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  1. Oh, and no way to fix it? It's sad then.. 😞 Thanks for the answer.
  2. Hi. I updated Windows to 25136.1000 (Insider Preview) and it seems they changed something. I did not use the Classic Start Menu and used the native one, but located on the left. Well, now it ignores the settings and opens the Start Menu in the center. So, I ended up having all the taskbar icons on the left, but the Start menu opens in the center. "Centered task icons" checkbox is not enabled.. Any ideas how to fix it? tia
  3. By the "rest" I meant the other buttons (Speakers, Language) that this tweak changes too. Well, not the buttons, but their flyouts.. Try to restart PC or at least sign out/in and you should see how they will change.
  4. Hi there. @Tihiy, thanks for the excellent app, it is very useful!!! I have one question if no one is against. Is there a way to enable only the Win 10 calendar with a big clock flyout, but the rest is left as it is? I mean using the 'Windows 11 flyouts' from drop-down menu instead of 'Windows 10 flyouts' one.. Thanks in advance.

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