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  1. So, www.v1011fm.com thenew1079.iheart.com Site seems to load normally but a blank screen with box at top left stays on screen. New Moon 28.10.6a1 (2022-05-06)
  2. XPerceniol, Dmiranda: Thanks, Switching to Serpent did work. I was using New Moon from earlier this year.
  3. This site comes up blank. You don't need a login to see what's wrong http://forums.mst3k.com
  4. Roytam1: So the site is in Beta mode and it's coded for Chrome browsers, not the Chromium versions. I'll have to check it when the theater part passes beta. The main Gizmoplex site does work and plays the videos correctly.
  5. You're welcome. You may have seen when the public opening is. I was a backer, so we got three months early access. Not sure what the regular prices are, but I think the smallest tier is 3 months.
  6. Roytam1 is probably working on The Gizmoplex errors now. I'll let him finish.
  7. http://theater.gizmoplex.com/theaterprivate Problem: When selecting a video to watch from my cooler, the screen is black but the audio can be heard. Win XP, New Moon 2022-04-29.
  8. Reposted from forums.mst3k.com Note the menu at the top left corner. Changing the override setting won't work. http://theater.gizmoplex.com/lobby New Moon 28.10.4a1 (2022-01-07)
  9. UCyborg: Thanks but it only partially helped. It kind of worked on Xfinity but Youtube would only show videos without the side panels. webcomponents.org/polyfills Would this work on New Moon? Roytam1, what do you know about this problem?
  10. Hi, first time. If this hasn't been discussed before... There is an error on this website. http://customer.xfinity.com/?beta=1 A rendering error occurred: e.attachShadow is not a function. Version is New Moon 28.10.4a1 (32 bit) (2022-01-07) Not sure if it matters, but this does work on the Maxthon browser. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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