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  1. That www.napacanada.com website works fine with the latest Mypal 68...68.13.1b version. I see he just released a 68.13.2b version.
  2. The last Firefox version I used and the last for XP was 52.9.1 which is now basically useless.I was thinking reducing multi process would free up more ram? I never had a audio issue with other browsers in the past,eg,IE,Firefox,Mypal,Mypal68,Serpent.Audio driver is from 2004,video card driver 2008. I find waiting a bit for the video to load up then advancing it and going back to the start helps a lot.It's not a huge deal and doesn't happen all the time but more of a p*** off.Don't have much of a choice with browsers for XP.360 chrome works way better than the rest at this point.Thanks for your work with them.
  3. Bummer.It can be done with firefox which can be made single process if desired. Using 13.5.1030 rebuild 7 ungoogled currently and it's working great except for audio breaking up sometimes which has been a chrome problem for years going by what I've read.
  4. Bummer.It can be done with firefox which can be made single process if desired. Using 13.5.1030 rebuild 7 ungoogled currently and it's working great except for audio breaking up sometimes which has been a chrome problem for years going by what I've read.
  5. I'm currently using version 13.5.1030 XP 32 bit.I have this version on my user account.Can I install this version on another user account without any conflict issues?Or a different version on two user accounts.Say 13.5.1030 on one account and 13.5.2022 on another account Sorry if it's a dumb question,but I'm no computer whiz.
  6. How much of an improvement would version 13.5.2022 ungoogled be over version 13.5.1030 regular? XP 32 bit.
  7. Looks like that worked. I had trouble with one bank website.When I went on,it would say secure connection and several seconds later it would switch to insecure connection and stay like that.After doing what you said it stays secure all the time. I don't know the extent to how it fully works because some websites still say insecure connection.
  8. Now I can no longer sign into online banking with 360 chrome or mypal,mypal68 since friday.Bank says everything is fine at their end and said to upgrade to the latest browser. I can sign into another bank no problem but for how much longer I don't know. Guess it's time to ditch XP,but I don't know what to replace it with.Any suggestions? Is anyone working on newer browsers for XP?
  9. So this insecure connection thing can't be fixed? Is it anything to worry about?I'm new to chrome browsers having used IE and Firefox in the past where this certificate stuff was a non issue.
  10. Root certificates. Should-"Trusted Root Certification Authorities" be imported in 360 chrome? Getting some insecure connection-certificate not verified on some websites.
  11. I've used Mypal,Mypal68 and Serpent but they don't work with some websites.This 360 Chrome 13 and 13.5 works on websites the other three don't so far. I still use the latest Mypal68 but haven't used Serpent in awhile.
  12. Are you saying that these 360 browsers are never going to be updated anymore? If so is there anything new coming for XP besides Mypal68?
  13. What is the difference between version 13 and 13.5? Is one easier on memory or no difference there?
  14. That sucks.Multiple processes can be disabled in Mypal 68 but not 360 chrome.Maybe someone else will chime in on this.
  15. Can multiple processes be disabled in 360 chrome v13? If it can,how?I'm new to chrome browsers having never used one in the past other than briefly trying one many years ago that was horrible.
  16. Ah,I see. You gave a version number and I didn't know there was an installer and portable version.The download site didn't specify. I can't find a portable version found one site that advertises/shows it but when I click download,I get redirected to the major geeks site and it shows a version 8. Do you have a link for version
  17. That version doesn't work.I have XP home 32 bit,SP3. You mention you have XP Pro.Isn't XP Pro 64 bit?Tried version 11 and videos play much better with the occasional break or lag,but version 13 or 13.5 displays websites version 11 can't so it's more useful.Not really a big deal but more of a p*** off with the video issue.I can always watch videos with Mypal or Mypal 68 or Serpent with zero issues.
  18. Can you let me know which Firemin version you have with XP 32bit?I e-mailed Rizonesoft,but don't know if they will respond. Thanks.
  19. Haven't tried Firemin 6 yet.Do all Firemin 6 versions work with XP.There's a bunch of them in the link. Which one is best with XP? https://softradar.com/firemin/
  20. Does Firemin work with XP and 360 Chrome? Which Firemin version would be best?Will it fix the poor sound quality issue?
  21. I'm trying ArcticFoxie 360 Chrome version 13.5 from the link on the first page. XP with sp3.The problem is poor sound quality when playing videos on youtube or elsewhere.Sound seems slow or lagging and breaking up at times. Same problem with version 12 and 13.How can I fix this to improve the sound quality.Never had this issue with other browsers. Also can't pin 360 Chrome to the start menu.Is this browser not worth using?
  22. I installed Mypal 68.12.4b yesterday and now youtube videos and other videos are a black screen with just sound.This did not happen with Mypal 68.12.3b. Videos play fine with the original Mypal and with Serpent so it likely has to be something wrong with Mypal 68.12.4b Any idea how to fix this if possible.I deleted all the 68.12.3b files so I can't go back to that-can't find a download for it either.Using XP Home 32 bit.

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