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  1. RunOnceEx not working

    yes, i'm running with the autologin admin account i've been experiencong strange thing today. i do windows update before shutdown my computer yesterday. when i open it today, i have all my runonceex command that run at first boot. perhaps it is because of an update. I'm going to nlite a windows with all the fix from yesterday and reinstall again. i post answer tonight ^^
  2. RunOnceEx not working

    hi and thanks for the answer. i do my runonceex installation via cmdlines.txt who launch runonceex1.cmd, that's why nothing appera in nlite. after the first boot of windows, when i go in regedit, i see all my lines, but i can boot 10 times, they never launch and always appear in regedit i have a copy of my windows+sp3 slipstream folder. when i want to nlite, i always erase previous working dir and do a copy thanks again
  3. RunOnceEx not working

    Hi everyone, since i used a sp3 slipstreamed windows xp iso i can't have runonceex working a first boot i do just little hotfix integration and component removal (see the .ini), configuration of the installation like user password, admin renaming and some tweaks like tcpip connection and uxtheme. before sp3, i can use my runonceex.cmd at first boot without problem but since then, they are going to the registry (i can see in runonceex that the installation are here) but never launch at reboot if anybody have been experiencing the same problem, i'll be glad to share the information ^^ thanks, DarshfX PS: justre for test, i use my runonceex.cmd on a fresh windows xp sliptreamed sp3 and it works Derni_re_session.ini
  4. KB integration error

    someone have the same problem ?
  5. KB integration error

    Hi nuhi and really thanks for your work Just have an error when integrating two KB, the 891122 and the 895316, they're related too windows media player 10. Before using nlite i do the slipstream by using the slipstreamer v3 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=45917 The error just say it can't be slipstreamed. thank so much (and thanks all for the help) D@rshfX
  6. Hi all, I'm seriously planning to add openoffice.org 2.0 beta to my unattended xp cd instead of office 2003 but encouter 1 problem I don't find how after silent install of openoffice, i can make it automaticaly save writer, calc and impress file in office format like word, excel and powerpoint If anyone can help i'll be very thanksfull =)
  7. 7-zip extracting problem

    After some testing i find what's going wrong This is the syntax For extracting files like this, we must do this : 7za.exe x -y -aoa %cdrom%\Install\004-YzShadow\YzShadow.7z -o"%ProgramFiles%" The problem was from where 7za.exe was placed in the command But this works fine for runonceex but not during cmdlines Any way to do this during cmdlines ???
  8. 7-zip extracting problem

    Ok thanks for answering me To Evilvoice @ what time in installation are you using this ? (cmdlines, runonce ?) and what are the -aoa for ? Edit: find the -aoa, i will use it =) To Yzöwl I don't know if the backslash is necessary. i just want a "Y'z Toolbar" folder in %programfiles% and for themes, i want all theme to be placed in resources\themes. so if i don't need the backslash, i can go without it =)
  9. Hi all I have little problem for making an 7zip extracting during cmdlines and runonceex I explain CMDLINES.txt 1) My cmdlines.txt call outils.exe and themes.cmd 2) Outils.exe is a winrar sfx that contain sleep, cmdow and 7za.exe and place it in system32 (they are in the directory after the installation) 3) Themes.cmd do "7za.exe x Themes.7z -o"%windir%\Resources\Themes\" -y" (this command works fine under windows) but the files is not extracted RunOnceEX.cmd Doing the same thing as above with YzToolbar REG ADD %KEY%\005 /VE /D "Y'z Toolbar 1.3" /f REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "%cdrom%\Install\005-YzToolbar\7za.exe x YzToolbar.7z -o"%ProgramFiles%\" -y" /f REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 2 /D "REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\Install\005-YzToolbar\YzToolbar.reg" /f I think my syntaxes is uncorrect but don't know wath syntax use for doing the job D@rshfX
  10. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    Forgot to say, i'm using method 2 I redo my iso without the nlite step and the error is gone With version 5.04.5, the error was not here with the nlite step Of course i do nlite before driverpack Hope it can help
  11. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    After deleting the Mraid35x.sys entry in dosnet.inf, same thing happen is there somewhere else where this entry can be ?
  12. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    Hi bashrat. After slipstreaming 5.04.6 with all driver pack, i have an error when windows load the drivers after booting the cd The error appears for "Mraid35x.sys" in section "SourceDiskFiles" The file is ok in the i386 folders but i don't know I only found something about Mraid35x.sys in dosnet.inf in the [ForceCopyDriverCabFiles] section
  13. Cleanup problem

    Does it exist under Windows XP anyway to find the 8.3 name of a folder or a file ? Because in command line, he's not tell us the name like he do in older version of command line like in win2k or WinMe, and i don't want to bother you with all my folder with é in it
  14. Cleanup problem

    hahahaha, Merci, thank you =)))))))))))))