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  1. yes. this one does not crash. thank you very much for your time and effort.
  2. https://disk.yandex.com/d/QFIm3NW3Rqh3wA
  3. the preview 2 worked normally for me, no bugs noted so far
  4. another bug i found is that when the system wants to restart to complete the update the restart menu is not opening. only shutdown button is available.
  5. https://disk.yandex.com/d/evV4n3NlnH5aeA
  6. i think it's a windows itself setting. it was made to suite the touch interface. however i, personaly dont feel it too big, even on my 1080p work laptop
  7. please dont. it is perfect now on my 4k monitor with 200% scaling
  8. found this. maybe it will help these appeared after crashing. btw, it says about explorer crash, not startisback.
  9. hi, you mean some debug log? idk how to do it. it simply restarts whyle typing anything. btw, my win11 build is 22000.194
  10. thanks. upgraded my 10 license. however there are some bugs i noted. startisback crashes when typing something in the search bar. also the hover thumbnail close button is not rounded when not using combining task buttons.
  11. my reported bug was fixed with last update. thank you love it
  12. one minor thing to fix: there is a "double click" emulation when closing the "connect to" and "volume" icons on thaskbar. maybe it's possible to fix it. thanks
  13. hi. could you please make start menu apearing in fly in and out instead of fade in and out to match the other taskbar items aprearing style ? thank you.
  14. omg, this is what exactly i expected from windows 11. this is the lifesaver tool for many years for me. definitively will buy also for windows 11 !!!!!! thanks for keeping it alive

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