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  1. ´Hirens.BootCD.15.2.zip´ (containing ´Hiren's.BootCD.15.2.iso´, November 2012) found in my archive, inklusive a Registry Editor, working for XP I insinuate, should fulfill my need. (Installed onto bootable usb-stick.) (After some preparations still: I will report.)
  2. Results of my researches now: 1.) A reg-file in (Windows) start-up for trying to access the wished registry changes will not work. As same as in the running windows itself. 2.) Access to the registy from a second running system, run the regedit.exe there. Select a main-key, -> ´File´ -> ´Structure load´ (Structure correct translation from the german Struktur ?), -> go to (the (drive, the partition, the XP system registry, You want to access to) -> (folder) Windows/System32/config/ and select SYSTEM and/or SOFTWARE. (Before a backup perhaps, before changing anything.) (Note: After the changes are done: do not miss to ´Unload structure´ or Structure unload´, I don´t know by now.) 3.) The tool ´ERD Commander V.5´ (for XP) https://calmit.org/free-erd-commander-2007/ for CD or stick, has with a registry editor for from CD or usb-stick. (For stick appears to be a challenge, if not ´just´ using the .iso-file ( (in) out of the installed folder ´Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 5.0´, from the .msi-install). Do not know more there. ! Endorsement: Sorry. After (long) CD-boot the message "test-period expired".) Well to combine with http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/ . (Both I still do not get to work. Alternativly - ´parallel´ - trying ´Rufus 2.18´ (last version for XP) https://sourceforge.net/projects/rufus.mirror/files/v2.18/ BUT: "Dieses Programm kann nur mit administrativen Rechten aus-geführt werden." (english:) "This program can only be carried out with administrative rights". ´OK´.) (Note: The ´Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10´ (for XP) has a registry editor also. But only version 18 I can find, which (by now) I can NOT imagine: does work for to access to a not running XP. But I do know nothing there.) Thanks the interesst. Whether - and which one - these registry editors will do it now for me, I will see. And I will do still a short report. The first both tools (under 3.) are still not just to do to figure out - just easily - how to install it working. (Perhaps I have to do a new topic to this. If not exists. OK. With this search: some exists, very old, and not helpful https://msfn.org/board/search/?q=ERD Commander&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=34. So a stop for now first.)
  3. TLS 1.2 and 1.2 - until now - I understand are required for: 1.) (as I could read, but not my interesst, so I am not following this, whether can/may/does work, please) for ´XP MS-Updates´ online ´still´ receiving, but (they are) updates for XP-Embedded, not for XP, despite some (updates) appears (probably) to work, some will not or worse; as well as ?, but this is not my business. 2.) for browser (IE8 (XP)), which is also not my interesst. My 3 browsers bring with the required TLS. But only for the browser, not for Outlook Express (6) (XP) with. As far as I understand from the different steps to install TLS (1.1 and 1.2), that have to be done, either for browser OR for OE6. 3.) (and) for OE6, that OE6 is able to get thefurther working access to the eMail-accounts as before. Nothing else there is to change. Not from POP3 to IMAP or similar. (POP3 is ´mostly´ for free accounts, as I know now, but the point is: POP3 HAS not to be changed. ) For 1.) and 3.) at least (for 2.) I do not remember by now), requires for installing the (TLS) update(s) this ´PosReady´ key, worth ´Installed´ to ´1´. This is the issue, the point, and question, please, here, in this contribution, thread. OK ? https://clienttest.ssllabs.com:8443/ssltest/viewMyClient.html , despite TLS 1.1 & 1.2 still not installed (!), is twice showing wrong: (Just saying, please.) If TLS (1.2) would be (correctly) installed all, OE6 SHOULD work properly again. (It still doesn´t.)
  4. @Ben. Thanks. Mostly the ´PosReady´ ´Installed´ being set to ´1´ appears to work to the most. For some - and as me - it doesn´t. And the POSReady update to install is not possible. During running XP so the key is not to set to ´1´. Did now find 2 things: https://raymondcc.r.worldssl.net/PCRegedit-51.iso from https://www.raymond.cc/blog/download/did/51/ And access to (with) regedit from "Modify Registry OFFLINE using Windows Installation DVD", from https://www.wintips.org/how-to-edit-and-modify-registry-offline/ if exists with on the XP Installation disc so. So, before perhaps answered my question here, these alternatives worth a try.
