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  1. @NotHereToPlayGames, I have a problem con all 360 browser modified, they close without message, close after a few minutes in use. Yours are terrific good i think is because a lockdown too much here, my XP is vanilla with Windows updates from MS but i disable several services and did try to reduce conexion surface to minimal. Minibrowser only crash/close rarely when I open some particular site whitout disable javascript. I replace youtube with Invidous.fdn.fr there are several instances or mirrors and can play HD videos nicely
  2. Just now, i send an email requesting a way to download an xp compatible version,
  3. Today in softpedia.com i saw listed catsxp browser https://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Browsers/Catsxp.shtml.The current version is 2.4.4 chromium 100.0 based. The autor list Windows vista as compatible https://www.catsxp.com/faq and the last version with xp support was released in October 29, 2020,https://www.catsxp.com/history# v0.7.7 [2020-10-28 11:29:46].
  4. Today i installed sogou_explorer_11.0.1_0722.exe in sandboxie, install and open fast, internet was restringed. chome://version and chrome://flag doesnt work, but i read is chromium 86.0 based https://dlie.sogoucdn.com/se/sogou_explorer_11.0.1_0722.exe There is a 12.04.xxxxx version but can find any link to download
  5. @Tolengo: I use Minibrowser heavyly and just notice problem 1-. The images and videos are saved with extension. Twice I did restore default setting and was a mess the browser begin to act erratic.So i delete the folder with the files and extract again, A clean start restored stability. Installing UBloc origin improved a lot the usage exp. with all filter list tick
  6. There are 280 hotfives for enu Windows 2003 x64, i will try to install them in enu windows XP x64
  7. the link above doesnt work but this is the same file https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/16545/intel-hd-graphics-driver-for-windows-xp-64-exe.html
  8. I will try it, seems to be the best option to disable the annoying feature
  9. @Humming Owl, i has one issue with Kafan minibrowser, i hope you will can help me. something when a drag the mouse in a way a handwrite tool is activated and i cant deactivate it easly. There is a way to disable permanently this feature?

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