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  1. Suggestions for next version: 1. The ability to set a custom accent colour that applies only to the taskbar. When you set a very dark accent colour (in order to have, for instance, black title bars), the Windows flag on the start button becomes really dark when hovering over it and doesn't look right. This could be avoided by allowing a custom accent colour to be set just for the taskbar. 2. The ability for custom start buttons to shrink when "Use small taskbar buttons" is ticked in the PC taskbar settings. Currently, this only works with the default button, but if you add in a custom one, it will retain its large size even when using small taskbar buttons. Other start menu replacements (such as Start Menu 8 and Start10) both shrink the button when using small taskbar buttons. I appreciate this wouldn't be ideal for the Windows 7 start button, but it would be good to at least have it as an option for buttons where it makes sense to behave this way (such as any Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 style button). What do you think?
  2. Feature suggestion on the back of the change made here: Version ++2.9.3 «Medium Update» 30 August 2020 Medium and large icon sizes for pinned / All programs lists Colorized default start button and All programs scrollbar Whilst this is a great feature overall, it looks pretty bad in my opinion if you have a darker accent colour. See the attached screenshot for some examples. I feel like the Windows flag is just too dark. Would it be possible to have a setting that lets you pick a "hover" colour for the start button? I normally use a dark theme but would like the start button to be a lighter colour, but as far as I can tell, the only way to achieve this is to change the accent colour, which also affects title bars (the only other option here would be for them to be white) and/or the taskbar.

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