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  1. @WULover Thanks! your trick with fiddler works! now i'm getting 404 errors with inventory.plt... it tries to access: inventory.plt?25ef9-fffcb893-fffc08df-08170404141f4 which gives an 404 error Edit: after adding .plt as a MIME type to: text/html it seems to work
  2. So, after some trying, I keep getting a can not display page error. I'm trying it on windows 98SE. Could Windows 98FE be a solution? Trying fiddler also doesn't work... as it needs Windows 2000 and up..
  3. @WULover Whatever I do, i keep getting errors.. At least I have a page visible. Could you post your html files?
  4. Hello, How would one get it working like this? It seems really cool!

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