnt get installed full or if it gets full installed,,then 2 after 1st logon, the current user reg tweaks get erased.... and cause when i use sysrep, i cannot use firstlogoncommand.... help needed.. thanx angel
  20. pals...after carefully reading ur posts... i changed all my bat files to cmd files....as i saw that u ppl r using cmd files.... and did the following changes.... xml file FirstLogon.cmd clean.cmd and when i gaain installed vista... nothing started, neither the reg files got integrated,,nor and soft got installed.... the cmd file flashed 1ce.....but then in some seconds,,,system restarted.... wot m i doin wrong...help needed thanx angel
  21. hey pals...tested everything and here v go... autounattended.xml..... FirstLogon.bat clean.bat now the verdict.... as u can c, added reg files into xml.. and they run partially....some local machine keys doesnt get applied... will check out everything and reply it which keys rnt working..... but the bat files added doesnt run at all..that is neither clean nor firstrun..... so nothing gets installed.......other then the reg settings...... things should also be in mind that i have some settings in the reg that has 2 b applied after the softs gets installed.... so the reg file cant b run first.... wot m i doin wrong..... help needed pals... thanx angel
  22. wot 2 post in v lite forum...bro.... i just need 2 know where 2 place the help thats it... i dont use vlite and dont want 2..... thanx angel
  23. hey buddy ...the hold'em isnt working for installation... so i extracted it from the cab,,, now just want 2 know how and where 2 place the help file for it....in windows so that when i press the help link in the game, the help file should open... the help file has extension of .h1s where 2 place it is the prob...needed help thanx angel
  24. both tinker and hold'em r games that microsoft offers to ultimate owners..... they r cab files that can b downloaded from windows update... i integrated both the cabs into install.wim but after installing vista... couldnt find them anywhere.....thou i could c them in show updates..... but they werent present anywhere... so now i know that integration doesnt help me out.... i have the cab file..... but no way 2 install it....how 2 install cab files into vista... i found some bat files...in some russian sites that help 2 install them but there were a hell lot of errors while installing....through the bat...as they had posted it in quotes and there was lot of spaces and errors cause of that... so need help...hope the above info halps... thanx angel

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