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  1. Hi InterLinked, Thank you so very much for responding to me!! We use POP3 mail for all our email needs, so we're still good to go there I figured if anyone in the world had an installation file for all of the Office 2010 updates, it would have to be you considering the in-depth messages you posted here. WOW!! It was impressive! The only thing I was able to find on phreaknet related to Office 2010 was "Office 2010 Supersedence Chart". That will help, but without actually having all the update files, it doesn't really do me a lot of good. Since I never (well, hardly ever anyways) delete any installation files, there's a lot of Windows update files on my old PC, so perhaps I can find enough of them to perform some Office updates after SP2. If I was really savvy, I could use them to a slipstream an install file and make it available to others who are running into the same problem I am. Unfortunately, I'm not that savvy, and it's only gets worse the older I get. LOL! Thanks again, and enjoy your weekend!!! ThorPan
  2. Hello InterLinked, I know it's been over 3 years since you last posted about getting updates for MS Office 2010 Pro x86 version, but I just can't give up on my copy on this new machine. I recently purchased a new Dell machine with Windows 11 Home and want to install my original copy of Office 2010 Pro that currently resides on my Windows 7 machine. I already have the SP1 and SP2 installation files saved on the old machine. I've read all 6 pages of your trials and tribulations, but the one thing I've apparently missed is where is the file that you created containing all of the updates after that SP2? I do NOT want to give up my Office 2010!! It does all we need and more, so don't wanna pay MS for stuff I don't need nor want. I know, for about $400 I can upgrade to Office Pro 2021, but I'm pretty sure that MS isn't going to release anything new after that since they're moving to the pay-as-you-go model for Office. Any assistance you or anyone else can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks, ThorPan
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