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  1. This is done through the utility "Shell" by Nilesoft. https://nilesoft.org/ This requires an additional dll.
  2. JFX, Awesome! And I don't have any errors when Afterburner closes. Btw, I just created an empty folder TxR, without copying its contents. It's true, it's like the "C:\Windows\Installer" folder. It should be there, even empty. If you remove it, any msi installers will not work.
  3. JFX Yeah, with StartAllBack classic taskbar, volume and calendar tray is working. As for C++ Runtimes, all versions are installed except 2008, as you said. Also, in order to set wallpapers, you need to copy Windows.Management.Workplace.dll (not sure about Windows.Management.Workplace.WorkplaceSettings.dll). And I forgot to say, if dlls are copied on a live system, you need to reboot the OS.
  4. JFX After applying MinWin for Windows 11, the modern control panel does not open. Also, Personalization and Display Options in the desktop context menu do not open. Managed to figure out how to fix it. You need to copy the following dlls from the original image to C:\Windows\System32\ - SwitcherDataModel.dll (is responsible for the initial call to the control panel) - ServicingUAPI.dll (responsible for displaying the content of the control panel) - SettingsHandlers_Gpu.dll (display options) - SettingsHandlers_OneCore_BatterySaver.dll (power options) So far, these errors remain: volume in tray not working (need to find appropriate dll for it) calendar in tray not working (same) explorer crashing when trying to change wallpapers (same) MSI Afterburner not working (if anyone has managed to get it up and running, please let me know how).
  5. After applying MinWin, some applications using .NET Framework do not start. Here's something like a "solution". You need to copy (or extract with 7zip) entire "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET" folder from the original wim/esd image to your running MinWin Windows. (to the same folder). You will have a complete .NET Framework in this case. Then you need to launch all the .NET Framework applications you need, MINIMIZE them (do not close them), and delete entire "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET" folder. Windows won't allow you to delete files that applications need (because they are used now). You will get something like mini .NET Framework. In my case 77 mb and 64 files. BUT some features in .NET apps won't work. You need to find dependencies for these applications and add libraries for them (dll files).

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