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  1. Yes,the updated time is 2023-5-25,I have a account in 360 BBS,but we must to verified phone number to post,I don't want to to this,so...
  2. https://bbs.360.cn/thread-15913525-1-1.html You can tried to translated..
  3. Where could I download the zh-cn language-packs of serpent browser?
  4. Agreesed with you, but I think may be the computers on 2010 or before who used in this topic
  5. In China, click link in bookmark, click link in website, input link and click "enter" were had defferent way,maybe this browser designed like this
  6. Maybe this is the way they designed, so I think it's not a problem...
  7. Well, open new link in a new tab is not a problem, I think...
  8. PAE, I know that, but not all of the drivers and softwares could support it...
  9. I remember that all of 32bit OS couldn't used 4GB RAM, not only XP...
  10. About 10 years ago, I tried to reinstall XP SP3 in PD and Celeron, it's so slowly when we used,so I installed XP SP2, it was a little faster then XP SP3 I tried to installed XP SP3 in PIII, but it too slowly to start,at last I installed XP(without SP),it's slow to,but could worked
  11. If you have a old computer like Intel PIII or P4 and so on, you can found the defferent of XP SP2 and XP SP3, if your computer was faster enough, may be you couldn't found that or you can used VirtualBox or Vmware to created a "old computer" to test
  12. I don't know which hardware you used, I tried in defferent old computers, the result was that XP SP3 worked slowly than XP SP2,XP SP2 worked slowly than XP SP1 we all kowns that the new version of software need more resource hardware, so you told me XP SP3 worked faster than XP SP2, I think it's impossible
  13. If you belived that, they win, you can make some test, I tried before, XP SP2 work faster then SP3
  14. This computer was 20 years old, I guess, I think it will running faster if you installed XP SP2...

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