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  1. No matter which one, I think it's not important, because I think 99% people wouldn't to used it
  2. Why do you have to do display the emoji, many of your country people used it in website? In China, we never send emoji by keyboard, just only used emojis tin app, because it simple to clicked to use,on the website, the emoji are usually pictures like gif could cliked to used too
  3. I have not install many fonts, so some emoji dose not display
  4. If you install the font, I think it's work well, I'm not intall the font, so I don't know, and I don't know which url I can test too
  5. Sorry, I don't know what you mean, even translated to Chinese
  6. This is too unfriend of non-Chinese users, I suggest to stop this project
  7. Why do you used so old version? And I think may be noboddy could know the text mean...
  8. Just translated? Has the Chinese version need to update? About the browser for XP, the Mypal program wan updated by FireFox 68 Quantum Github: https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/ Language package download link: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/68.1.0esr/win32/xpi/ And if who knew @feodor2, could tell him choose some other clouddisk,because these two were not friendly to chinese people For example: https://app.mediafire.com/myfiles https://ena.teracloud.jp/browser/ https://www.mydrive.ch/en/login These clouddisk all could used in China, even not useful than the Chines clouddisk
  9. About the "debug.log", some times I found it too, but I'm not find any other problems, so let it go About the XP x64, I just heard, not tried
  10. I don't like the MiniBrowser's UI,so I always used 360 EE v11 About the option , if you don't know, you can show me the screenshot picture, I'll help you if I can About the built-in ad blocker, I think it's not useful, I used Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin extention
  11. I heard that XP x64 software compatibility was bad , so in China ,I never heard people used XP x64
  12. I'll try, and I will ask some other people in Chinese IT forum
  13. I don't found the download link of Caatsxp 0.7.7, it's a chinese browser, someone said it's based on brave, and it's devlopment by one person, I don't know it's true or not
  14. Sorry, I don't know how to edit the .dll, But I found a tool could to extract the language .pak, Even I know it's not useful to SogouExplorer https://www.mediafire.com/file/9xu33fcdn9hcw42/pak_tools.exe/file
  15. We don't know the where is the language package and don't know how to edit it You found the "devloper" is not real devloper, I don't want to say that, but they only make some extract and package and mod little things, These worked were more less than you
  16. V12 is a beta version based on Chrome 87, it's named "Smart" version by sogou, but i think it's a more ad version... Link: https://dlie.sogoucdn.com/se/sogou_explorer_12.0.1_1125.exe Sogou Browser Wisdom Edition is based on cloud + end mode, is the first deep convergence search and browser technology Internet products.The analysis results can be intelligently adjusted from the cloud mass information, and return to the user end in real time. What is the difference between the wisdom version and the traditional version? The biggest feature of smart version is to add "Sogou Discovery" function, it can help you find the information you want faster.It is based on search technology, and the recommended resources are validated by hundreds of millions of netizens, and it is worth depending on. Use it to shorten your distance from the target content, let quality information take the initiative to find you. Software features Users will find that through the "Sogou Discovery" feature in the browser, the content you are interested in is displayed below the page.For example, when you see a heavy news in the morning, "Sogou discovers" will recommend the information, pictures, videos related to it, so that users have an understanding of the incident, the latest developments; for those of them, public figures, place names orSpecialized terms, will push the relevant encyclopedia information order users to get new knowledge; if you want to see what you have, you may want to turn out the "netizens spit" all kinds of god comments. If you are online shopping, the price is compared through the price of the whole network, and the difference between the mall and Taobao shop sellers, "Sogou discovers" help you choose the opportunity and price of buying, and there is "price reduction reminder"Function monitoring item price. When a user browses the film and television website, "Sogou Discovery" In addition to providing a positive one-click play link, it can help users chasing the stars together, and the full drama diversity introduction to the protagonist is automatically rendered.It's not addiction, but also provides more similar videos for users to choose. "Sogou discovery" can also help users find the real download address of the software and mobile app, avoiding various download interference directly one button download; except for the official installation package, the software's green version or special edition is also available for users. By extracting big data mining and Internet wisdom, Sogou browser has become the first Internet product that will search and browser technology depth. After the input method, another new member of Sogou Smart products, realized from tools to service qualityleap.Sogou's vice president Judi Yun said to this: "Sogou browser wisdom version realizes the Internet innovation of 'does not search", can help users choose to browse the browsing, so that the information is easier. " Update log renew: Sogou browser launched a wisdom version of Beta, equipped with a new "Sogou Discovery" function, help you find the information you want faster and more directly, create a new browser experience. The services and content of "Sogou Discovery" covers news, shopping, film, comics, games, tourism and other fields, follow-up to expand according to user needs.

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