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  1. I'm using floppy disk to memtest the RAM on the old Pentium MMX and Pentium II motherboards.
  2. Thank you jaclaz, I did further experiments and it seems that permissions are not related to this problem. Then I moved the whole folder containing this installer to another PC running XP and it had exactly the same behavior: the short path does work, the long path doesn't. Eventually I moved the same folder to another PC running Win98 and it had exactly the same behavior BUT with a verbose error message (photos in attachment). You are right: the problem is not related to the OS but it is related to this installer. I think I don't need further investigation.
  3. I am migrating some legacy software (native for Win95, Win98, NT4.0 as AutoCAD 2000, Autolisp/ARX libraries, plot /CNC drivers) from an old XP computer to another computer running Win 7. This legacy software runs with no issue on Win 7 32bit with a few tricks (run as administrator, run in compatibility mode XP2) but, during installation, I've found a problem; I tried to run an executable from a long path but it didn't work: C:\Users\cad2000\Desktop\ASUS_Q87M-E\Aggiornamenti_AutoCAD2000\risolve_stampa_autocad_2000\Plotupdate2000\Plotupdate2000>setup.exe Impossibile eseguire il programma specificato. Sorry for the italian language. I suppose it translates to: unable to execute the specified program or the system cannot execute the specified program. But modern software runs from the same folder with no problem at all. Then I moved the folder of the same legacy software to the desktop and the executable worked fine with no issue: C:\Users\cad2000\Desktop\Plotupdate2000>setup.exe The only difference I can see is the length of the path. Do you think the legacy software can have problems with long path names?
  4. Hello world, I service old CNC machines still running DOS e WIN98. My PC at office runs Win 11 but, at home, my personal PC runs MX Linux. I am happy with all of these OS. Marco

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