  5. Your teachings, in honours, I think, I do have to stop to expect too much (usual) kind . Why do I have to feel: I am disturbing here probably only ? And, but, only You, it appears to me. This will make me leave fast and ´easily´ and just. I surely do not have to fullfill Your personal claims. WE can not understand each other. Do we have to ? Can we stop this here?
  6. Did install well "Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor" to USB-stick. 2 partitions, XP (as boot; because boot is on 1st) on second: not being found. And: for NTFS only. With my FAT32 cannot work so also. My mail-account not working anymore for today this promise is now fullfilled. If there does not exist an usual (special) Registry Editor, which is able to do the setting to ´1´ (despite denying this in the XP regedit), I still have this idea: this .reg -file (1) into start-menu (start-up) of XP. Before doing this, I would appreciate a basic knowledge, whether or how it must be done correctly for to work properly, please. Thank You. (1) Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady] "Installed"=dword:00000001 (As own topic question there:)
  7. To (Quote) "Actually, you shouldn't have opened a new thread for such requests": In this new thread You could help, out of from "ProxHTTPSProxy and HTTPSProxy", which would be THERE: off-topic. To (Quote) "But everything associated with ProxHTTPSProxy's PopMenu 3V1, is off-topic here": Exact.
  8. Foh. Thanks the link. To (Quote) "But I don't think that OE6 will also work with this system patch": As I may understand now from there, also "Step 2: Mark your system as PosReady 2009" needs to be done. As in the article there described: Enable for OE6 (XP) only - not for IE6 or 8 with - is possible, I understand. To install the update, the setting in the registry ´PosReady´ ´Installed´ (to ´1´) is the first step, and THIS is what just does not work, and therefor this topic as (extra) single topic. To (Quote) "OE Classic": The file-size is fascinating (8 MB). OE6 I am very used to. Everything NEW, having - from time and works efforts - all to figure out ´first´, which just lasts, I want to avoid.
  9. OK. Thank You. no problem, with boot choice selection at boot. That it is a boot-disc is saying it, OK, my head. Enough contact for today. Thanks Your support once again. I will report.
  10. O K E Y: THAT is listening good. Let´s see ! (Off-topic, please:) just Install on usb-stick, (just) to run - runs - without Windows ? Getting access to the stick, to the tool: how, without Windows, please ? Thanks to You. The installaton to the stick does make the stick - the tool - bootable, without any OS (Windows here) ?
  11. The software download, install - making workable the running from/on a stick - being carefull each step, each click, and being more at the points, where the work has to be done ...: 2 hours, at least. The image: 10 minutes, after remembering which settings have to be done, which not. So: about 20 minutes. And the reason (the denying to set to ´1´ and/or to delete) still may not be solved this way. (Means: being able then to set to ´1´ still must not do it.) OK ?
  12. The conclusion is unfounded and not comprehensible For this I did say ´could´. Not MORE did I say. Not MORE I do know, please. "(except maybe on corporate systems)": and "maybe" is also not saying MORE. "follow the instructions! Or leave it": My nerves and time and power are limited, please. I have to decide and plan my works. So, please, (You may) stay kind. Thank You.
  13. Yes. But yes. (My - in about 10 years built all together - XP I WILL NOT do again.)
  14. On download page this warning: "DANGER WILL ROBINSON! If password is reset on users that have EFS encrypted files, and the system is XP or newer, all encrypted files for that user will be UNREADABLE! and cannot be recovered unless you remember the old password again If you don't know if you have encrypted files or not, you most likely don't have them. (except maybe on corporate systems)". This could be for the Registry also ... HAVING: Corporate. This possibility is wanting to stop me doing this effort from about 2 hours. This now: if I had time weeks: OK. I have to think about, very relaxed, please. By the alternative now this idea: in/for Auto-Start a command to set - at (Windows) boot - ´Installed´ to ´1´, for once only. (After system-image.)
  15. "Boot back to Windows" = (/means) Re-boot Windows ? (Ah, no, I think, quite from outside from the windows-system. OUH. Sorry.) Thanks, this instruction description. (OK, an about 2 hours plan, now. But, again, ah: perhaps the key ´Installed´ is there also to set to ´1´, because this is the trouble last end.) ("Image" system: thanks the remind. In mind since months.) (ClearProg is reliable, not SO much doing, but a bit.)

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