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  1. Sorry for the inconvinience but someone has a modified Intel DualBand AC 3165 Wireless Card drivers for vista? I would be very grateful if anyone has
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. , @TSNH in your second link (this below) the author says that there is no solution for recent cpus (in my case kaby lake - r) (and i having the INTERACTIVE LOGON problem ) This link is from 2018? New versions have some solution for us? I use a iso from archive.org that all updates are installed. I will download the updates from 2017-2020 (W.Server 2008) and the updates he said. And guys - Another question. do you have the drivers for the intel dual band ac3165 and for the intel usb 3.0 controller? I have try use some drivers from http://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/ <- this guy. In this forum has a xhci drivers 4 vista but media fire link is down Thanks for the time and help @Dixel@TSNH
  3. And!!! Someone has a Intel DualBand AC3165 Wireless card driver 4 vista???
  4. Hello guys!! I am again..... Please help me: I am trying to install Vista extended kernel and after do a restart my system get a bsod on bootup, and no bootup anymore. I tried several versions (runned the setup via cmd batch file on the newer version.) .... f/ this link: I confess: i do not watch all the 30 minutes of video, but i watched the install on he explaining how to install... I am not good with english... So pls help me!!! My hardware > > lenovo ideapad 330s, i5 8250u - 8 gb ram ddr4 - 1tb hdd sata. I peform several times a clean install and try 3 different iso files. I am doing something wrong?
  5. I'm trying on a i5 Coffee Lake (8th gen) laptop Vista x64. but i do not try x86. And i getting several failures..... You need 64 bit, dude, most of your driver does not work without 64 bits and windows will recognize 2,5 - 3 gb of your ram (if you have more than 3 gb of ram) And most of programs use 64 bits on actual days. USB 2.0 on actual mobos depends a Intel eXtended USB Controller 3.1.... ,.. you can find on retro system revival blog ( i think) But... PS/2 Keyboard and mouse works okay!!!. If you use PS/2, you need install via Hirens boot/other windows system/dvd drive. Remember to put your program setup in another dvd disc or in ur vista partiton Get a good Offline driver pack or use driver booster with a internet connection.
  6. Hello guys!! There's a way to get Intel Dual Band AC3165 Wirelless Card and USB 3.0 from Intel in Windows vista extended?? My laptop is a lenovo ideapad (intel core 8 th gen)

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