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  1. This is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit at version 20H2. When I uninstall StartIsBack then the start menu and taskbar colors match the window border colors perfectly. When I reinstall StartIsBack again the colors on the start menu and taskbar are darker again. Before the 20H2 and the 2.9.9 the colors matched, at least I noticed right away after the upgrade to 2.9.9 that they didn't. I can adjust the StartIsBack color selection using custom colors to match the window border but I'd rather not have to without custom colors enabled or to have a check box or something to optionally make them match. That would be a lot easier to set one time. Is there somewhere that describes what the Blur and Acrylic styles do? I don't seem to see a difference but I am not using transparency and am probably not using them right. Thanks again
  2. Attached a screenshot of the StartIsBack configuration window that shows the color difference I am talking about. You can see the window border at the top is the Windows Settings selected color and the menu colors under that in the config window are how the darker colors look on the start menu and taskbar. These colors should be the same as the window border.
  3. After an update to 2.9.9++ I am seeing a problem with the taskbar and start menu colors. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of StartIsBack and no change. This happens on both user accounts on the PC. Win 10 64 Pro 21H2, all the latest updates. If I set or select a color for the taskbar and start menu using Windows Settings, this changes the window border as expected. However the start menu and taskbar colors are much darker and do not match what is set in settings. This is with custom start menu and also custom taskbar colors unselected in StartIsBack. If I select these in StartIsBack the slider color changes to the expected Windows set color but no manipulating of that slider ever gets to that color. It is always darker. I can manually create a custom color in StartIsBack that is the same as the set Windows Settings color and that will take. But I should be able to disable the custom coloring and have the Windows colors be correct. I didn't spend a lot of time testing this as it just worked in 2.9.8 and I didn't notice the color difference until the upgrade to 2.9.9. Also of note though is that I just a day back upgraded to 21H2, but did I not see this color oddity on the start menu and taskbar immediately after that. But who knows, might it be related to 21H2? If I uninstall StartIsBack then the Window s border, start menu, and taskbar colors match again. Any idea what might be going on? Thanks in advance, and again thanks for the work on StartIsBack. I couldn't stand Windows without it.

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