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  1. Thanks VistaLover for your suggestions! I haven't tried clearing the browser cache and cookies. I really hate to delete all cookies. It's such a pain to sign in to every site especially with two factor authentication cookie setting, etc. just to re-set the cookies again, and as for creating a new/fresh St52 profile, I have so many tabs that I don't want to lose, I really don't want to try that, but excellent suggestions! Are you having any problems with the v52.9.0 20220326 build of Serpent? I know you're on Vista 32 bit, so not the same 64 bit build as I'm using, just curious. Thanks for the suggestions about 360 Extreme Explorer. Sounds interesting. Might extend the use of Vista even further for web browsing!
  2. I'm new here. I signed up so that I can report a bug in the 64-bit Serpent browser v52.9.0 build 20220326. My apologies if this has already been reported. I don't see this particular bug in this thread since 2022-03-26, so I thought I would report it: Serpent v52.9.0 build 20220326 doesn't load most websites, it is stuck listing in the bottom status bar "Transferring from site.com..." ("site.com" is whatever page is currently trying to load) and the pages don't load, just a white space. If I load up a private browsing window, sites seem to load no problem. I had to revert back to the 20220226 build and everything works again. I tried upgrading again in case it was a fluke, but had the same problem. I'm on Windows Vista 64 bit. Hope this helps! I love this browser! Thanks for all your hard work RoyTam1! Helps me to still use some websites that no longer work on Firefox, Chrome, etc. on Vista.

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