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  1. I can get it to integrate and install, but only after the operating system has been installed. Unfortunately these drivers are not installed the setup. All the other drivers are installed. The key to the integration is to use the exact folders that contain the drivers. These folders are named as follows: Display.Driver and HDAudio. These are the default drivers for the nvidia graphics driver. If you use 7z and look in the file for example 301.42-desktop-winxp-32bit-english-whql.exe you will see those folders. Extract the files and keep the directory structure intact. Use the following inf files when integrating the drivers into nlite; nv4_disp.inf for the display driver and nvhda.inf for the audio driver. If anyone else has had success of having these drivers installed during the installation phase it would be nice to know.
  2. Bournesup


    Hi there, I have been using Nlite for years now and it is a great tool. However, I want to get more accomplished during the setup phase of installing XP operating system. Thus, using the $OEM$ folder parallel to the I386 folder I have been able to insert my own registry tweaks, but I would like to format a partition also. I haven't tried it yet. Here is what I have been doing with cmdlines.txt [COMMANDS] "regedit /s mytweaks.reg" Question is what should the command line look like for formatting a partition, my first thought is "format f: /v:mlabel" or "cmd /c %systemroot%\system32\format f: /v:mylabel"
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have been examining the sysoc.inf file also where nlite installs its tweaks which is refernced to dosnet.inf and txsetup.sif. My next approach is to make a direct modification to the nlite.inf file which has all the tweaks, and append mind to it. Have to give it a try one day, and see if it works.
  4. I have generated inf files from the reg tweaks I have accumulated over the years. Also policy settings. I thought of one way is by modifing dosnet.inf and txsetup.sif files. After I have created a special directory in the windows o/s installation CD. Now, with the addition of addon packs. Would you create a cab file from those inf files. And how would you have those INF files reference in you ini file. Read the directions. One thought was to try the following in the ini file. [AddProgram] rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection ProInstall myinffile.inf Has anyone tried this.
  5. Nlite is a great program. Perhaps, and this is a suggestion, that Nlite, could create the $oem$ folders. This way the user can choose applications that he wants to install as well as import custom themes, etc. Another thought, since windows generates two files once your windows is activated. They are WPA.dbl and WPA.bak. Nlite could create the following folder. $oem$\$$\system32 The two files would be copied from your previous installation. These files should be theoritically copied during the installation, thus eliminating the need to reactivate windows. Has, anyone tried this. Not sure if it will work, but it sounds reasonable.

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