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  1. a have admin acount (with EWF) or system acount (With Minlogon) and i hate security if everywone=normal than secutity = nothing xp = 100Megs 'perhaps? end if if it was possible i would switch to ReactOs
  2. you can not do labels, there are only 2 colors one for encrypted files And one for compressed folders i think
  3. for you ho dont now, the xphome cd and the wppro cd are exactley the same exept for one file so i made a cd with xppro xphome and xppro without al the crap programs like media player... if you optimize the disk you wont loose size so they are close to exact the same xp home dos exactley the same but becous it is registred as home lots of stuf is disabled or not copyd from the cd so if you have a legal home just use it don't use pro and you wont know what you mis long live freeware greets emma
  4. go to the menu ==> tools ==> options choose load /save ==> general then select document type and olways save as en done ill do the same as you no more office 2003 but open office hopfuly they build a language pack in duch fast good luck to all
  5. sorry forget to say you put the last code in a bat file and run it
  6. i like this topic verry nice butt i have to say somme things 1 all dese bootfiles in the homedir of the cd this is not clean so i made a dir called BTLDR wher i put my bootfiles including the bootfile of the cd itselfe. This one a called BTLDR.BIN than you change DISKEMU.CMD like this ; cd BTLDR :boot cls print print Press Press any key to boot from CD... getkey 5 esc onkey esc boot 80 onkey entr goto start ; When no key found... goto boot :start cls print print ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ print XP CD for u print by gosh print ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ print F1=Help print 0) WINXP PRO SP2------------------------nl print 1) WINXP PRO SP2 OEMPreinstall----------nl print 2) WINXP PRO SP2 unattended-------------nl print 3) WINXP HOME SP2***********************nl print 4) WINXP HOME SP2 OEMPreinstall*********nl print 5) WINXP HOME SP2 unattended************nl print b) windows xp password hacking in linux<<< print c) Command prompt (geen dos) print r) Reboot print Esc) Boot first harddisk print print Hit the key of choice: :mainkey ; timeout is 30 seconds, default key is escape getkey 30 esc onkey 0 run PRO1.BIN onkey 1 run PRO2.BIN onkey 2 run PRO3.BIN onkey 3 run HOM1.BIN onkey 4 run HOM2.BIN onkey 5 run HOM3.BIN onkey b run XPPW.BIN onkey c quit onkey r reboot onkey f1 goto help onkey esc boot 80 ; When no key found... goto mainkey ; :help cls print HELP print ---- print print Hit the key of your choice (1,2,q,r or <Esc>) in the main menu -> print Hit the key "d" will bring you to the hidden Development menu -> print print Press any key to return to main menu... getkey goto start ; EOF the only thing ive chaged in the code is is: cd BTLDR and i have a pressent for you becous i dont want the cdimage.exe in gui version so i made this line reg add "hkcr\Directory\shell\mkiso" /ve /d "burn iso of this folder" /f reg add "hkcr\Directory\shell\mkiso\command" /ve /d "cmd.exe /c if exist \"%%L\BTLDR\BTLDR.BIN\" (cdimage -lmijncd -t08/23/2001,13:00:00 -h -n -m -o -b\"%%L\BTLDR\BTLDR.BIN\" \"%%L\" \"%%L.iso\") else (cdimage -lmijncd -t08/23/2001,13:00:00 -h -n -m -o \"%%L\" \"%%L.iso\")" /f this wil add burn iso of this folder if you right click on a folder it wil look too: your folder\BTLDR\BTLDR.BIN for the bootfile if not it makes a non bootable disk put cdimage.exe in system32 have fun

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