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  1. Thanks all for the great input - much appreciated! I am having a good experience with VLC, very happy to find out they are still supporting XP as well! After opening VLC, by clicking Media > Open Network Stream, it is possible to put in a Youtube link. Playback is very smooth Edit: I am able to run 720p on the Celeron without any big frame drops, within a VM environment. Audio and video both work and jumping to different parts in the video goes quick as well
  2. 360Chrome v12 seem to have the best performance so far, probably also due to YouTube being fully optimized for Chromium-based browsers . I think a big bottleneck is my CPU which is not powerful at all. I have a secondhand i5 (from 2010-2011ish) laptop laying around, but for some reason I can't seem to get virtualization working. It's activated in the BIOS but Windows 10 keeps saying it isn't. Probably since Windows 10 is great at making my life difficult, which triggered my nostalgia to Windows XP to begin with. Every single time I booted up there were updates, and after that, more updates. Most of them with 'so called useful' functionality which I think is just more bloat. I just love things that work, and stay the same unless there is actual useful functionality added, which seems to be rarely the case I will be switching between the Humming Owl and ArcticFoxie releases, curious to see what the differences are!
  3. Which browser is the best option to view YouTube (480p or lower resolution) within a VM? I am running some tests and of all browsers I tested, MyPal seems to run the smoothest in general but lags quite heavily on YouTube playback. The set-up used is Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit (fully updated, except POSReady, did not look into that yet) with Certifcates updated (Cert_Updater_v1.6) running inside VirtualBox (Ubuntu) on a Intel Celeron N3350 (870MB RAM available for VM) MyPal 29.3.0 Loads YT regular version, struggles with video playback. Overall great performance for daily use BNavigator 32-bit (20-08 update) Crashes fully on YT load NewMoon 27 32-bit (20-08 update) Loads YT mobile website, cannot play video NewMoon 27 32-bit SSE (20-08 update) Loads YT mobile website, cannot play video, also seems to struggle with 'open link in New Tab' Serpent IA32 (20-08 update) Crashes fully on YT load, crashes on Eclipse.cx load Serpent NM28XP SSE (20-08 update) Crashes on opening I am relatively new to rediscovering the joy that is Windows XP and loving it so far, love the forum as well, I would like to get some more knowledge on what exactly the impact of SSE/NON-SSE and IA32 would be. I am looking for the fastest and most stable browser to use, preferably also being able to run YouTube. So far MyPal is working the best, but I am curious to expand and run more browsers :) If any additional info would help, feel free to request
  4. Search engines usually pay browsers to have them added as default, or pay revenue share for any ad revenue generated through searching based on the tag in the URL. The first option is how Firefox tends to get a large amount of funding. [source] SInce MyPal uses palemoons tag, it could be possible that searching through DuckDuckGo with MyPal ends up positively for Pale Moon. From a purely business perspective, assuming there is a revenue share in place, the more users MyPal would have, the more Pale Moon would benefit as well. Best case would be that the Pale Moon devs make peace, MyPal continues to grow and we will be able to use a great browser on XP for the coming years
  5. It's sad to see that the Pale Moon devs have such a toxic attitude, even though they are literally gaining from MyPal financially, seeing as the standard browser in MyPal is DuckDuckGo with Pale Moon tracking https://duckduckgo.com/?t=palemoon
  6. A quick search for 'MyPal' on Palemoon's forums showed an extreme amount of toxicity and hate, why? I think the above linked 'issue' on Github is related as well, they seem to be acting from a personal vendetta against anything that uses any code from Palemoon. I don't understand why they don't go proprietary if they hate others building upon Palemoon so much?

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