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  1. My current taskbar texture looks like this (see image below) while using WindowsBlinds along with this skin: https://www.deviantart.com/newinfinitepro/art/Aero7X-Reset-for-Windowblinds-10-836337064. However, the previous Taskbar Texture I was using was this glassy one (see image below too) and I had implemented it using Open Shell. Now that I have WindowsBlinds however, it overwrote the texture and I don't know how to change it back, or just disable it. Thanks.
  2. I have not changed the icons of these buttons nor did anything else with them. I restarted my computer multiple times but nothing worked. My only hypothesis is that when I changed from dark theme to light theme it glitched somehow?
  3. I had a very nice taskbar texture from when I was using Open Shell but now that I downloaded WindowsBlinds, along with a custom theme, it's gone replaced by another one. I tried going into WindowsBlinds and changing it but there were only the ones from the theme and the app itself. Any way to overwrite Open Shell with WindowsBlinds or just disable the WindowsBlinds texture? Thanks.
  4. Good idea. Question though, how do I disable it changing the start menu icon and the start menu as a whole? I have Open Shell and it just doesn't work. The only reason why I tried downloading the app was for the Win7 styled taskbar app appearance.
  5. I know it's a little hard to see, but what I'm talking about are the small blue bars underneath tabs.
  6. I have been trying to Windows 7-ize my Windows 10 and so far, it has been a success. One of the problems that I am experiencing however, is that all the icons (i.e folder icons) are all from Windows 10. I did do some RegEdit magic to change the icons of the folders to how they looked like in Windows 7 however it only applies to folder icons in the file explorer while everywhere else it's the same (i.e taskbar). I tried downloading the IconChanger app and while it is good for changing the look of individual folders, I don't really understand how to change the look of all icons of the same type (what I mean by that is like I wanted to make all folders that contain text files or documents within them to use the "filled" fodler ion from WIndows 7). I know I sound kind of nitpicky about it but I regret buying Windows 10 too much to stick with such small details (no offense Windows 10 fans).
  7. I know you are not the creator of the pack, but is it possible to choose individual features? Maybe somehow extract them? I already have a bunch of apps that change too many things for me to rework everything due to some error.
  8. I know there are tools like Windows Aero and OldNewExplorer but none of them had an option to have a Win7 styled Glassy Aero theme. I am thinking of buying WindowsBlinds along with this: https://www.deviantart.com/newinfinitepro/art/Aero7X-Reset-for-Windowblinds-10-836337064 but I am wondering if there are any other "hidden" tools there are out on the web that I could use.

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