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  1. could you please tell me howyou make these becouse i use a dutch windows i have been trying to change yours in to dutch everything works accept the avi wont show ??
  2. @DEL "%UserProfile%\Bureaublad\*.lnk">NUL @DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Bureaublad\*.lnk">NUL @DEL "%DefaultUserProfile%\Bureaublad\*.lnk">NUL shutdown.exe -r -f -t 30 -c "Bedankt voor het gebruiken van dakota ®Dakotasoft Installatie" @move %systemdrive%\logo\ronny3.cmd %systemdrive%\"Documents and Settings\All Users\MenuStart\Programma's\Opstarten\" @del %ystemdrive%\"DocumentsandSettings\AllUsers\MenuStart\Programma's\Opstarten\ronny2.cmd"i'm putting a cmd file at the and of the first cmd file in the startup and then it's beeing executed at first startup and on the and of that cmd file i'm deleting it out of the startup folder ready you are !
  3. dakota19

    Windows Media Unattended Tool by Microsoft

    i've just tried it and it works with mediaplayer 11
  4. i.m doing that with a winrar sfx file just let it unpack to %allusersprofile%\favorites and ready you are!
  5. I instal sptd.exe at t12 with cmdlines.txt and then deamon with the first installcmd file it works perfectley that way.
  6. Sory maybe a stupid question but i've used de ieak 7 to build my one package and now it restarts every time when the instalation is done.In ieak when it reached the third step i can't change enyting and it just move's one to step 4 does anyone know how to set this right ?
  7. dakota19

    [Release] IE7 MSI File

    why just make it payable for everyone and not for just a view and how do you think microsoft got so big as it is today from byers that bought their product ?? then you've got butter on your head!
  8. dakota19

    Paint Shop Pro XI

    the dutch version does give the same error.
  9. dakota19

    Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    thats right that works perfectly but scout still is present on the hd it doesnt border me thow i've downloaded the help pack from ahead site so i can get the proper help file's i've extracted the help files of programs that i don't install now i've got the minor problem that on my own computer in smartstart the helpfiles ar present and on vm they are not does anyone know why that is ??
  10. dakota19

    Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    sorry did the same but i've got scout in the nero folder on start menu and in my computer
  11. dakota19

    Autoit scripts updates

    this is great work the nod32 is that also for the trail version and can you get rid of the screen that pop's up after the restart ?
  12. dakota19

    winnt.sif weird issues

    maybe a stupid question did you get only the creat user window for that is what i am searching for to get only the user creat window.
  13. dakota19


    doesn't do the yob
  14. dakota19


    sorry but i want to know how can i adjust the other how do yoy call it other tabs in size